Katie GanshertA couple of months ago, a good friend whom I rarely get to talk to posted this on Facebook: "JUST GOT MY COPY OF HER SECOND BOOK..I'M READY TO READ! anybody else???"  Of course I had to check out "Wishing on Willows" by Katie Ganshert, and when I saw that she is an Iowa author who sets her books in a small Iowa town, I knew we had to get her on Writers' Voices.  

So Cherlyn - this one's for you!  Hope you can listen in this Friday!

Zippy and TippyTwo of our own Fairfield authors, Anthony Starr Roma Galat 1pm and and Roma Gal at 1:30pm, will be our guests this Friday on Writers Voices. Tune in to hear about how self-publishing can open doors for writers, from children’s books to steamy romance novels.

Anthony Starr created Zippy and Tippy’s New Family, a beautifully photographed children’s book in which two Midland Painted Box Turtles, who have been longtime friends, discuss and decide to become mates and create a family of their own. This book describes what they must go through to become proud parents while including some of the other animals who share their home, with an emphasis on what humans can do to positively impact their home and nature in general.

Anthony will be doing a reading at Revelations on Saturday,March 28 at 3pm.