This Wednesday's GREAT TASTE LIVE show is in a new location for one night only-Caribou Coffee.  It's a fitting site since we're talking about-come on, I know you can figure it out.  That's right, coffee.  Those special beans are the key ingredient that gets the day started for millions of folks.  We'll visit with Dennis Lopp, who helped get the Caribou facility up and running locally.  In addition to sampling the coffee and some of the food choices on the menu, we'll learn about the company's commitment to the Rain Forest Alliance, the type of commercial equipment necessary to run a spot entrusted with the difficult task of keeping folks alert, and some insight into its "Do Good" corporate philosophy.

What about making coffee at home?  Do you need an expensive espresso machine with all sorts of bells and whistles?  Is it better to join a coffee club and have everything you need shipped to your door regularly?  Do I need to grind the beans fresh every morning?  Whatever works for you is part of my answer, but I'll share my personal preferences and discuss two simple methods of preparing deliciously rich espresso quickly and economically.  

On the KRUU stThimmaiahream at 7:00 pm CT our health coach, Emily Rose Shaw, discusses berries.  Personally, I'm a big berry fan,  and Emily clues us in on why they are so good for us, fresh versus frozen, and ways to prepare them. 

Our guest the remainder of the hour is Dr.Thimmaiah, an inspiring proponent of agricultural methods that enrich our environment and individual lives.  Dr. Tim, as I like to call him, has an infectious personality that will take enthrall you, and help you understand why and how everyone must assist in making our food system healthier.  As the advisor to the Bhutanese Ministry of Agriculture, and the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority, Tim is assisting that nation in its drive to have its farming community 100% organic by 2020.  He is an expert on organic, bio-dynamic, and Vedic agriculture, and advises governments in many other countries about the critical environmental and health issues surrounding the growing of food.  I need to mention he's also a terrific cook.  You can find his blog here:

Francis Thicke's five year term on the The National Organic Standards Board started on January 24th, 2013, but his dedication to organic farming began over 30 years ago. He and his wife Susan operate a 160-head, certified organic dairy on 450 acres in Fairfield. Francis previously served as a National Program Leader for Soil Science at the USDA Cooperative Extension Service, and he's been active in many environmental organizations. The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service named him the 2012 Farmer of the Year. 

At 3 PM on Saturday, April 27th in the Cambridge Room of the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, Francis will participate in a free readers theater production of Farmscape: The Changing Rural Environment. This play was written by students in Mary Swander's Iowa State MFA writing class. Mary is Iowa's poet laureate, and she'll facilitate audience discussion after the performance. She'll also present a free keynote talk, "Celebrating Local Community," at 7:30 PM at the Fairfield Public Library. Both these free events are part of the EcoFairfield Festival.

To learn more about organic standards, rural issues, Farmscape, and Francis Thicke, tune in to this episode of The Studio with Cheryl.

FarroBreadsWinter CSA

What are the main challenges facing food-related small businesses that would like to or already integrate the principles of sustainability/organic/bio-dynamic into their models?  We'll talk with individuals who operate a broad spectrum of business types-a subscription run greenhouse and wholesale produce operation-Dean Goodale, internet based sales and education-Eric Rusch, a retail artisan baker-Tim Freeberg-Renwick, and local culinary school director-Chef Gordon Rader. 

Come by the studio and join in the discussion as we explore how to grow (bad pun) a local food economy.  Of course, we'll have some food because what's Great Taste without any great tastes?

Wednesday, 7-8 PM, rebroadcast on Friday 7-8 AM.  Follow us on Twitter where we tweet the Daily Dish daily

Tom Newmark is the author of books on herbal and natural medicine, and is the co-founder of the Sacred Seeds Sanctuary in Costa Rica . His company, New Chapter, is working with the Missouri Botanical Garden and leading botanists, to create a network of living medicinal plant gardens around the world. There are now Sacred Seeds Sanctuaries in Costa Rica, the United States, Peru, Madagascar, and Vietnam, and it is Tom’s goal to have thousands of Sacred Seed gardens in life zones from the tundra to tropics.

Father Thomas Keating is a Trappist Monk and the former Abbot of St. Joseph’s Monastery in Spencer, Massachusetts. Father Keating is the author of several books. These include, Open Mind, Open Heart, The Mystery of Christ, Invitation to Love, Intimacy with God, The Human Condition, The Better Part, and the Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit, Manifesting God.

Guests, Great food, and lots of info this Wednesday, June 3, 7-8 PM

Jill Richardson

Jill Richardson, is the force behind the La Vida Locavore blog which, she characterizes as "the blog for anyone whose crazy life includes planting, growing,
weeding, fertilizing, raising, picking, harvesting, processing,
cooking, baking, making, serving, buying, selling, distributing,
transporting, composting, organizing around, lobbying about, writing
about, thinking about, talking about, playing with, and eating food!" Her first book, Recipe for America: Why Our Food System is Broken and What We Can Do to Fix It will be published on July 1. She is a Commonweal Institute fellow & member of the Organic Consumers Association policy advisory board.

Francis Thicke owns the organically-certified Radiance Dairy in Fairfield. He'll join us in the studio to discuss the recent New York Times article spotlighting the plight of organic dairy farmers. Francis grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota. He earned a Ph.D. in Agronomy/Soil Fertility at the University of Illinois. In 1992, he returned to his farming roots and we are all thankful for that! He is currently seeking the office of Iowa Agriculture Secretary.


Kathy is back and the heat will be on in the studio. Don't miss one second of an action-packed GREAT TASTE.

If you do, the rebro is Friday, June 5 from 7-8 AM.