LIVE Show-Hy-Vee Club Room-7:00 pm, Wednesday, October 16

The live show will feel a bGisella on Great Tasteit empty this week and in succeeding weeks because of the passing Sunday of Jerry Deprey.  Every week, with rare exceptions, Jerry was in the front row, usually with his son Jason.  He always met me with a smile and handshake before the show, and expressed how much he enjoyed the experience (and food) after each program concluded.  Thank you, Jerry, for hanging out with us.  I hope your Red Sox make it to the World Series. 

The amazing Gisella Isidori returns to the Club Room this week.  As always, she brings with her the collective knowledge of Italian culture and cuisine, pouring it out during every encounter in a never-ending flow in exchanges always full of surprises. 

I write this blog post pleasantly full after making a dish tonight-riso sconcho (dialect)- she recalled from her childhood  in Valtellina, about as far north as you can go in the Lombardia region of Italy before crossing into Switzerland. 

"My grandmother used to make this.  Maybe it's been 20 years or more since I've thought about it," mused Gisella.

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Happy New Year to everyone!  I'm looking forward to a tasty one.

RugelachWe're going to set the stage for Great Taste's programming in 2013 with a treat that celebrates tradition, family, and baking.  Al Davis' father started baking rugelach commercially in 1939.  The crescent-shaped pastry's origin is unclear, but it definitely is part of the Ashkenazic or Eastern European Jewish kitchen culture.  The word "rugala" is Yiddish, probably derived from a Polish word meaning horn or corner.  Its food heritage may come from a Romanian pastry.

Wherever or whenever it came from, the little bites of dough, butter, cream cheese, and various fillings are delightful and addicting.  Al's bringing some just-baked rugelach to the Hy-Vee Club Room, plus he'll teach us how to prepare the pastry in our home kitchens.

RisottoWe're cooking in some very familiar territory during Wednesday night's broadcast of Great Taste live from Hy-Vee.  Comfort food and Italian cuisine always are at the top of my list of food favorites, so the menu includes two different dishes, both using the same cooking technique.  The specific geographical home for these specialties is Northern and a bit of Central Italy, where classic risotto (cooked rice), and farrotto (cooked farro) dishes are found.

Risotti are made primarily with the arborio, vialone nano, or carnaroli varieties of rice.  Farrotti feature the  small, brown, unhybridized grain, sometimes known as emmer, which is a progenitor of the modern wheat family.

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Funny Food and Risotto

Funny FoodWe're going to take a light-hearted approach to food on this week's show, but there is a somewhat hidden agenda.  Authors Bill and Claire Wurtzel know breakfast foods can be tasty and healthy.  No need for junk.  For 50 years, Bill has created breakfasts for his wife to enjoy out of almost anything you can put on a plate-eggs, oatmeal, carrots, toast, fruits and more.  Playing with your food takes on a new meaning browsing through Funny Food.  It's a whimsical ode to creativity on a plate, and is a guide to making fun meals that a kid of any age can enjoy.

UPDATE:  Molly had food poisoning and was not able to join us.  We have to applaud her as she is always on the front line sacrificing for her food info starved blog readers.  We made risotto in her honor.  She'll join us next week.

In the second half of the show, Molly Aronica of The Daily Meal, joins us for her monthly look at the food scene.  We'll explore how the massive amount of information on The Daily Meal site is coMolly Aronicampiled because it's quite an undertaking.  Also, she'll give us an inside look at the greenest restaurants in America so we are culinarily aware in anticipation of the annual Earth Day celebration set for April 22.

GREAT TASTE is live in the studio, Wednesday, April 11.  Come on by or catch the stream at www.kruufm.com. [Click on "Read more" below to continue.]

Chef Phelix Gardner (background) Wild Grape bistro kitchenSweet corn risotto, scallops, piquilo pepper w/goat cheese










of the Wild Grape in Salt Lake City

By special listener request we're preparing risotti in the studio. Follow along with Kathy DuBois and Chef Phelix Gardner and you'll learn the techniques necessary to create one of the most satisfying of "comfort" dishes from Northern Italy. Cooking risotto is something that's easily done at home once you understand the process and have the right ingredients at hand.