Chickpea tofuMike Anderson and no queso dipTasting PlatesPickles and KrautThere was a lot going on at the GREAT TASTE LIVE show Tuesday, and it was all vegan.  


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Great Taste-Friday, June 10

Man The KitchenSteve Katz is a renaissance man, cook, writer, recipe developer, attorney, musician, and a deep thinker concerning the role of men in the kitchen.  Rosie Witherspoon, owner of the At Home Store, met Steve at the International Housewares Show this past March, wrote an article about him for the Iowa Source, and joined me this week in a discussion with Steve about gender and location specific (men in the kitchen) behavioral characteristics.  Men (and women) get ready.  You will be nodding in agreement with each observation Steve makes.  

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Authors Amanda Haas and Anna Thomas on GREAT TASTE this Week!

Don't miss two of my favorite cooks this week on Great Taste: Amanda Hass and Anna Thomas.

Amanda Haas

Amanda Hass is the Culinary Director at Williams Sonoma, and she filled me in on what it's like working in the test kitchen.  She is also the author of the recently published book, The Anti-Inflamation Cookbook, co-authored with Dr. Bradley Jacobs.  Amanda, who has suffered from serious intestinal irritation issues, used her own wellness journey as a basis for developing the recipes in this book, which is filled with helpful tips designed to make eating a joyful and healthy experience again.

Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore

Anna Thomas started a cookbook revolution in 1973 when her now classic, The Vegetarian Epicure, was published.  Her newest book, Vegan Vegetarian Omnivore:  Dinner for Everyone at the Table, is a paradigm-shifting volume filled with over 200 recipes.  The book is about hospitality. "Start with the foods that everyone eats," she writes, "design a meal that works, then expand it, make it flexible..."  Personally, I think she may have hit on a real solution for world peace.

Don't forget GREAT TASTE is LIVE at Green Building Supply next week, Tuesday, May 3 with asparagus whisperer, Michael Havelka.  See you there at 7:00 pm for the show and free tasting of my favorite spring vegetable.

Opening Segment of the show-How to Restore the Body's Natural Balance with Dr. Suhas G. Kshirsagar

And our second segment-"Iowa Cooks"-Astred Griffin Wants YOU to Eat Her Quiche!

Astred GriffinOur LIVE show at Green Building Supply Tuesday night featured the creative mind and cooking skills of Astred Griffin.  On the menu: quiche in both veggie and vegan versions and both iterations were organic and gluten-free. Vegan quiche is something I had never tried, but Astred's version was  great.  Click READ MORE now!

Tune in to the video stream of the hour we spent at Green Building Supply on the Fairfield Media Center site or listen to the show on KRUU, Wednesday,January 7th at 7 pm, rebroadcast Friday, January 9 at 7 am.  A special "THANKS" to Jason Strong for engineering the event.  Also, a salute to Everybody's Whole Foods for contributing the terrific ingredients our cooks use to create the great tastes in the GBS kitchen.

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Ayurvedic Herbs in the Kitchen and Vegan Treats

Dr. Dinesh GyawaliDr. Dinesh Gyawali is an ayurvedic physician trained at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal.  He earned a post graduate degree at the same university specializing in medical anthropology.  Currently he is working on his PhD in Human Physiology at MUM studying the effects of ayurvedic herbs on coronary heart disorders. He's kindly agreed to keep the discussion simpler on this week's GREAT TASTE, talking about common procedures that can be used at home for minor ailments.  Also, he'll share the many ways herbs and spices can be used in our daily meals to enhance health. We'll explore cumin, turmeric, tulsi and other culinary botanic delights.

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 Lukas VolgerLast time Lukas Volger was on the show we discussed his book, Veggie Burgers Every Which Way.  Since that time Lukas has expanded what now is a mini creative empire. 

He has written another book, Vegetarian Entrees, started a company that makes veggie burgers and sells them through retailers in the northeast like Whole Foods, created a digital quarterly, Feast by Lukas, that is available on the iTunes store, does cooking demos around the country, and even put together Lukas V’s Ultimate Vegetarian Dinner Party MixTape.  The guy’s taste in music is as classy as his burgers.


You can read about Lukas in the latest issue of Brooklyn Magazine, but tune in to hear him on GREAT TASTE.  He was kind enough to share the recipe below.  It’s from “Building Blocks”, the latest digital quarterly Feast by Lukas release.  


Eat Pretty coverGrowing up in our beauty obsessed society, Jolene Hart had to deal with her own share of body image issues.  She chose an interesting path becoming a health coach and the beauty editor for numerous publications including InStyle, People, and PreventioJolene Hartn.  You will definitely enjoy her simple, seasonal approach to using common herbs and vegetables as the basis of "Beauty Nutrition." 

