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    Sep 28
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coffeetime at chill cafe


one hour of music about the world's number 1 inspiration (sorry sex, love, and dog lovers; you were wrong): coffee.

coffee praises run the gamut from blues (mississippi john hurt), psychedelic (cream), swing (sinatra, ella fitzgerald), pop (squeeze), country (freedie johnson), soul (otis redding), and crazy creative (blurtodd rundgrenyung joc, and steve mclain & the jefferson county green band)...

here's what you'll be hearing sunday morning at 8:00 am CT, and here's where you can listen anytime.


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    Jul 04
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    Jul 07
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1973 - the apex of progressive rock

40 years ago the music world was enjoying the apex of progressive rock music. though often overly pretentious, and sometimes seriously ponderous...groups likeyes yes and emerson, lake & palmer showed us their virtuosity, sense of melody, and ability to improvise within their complex compositions. (and amazing album cover art) ... 

this week i feature side 2 from elp's "brain salad surgery," and side 4 from yes's "tales from topographic oceans" [pictured], and a couple tracks from todd rundgren's progressive psychedelic masterpiece "a wizard, a true star." 


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    Dec 20
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    Dec 23
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the best year ever - it might have been 1972

i've been reviewing the best musical years of all time, and todd rundgrenthe votes are in and tabulated.

so far, we've heard from 1968, 2010, and 1983...those were all great years, but they barely make the top 10. this week i countdown to the best year ever, by reviewing the 6th best musical year of all time: 1972. listen and you'll know why. or, listen and argue about it.

some of what you'll hear: 2 great jazz-rock fusion albums by chick corea's newly formed band, return to forever; todd rundgren's [pictured] double album "something/anything," considered his best; the explosion of reggae, featuring jimmy cliff's "the harder the come" (the movie, the album, and the song); the brilliant progressive rock album: yes's "fragile"; and great r & b songs by the o'jays, curtis mayfield, and the temptations. also paul simon, and joni mitchell, both at their prime.

your votes have been counted. now it's time to argue. was this the 5th best year of music ever?

Like many of us, the 1970s were a time of spiritual awakening for Todd Rundgren. This Sunday morning at 8:00 AM (3:00 AM Hawaiian time), I spend an hour sharing some of his healing and initiation music.

His album "Initiation" reflects describes his awakening, starting off with biblical references and gnostic experiences of "Real Man":


When I was a child I thought as a child
I spoke as a child - I didn't know better.
But now I'm a man, I look like a man,
I'm old as a man and I should know better.