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Lisa BrigantinoEven at the sideshow they're just trying to sell a lie
Look, you won't believe what you see 
But I know the truth buried way deep down inside 
The freaks are the same as you and me 
~ Wonder Wheel, Lisa Brigantino 

Spend a few minutes perusing Lisa Brigantino's website and links and you'll start to wonder if there is anything this talented musician can't do!  It starts to make sense when you realize she has been steeped in music making since the age of 5, when she started piano lessons.  Now able to play at least 14 instruments, Lisa has garnered a variety of songwriting and performing awards, has toured the world with an all women Led Zeppelin tribute band, shares a musical comedy act with her sister in New York, and still found time to write, record and produce her two solo albums, the newest one to be released June 7th.

Join me Tuesday May 11th from 9-10am Central for Lyrical Venus, where the focus is on music by female singer-songwriters.  Lisa will be calling at 9am.

Allison WeissI got my fingers crossed
And my hopes are high
So I'll try to stay calm
Try to stay dry
~ Fingers Crossed, Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss' music is said to sound like “Your saddest memories sung to the tune of your happiest”, and I think that is a pretty apt description. If you separated the lyrics from the music you’d probably get a very different feeling from each. Put together as they are though, the bittersweet, upbeat pop gems have you tapping your feet while feeling that little tug on your heart that happens when you remember something sad or the longing that comes with a crush.

Tune in to Lyrical Venus Radio on Tuesday January 26th at 9am Central for a live interview with Allison! She will be calling in from about 9-9:30 Central Time and then we’ll have a half hour of more great music.  Check out for more info and links on Allison!

Adrina Thorpe Halflight and Shadows Album CoverFlawed I am and flawed I will remain.
Broken since the day the package opened.
Yearn with tattered wings to try to fly.
Ache to find the strength to say goodbye
to this impossible dream.
~ Impossible Dream, Adrina Thorpe

California singer-songwriter and pianist Adrina Thorpe released her sophomore album, Halflight and Shadows, a little less than a month ago and wow, what a treat!  Not only is each song great on it's own, but as a whole the album has a subtle implied story of a character starting in a dark and broken place and growing through transformations to embrace light and beauty.  Adrina's soaring vocals and deft fingerings would fit perfectly on a playlist with other piano divas like Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos, but don't take my word for it - tune in to the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour from 9-10am on Tuesday and find out for yourself!

We'll start out with some new preview tunes from Imogen Heap and Ingrid Michaelson's new albums and songs from upcoming artists to be interviewed on the show.  Interview with Adrina starts at 9:30.