nick terraforteDr. Nick Terrafranca is the Co-Founder and CEO of NeuroRecovery Technologies, a new, cutting-edge medical technology company focused on the design and development of devices and applications to help restore function & movedean sluyterment in patients with paralysis. Their current technology evolved from collaborative research between The University of California Los Angeles, The California Institute of Technology, and The University of Louisville.

Dean Sluyter is an author and public speaker. He will be discussing his latest book, Natural Meditation: A Guide to Effortless Meditative Practice, and his recent trip to India.

Steve Briggs is the author of the book, India Mirror of Truth, A Seven Year Pilgrimage. Mr Briggs will discuss his time in India visiting ashrams and holy places from Kerala to the high Tibetan plateau.

A facinating discussion with Tommy Edison, the blind film critic. Blind since birth, Mr Edison discusses his unique perspective on film. He has also worked in radio for over twenty five years.

This week Writers' Voices explores spirituality and other cultures.

Susan Klauber

Poet and author Susan Klauber discusses her newest book "Sound of the Sacred Beads: A Poet’s Journey into India". The book follows Susan's journeys through India and its holiest places. She explores the people, culture, ancient wisdom, and mystery that she finds there. Since 1983, Susan has been based in Fairfield where she writes and pursues her interest in creating a better world through spiritual development.

Join hosts Monica Hadley and Caroline Kilbourn for another enlightening conversation.

J. Carolos Aguirre, originally scheduled as the second guest on this week's show, has been postponed until sometime in 2011. Stay tuned for further announcements :)

Mexcian chocolateChocolate Chip cookies








On two recent trips to India, chocolate and candy maker Paul Poole has been fortunate to catch an intimate glimpse into the lives of some Indian families.  The key was the sharing of food, but not only meals.  Paul taught his Indian friends how to make various types of chocolates and they shared the knowledge of local sweets.  GREAT TASTE listeners will not only hear about Paul's adventures, but learn the recipes involved in this cross-cultural exchange.



jefron has dropped off a collection of specially tailored digital music discs at the local post office.

expect new shows as soon as the indian post gets their act together.

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