HRH Prince Charles"It is, I feel, our apparent reluctance to recognize the interrelated nature of the problems and therefore the solutions, that lies at the heart of our predicament and certainly on our ability to determine the future of food."
HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales

The highlight address at "The Future of Food" conference on May 4, 2011 at Georgetown University was given by HRH the Prince of Wales.  Among food activists Prince Charles is a well-known organic farmer who has advocated sustainable practices for many years.  His address, which challenged the belief that industrial agriculture and large agribusiness are necessary to feed the world's ever-growing population, was published last week by Rodale Press.  On the Future of FoodThe Prince's Speech:  On the Future of Food is a rallying call to not only advocates of sustainability, but also presents a vision that recognizes "the wider and important social and economic parameters-how we can feed a global population approaching 9 billion people and still safeguard public health, keep jobs, and protect our environment."

Bob MartinOur guest, Robert P. Martin, Senior Policy Advisor-Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, was one of the "Future of Food" event organizers.  He has been a key player in getting The Prince's Speech published so its ideas can be shared with the general public.  Please join us on Great Taste for a discussion of the critical food issues that effect every single one of us now and future generations.  You can view some excerpts from the Georgetown conference here.

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Sustainable Farming and a Surprise Dish from an Indian Hills Chef

Melon Salad/AmisKathy and I are back in the studio this week with a "live" show.  I've been on the road enjoying meals in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Philadelphia.  One thing I finally realized is that I would make a very poor food critic.  A food critic does visit a restaurant several times (or should) before putting into print what, in some markets, determines a spot's success or eventual boarding up.  After and between those visits there are numerous other establishments that have to be subjected to the scribe's palate.  It's a never-ending story of moving on and not going back until it's time to do another review. 

FarroBreadsWinter CSA

What are the main challenges facing food-related small businesses that would like to or already integrate the principles of sustainability/organic/bio-dynamic into their models?  We'll talk with individuals who operate a broad spectrum of business types-a subscription run greenhouse and wholesale produce operation-Dean Goodale, internet based sales and education-Eric Rusch, a retail artisan baker-Tim Freeberg-Renwick, and local culinary school director-Chef Gordon Rader. 

Come by the studio and join in the discussion as we explore how to grow (bad pun) a local food economy.  Of course, we'll have some food because what's Great Taste without any great tastes?

Wednesday, 7-8 PM, rebroadcast on Friday 7-8 AM.  Follow us on Twitter where we tweet the Daily Dish daily

Wow!  It's summer, it's hot, and who wants to cook?  So let us help you with some easy ideas to make the kitchen a really cool place to hang out.  Kathy will turn the studios into our normal GREAT TASTE festival of food.

Also,  Marissa Markowitz will tell us how to throw a "sustainable" party using local foods, "green" plates, sporks, & more.

Plus some kitchen tips you won't want to miss.  Have your pencil and paper ready or your digital memo recorder.

We're serving up some GREAT TASTES from 7-8 PM on Wednesday and Friday's rebro beginning at 7 AM.

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