Olivia WuOlivia Wu joins us from Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California where she has been cooking for Googlers and educating them about the tastes and traditions of Asian food since December 2007. It's our turn tonight as Olivia will guide Kathy and Pam through the necessary steps to feed hungry studio dwellers.
But wait there's do you pick the right spot to eat Asian food, and what to order when the menu appears.
But wait there's still more....Olivia lets us in on "...the REAL way to eat Asian food."
But wait there's more still....a peek into the Google Food Program, its values, objectives, and effects on Googlers and beyond.
It's the next GREAT TASTE so grab your pencil and paper and listen in on the radio or stream with us.
7-8 PM Wednesday and 7-8 AM Friday