From Chronicle Books:  Eat Pretty simplifies the latest science and presents a user-friendly program for gorgeous looks, at any age, that last a lifetime. Buzzwords like antioxidants, biotin, and omega-3s are explained alongside more than 85 everyday foods, each paired with their specific beauty-boosting benefit: walnuts for supple skin, radishes for strong nails. But healthful ingredients are just one aspect of beauty nutrition. Eat Pretty offers a full lifestyle makeover, exploring stress management, hormonal balancStraight from the Earth covere, and mindful living. Charts and lists, plus nearly 20 recipes, make for a delicious and infinitely useful package—in the kitchen, at the grocer, and on the go.

 Have you ever purchased packaged and fresh organic greens in a natural or conventional grocery storeMyra and Marea Goodman?  If so, you are probably familiar with our second author, Myra Goodman.  The company she founded in 1984, along with her husband Drew, is Earthbound Farm, the largest organic produce producer in North America.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak with Myra because Earthbound Farm was one of the pioneering companies that helped make organic produce readily available to shoppers.  We had a good time talking, and I think you'll enjoy the different insights and tips she shared.

From Chronicle Books:  Using the freshest ingredients and offering intriguing flavor combinations, these 100 plant-based recipes are completely free of meat or dairy. As you gain insight on organics and essential components like nuts and seeds, soy, and coconut, you’ll also learn about the practical and personal reasons to go vegan.

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The Age Old Question Is Answered: Can Milk Duds Be Made Healthy?

Join host, Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y.

This week Generation whY answers the first question in Human History, "can Milk Duds be made healthy"? Two weeks ago I challenged Fitness Superhero Miss Barbella, aka Tanell Pretorius, that she could not make God's chosen food, Milk Duds, healthy. Since Andrew Tint isn't the end all be all of judging chocolate, we luckily got a man who was, Noah Lion, of Noah's Rockin Raw ChocolateTune in live to find out if Milk Duds are going to be replaced.

Originally from South Africa, Tanell Pretorius moved to London, in the United Kingdom, at the age of 19 to pursue a career in modeling. She worked as a fashion and sports model for seven years and had agents in London, Milan, Hamburg and Cape Town. She was featured in numerous TV commercials from Sony Playstation to Veet Wax. In 2011 she moved to Fairfield, Iowa, to complete an undergraduate degree in Media and Communications at Maharishi University of Management. She has since moved her focus to writing, personal training, and Ayurvedic consultant practice. Her passions are self-development and sharing her knowledge and experience of health and wellness with others. She also writes currently for IOWA SOURCE.

Noah Lion is the Founder and Creative Director of Noah's Rock'n Raw Chocolates! Noah started making Chocolate at the age of 8, and spent his childhood building eco-friendly houses before becoming a full time Raw Chocolatier. When Noah realized how terrible processed sugar is he began making his own raw desserts, quickly founding that after adding all his favorite ingredients together everyone seemed to love his chocolate almost more than he did. From there he started serving chocolate at local markets, stores, and created the online store Noah now lives in Manhattan where he provide Raw Chocolate for thousands of chocolate lovers across the nation.

Candy Calderon: Holistic Health Coach and Creator of Ñami by Candy

Candy comes from a business background and worked for several years with international corporations traveling the world developing their business, but always felt in her heart that health & wellness were her true calling. After her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she took it upon herself to learn everything needed to help her heal faster and naturally. That’s when she learned about the benefits and healing qualities of a plant-based diet, eventually switching to that lifestyle and her journey as a holistic health coach began. She now coaches people on how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle; she’s an avid plant-based nutrition advocate and educator, chef, plus a yoga & meditation lover. She’s passionate about transmitting her message to everyone in need, but especially to her Latin community both Spanish and English speaking.

You can find her:

· FB:

· Instagram: @candy_nami

· Twitter: @namibycandy

· Email:

Click "Read More" to see one of Candy's favorite recipes.  

Let them Eat KaleCelebrity activist, dancer, author Africa Engo is an inspiration on many levels.  She used to weigh 250 lbs.  Not any longer.  After vowing in 2007 to lose 100 lbs. she did that and more.  After her successful weight loss effort she ran from New York to Chicago and completed two other ultra-marathons on three continents to raise AIDS awareness.  The NYU grad organized the New York AIDs film festival for 8 years and is the subject of an MTV documentary you can view here--

As a vegan chef, she helps people take charge of their lives and reclaim their physical health.  Africa will join us in the Hy-Vee Club Room to talk food, politics, and prepare two dishes from her book, "Let Them Eat Kale!"

You can read more about her at the following link-, but meeting Africa in person is an entirely different experience.  Don't miss her!