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Is it Time for Educational Reform?

Join host, Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y.

This week Andrew Tint speaks educational reform with Student'sFirst, Patty Link, followed by Governmental candidate, Jonathan Narcisse.

Led by Michelle Rhee, StudentsFirst formed in 2010 in response to an increasing demand for a better education system in America. Studentsfirst is a grassroots movement designed to mobilize parents, teachers, students, administrators, and citizens throughout the country, and to channel their energy to produce meaningful results on both the local and national level.

Patty Link brings broad-based education experience to her work at StudentsFirst. Patty co-owns LinkStrategies, a political strategy consulting firm, with her husband. Prior to joining StudentsFirst, Patty served as the Program Director for Super Wednesday After School Program, an after-school program for K-5 students. She has also previously served on the Board of Directors for Des Moines Independent Community Schools. Patty is a former teacher, is a member of International Reading Association, and serves as an elementary and middle school’s PTA President. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education from The Pennsylvania State University and a MEd degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Reading Specialist Emphasis from George Mason University.

Andrew Tint sits down with Jonathan Narcisse (D), whose running for Governor of Iowa. Mr. Narcisse made his announcement to enter the race in Cedar Rapids, and is now touring the state, which included a stop in at KRUU FM. 

Before putting his hat in the political ring, Mr. Narcisse served on the Des Moines School Board.

Listen to Mr. Narcisse talk about the problems inflicting Iowa today, including the need for education reform, taxes, and fighting poverty. 

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