David PattersonJoin us on Writers' Voices this Friday for a behind-the-scenes talk with the writers for the Iowa Play Festival, July 8-12 at the Sondheim Center. David Patterson and Savannah Quinn will tell us about the festival, and then we’ll hear from two of the writers: William Coleman and Robert Lynn.

The show is hosted by Monica Hadley and Caroline Kilbourn.


DaveThis week on Writers' Voices we will bepat talking about the Iowa Play Festival, coming up July 8-12 at the Sondheim Center.

From 1-1:30, we'll be talking to David Patterson and Savannah Quinn, organizers of the festival. From 1:30-2:00 we will talk with Dave again, and Patricia Saunders, who have both written plays that are featured in the festival.

Tune in to learn more about this great event.