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The Age Old Question Is Answered: Can Milk Duds Be Made Healthy?

Join host, Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y.

This week Generation whY answers the first question in Human History, "can Milk Duds be made healthy"? Two weeks ago I challenged Fitness Superhero Miss Barbella, aka Tanell Pretorius, that she could not make God's chosen food, Milk Duds, healthy. Since Andrew Tint isn't the end all be all of judging chocolate, we luckily got a man who was, Noah Lion, of Noah's Rockin Raw ChocolateTune in live to find out if Milk Duds are going to be replaced.

Originally from South Africa, Tanell Pretorius moved to London, in the United Kingdom, at the age of 19 to pursue a career in modeling. She worked as a fashion and sports model for seven years and had agents in London, Milan, Hamburg and Cape Town. She was featured in numerous TV commercials from Sony Playstation to Veet Wax. In 2011 she moved to Fairfield, Iowa, to complete an undergraduate degree in Media and Communications at Maharishi University of Management. She has since moved her focus to writing, personal training, and Ayurvedic consultant practice. Her passions are self-development and sharing her knowledge and experience of health and wellness with others. She also writes currently for IOWA SOURCE.

Noah Lion is the Founder and Creative Director of Noah's Rock'n Raw Chocolates! Noah started making Chocolate at the age of 8, and spent his childhood building eco-friendly houses before becoming a full time Raw Chocolatier. When Noah realized how terrible processed sugar is he began making his own raw desserts, quickly founding that after adding all his favorite ingredients together everyone seemed to love his chocolate almost more than he did. From there he started serving chocolate at local markets, stores, and created the online store NoahsRocknRawChocolates.com Noah now lives in Manhattan where he provide Raw Chocolate for thousands of chocolate lovers across the nation.


The Club Room lights up with a Chanukah celebration featuring music, food, and fun.  Sheila Ross is making chicken soup and latkes. Tom Allen and ladies from Beth Shalom will provide the music, Beverly Merson joins us for her CineBites feature, and who knows what else might happen!  Don't miss this live happening!


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Red Beet RavioliIt's been a very interesting two weeks for me as I started the Challenge a little earlier than our Great Taste listeners.  Those of you who tuned in for the introductory show a couple of weeks back know how skeptical I was.  Several times I said there was no way I could stand drinking my breakfast (smoothies) every morning.  I needed something substantial that I could chew.  OK, I don't.  What a revelation.  I love the smoothies.  They make me feel alert.  My need to snack has been tamed.  I can happily say I was wrong.  Now, does that mean I've been converted to vegan/raw foods?  No, but I do plan to continue integrating a lot more raw food into my daily diet.   For my physiology, it seems to work.  That's all I can really say plus I like the clean flavors (and I've lost some weight). 

I would be very interested to hear from all our Vegan/Raw Challenge participants.  What did you do, learn, experience?  Let us know by sending an email to:  greattaste@kruufm.com.

Thanks for joining us on the Vegan/Raw Challenge.  Here's your info for the first week.  We'll be sending out more during the week so check back frequently, and listen in this Wednesday during Great Taste for an additional dose.

If you have any questions, send them to greattaste@kruufm.com and our group of experts will be happy to answer them.

UPDATE:  July 25

Cosmic MintAnother delicious show is set for this week's version of Great Taste.  Barbara Yeager joins us in the studio.  Normally, she resides in Boulder, Colorado where she's engaged in creating all organic raw cacao bites with names like Heart Throb, Cosmic Mint, and Naked.   Her Life Openings chocolates are made without dairy, soy or gluten and sweetened with a low glycemic agave.

Susan PowersRaw Potato Pancakes


How do you manage a raw foods diet in the throes of a midwest winter? Why would you even want to eat raw? Does it take a lot of time? What are the benefits of eating raw? What kind of kitchen equipment do you need? Is it easy to find the ingredients to keep your raw food pantry stocked?

On our interview line from Minneapolis, Susan Powers will attempt to answer these and other questions from the inquiring minds in the studio. Susan is the force behind www.rawmazing.com, a very informative and inviting site dedicated to spreading the benefits of eating raw foods. We have been experimenting with several recipes from the site so tune in and taste the results with us.

Eat some dinner, but leave room for dessert as GREAT TASTE features a "live" interview with raw food chef, Ani Phyo. Ani's newest book, Ani's Raw Food Desserts-85 Easy, Delectable Sweets and Treats, was published last week. We'll find out how to create some simple and healthy final course magic PLUS several of our local home cooks will be in the studio with desserts they made from Ani's recipes.

Can gluten, dairy, processed-sugar, and cruelty-free really taste delicious? Is it easy to make nutrition-packed raw desserts? We're going to find out.

Wednesday 7-8 PM and the rebro from 7-8 AM on Friday.

Check out Ani's website: www.aniphyo.com. Don't forget,

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