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  • Wed
    Aug 18
    7:00 pm -
    8:00 pm
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    Aug 20
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    8:00 am

Culinary School Finals Week on GREAT TASTE

Tomato soup w/croutonsWhat tastes better than luscious, ripe summer tomatoes made into a cool tomato soup with crusty croutons?  That was a rhetorical question.  The better question is what does that soup have to do with this week's edition of GREAT TASTE?  Nothing, except one of our guests, Charlie Schiller, is bringing in some heirloom beauties from his garden.

Charlie and David van Riet, both culinary students at Indian Hills will give us a peek into the stress of the current quarterly finals week.  Also, we'll discuss what it's like to look for culinary internships, the movement to put farms and schools together so our kids not only eat well, but understand where their food comes from, and a restaurant report from my latest trip to Las Vegas.  Of course, we'll fire up the burners in the KRUU studio kitchen and have something fresh to serve you when you drop by.

Indian Hills Culinary StudentsA new chapter gets underway this week in the weekly culinary adventures on GREAT TASTE.  We're going to highlight Ottumwa's best kept secret, the students attending Indian Hills Community College's Culinary program.  Starting this week and continuing the third Wednesday of each month students in the program will cook "live" in the studio and share their culinary knowledge and passion with us.

Every time I hang out with these kids I come away from the experience elated and energized.  Their enthusiasm fills the air plus I always learn many things listening to their discussions.  Oh yes, the food they make is really delicious.

After almost three years we FINALLY are getting some professional cooks into our KRUU studio kitchen! Chef Gordon Rader, Program Director and Lead Culinary Instructor at Indian Hills Community College,
takes over the duties of cooking James Moore's dinner, and he's bringing a crew to help: Adam Darland, a recent graduate from the IHCC program and Jon Ulrich one of his current students. The menu includes eggplant parmesan and local greens plus lots of insight into what goes into a culinary education.

Lights, camera, action!! Fairfield Public Access Cable (FPAC) will record this show for future broadcast. We're hoping to video most upcoming episodes of GREAT TASTE so you can doubly enjoy our kitchen antics.