Las Vegas


Eat PrettyI'm super excited as I'm back in the KRUU studio for the first time in many weeks.  At the outset of the show, I welcome back certified health coach, and beauty editor, Jolene Hart.  Jolene is someone who really understands that eating is critical to inner and outer happiness.  Her new book, Eat Pretty, is replete with guidance that will uplift you 365 days of the year, and support your quest for a more positive lifestyle.  

Jolene does not subscribe to one particular style of dietary recommendations or way of living.  Rather, she has distilled from her personal experience, research, and client relationships concentrated nuggets of information designed to enhance anyone's well-being.  Though the book's admirers tend to be female, I believe its tips work for any gender.  Tune in, and let Jolene inspire you.

Zach Allen the culinary director of Molto Vegas, Doug Taylor executive pastry chef of Molto Vegas, and Josef Helphinstine Service Director of Enoteca San Marco join us on this week's Great Taste. We're talkin' about Slow Food that beats the odds every time. Don't miss our dose of traditional Italian with a Batali (Mario Batali) twist or How to Survive in Vegas without Sacrificing your Palate or Wallet!

We'll be cooking Italiano in the studio with a little informal lingua Italiana thrown in for fun. Don't miss out on the next Great Taste. If you're interested in becoming a Facebook fan of the show. click here.