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The Life of a Millennial with Caleb Balaban and Caleb Flynn

Join host Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y. This week Andrew is joined by Caleb Balaban and Caleb Flynn to discuss what millennials are doing today.

Caleb Balaban, who hails from London, England, was Andrew Tint's original radio co-host on their extremely popular show, "Speech Impediment or Accent. Who Knows? Not Me." Caleb has recently gone through the horrid process of trying to find a job in this economy. Find out what it's been like to try and find empolyment from the mouth of a millennial.

KRUU founding board member Caleb Flynn, who recently returned from Nigeria, is Project Hello World'engineer. Working for the past 10 years as an IT consultant Caleb manages physical and online resources for corporate and community organizations including Civic Commons, KRUU-FM, Bonnell Building Project, Walker Group, Pico Youth Center and The Beatbox.



Project Hello World is providing underprivileged children and adults in Africa with access to the opportunities that the Internet provides. Their computer terminals, or ‘Hello Hubs’, allow them to educate themselves, to communicate with others and to be part of the global online community.

Robert and Daphne Cook. Mr. Robert Cook is the President of the National Indian Education Association and is the Principal of Pine Ridge Reservation High School in Jackson County South Dakota. Ms. Daphne Cook is the Executive Director of the Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates.

Mr. Kevin Clawson is the president of the non-profit, Reach the Children. Reach the Children provides underprivileged children opportunities for self-reliance by strengthening families and communities. They operate in fourteen countries throughout Africa.

Eben Lazarus is a third year economics major at the University of Pennsylvania. He was recently an intern at the DC think tank, the Center for Global Development. Eben is currently in Senegal, studying the economics of the region. He will then go to Mekhe, Senegal to work with a microfinance company. Eben will be speaking to us live from Senegal.

Jonathan FreemanJonathan Freeman joined the US Army and in 2005 deployed to Taji, Iraq as an Artillery Officer attached to an Armor Company. He deployed again to Iraq in February 2007 to train an Iraqi Army unit. He left active duty in April with the rank of Captain. In June of 2008, he joined the Obama for America campaign as the Deputy Director of Veterans and Military Families Outreach. Since then, Jonathan has been working for the Obama Administration at the Pentagon as the Deputy White House Liaison.

Patricia Parker is the founder of KIDS FOR KIDS, an organization that helps children living in remote villages in Darfur, Sudan, who live lives of inexcusable hardship. It is the only organisation created specially to help children in Darfur. By strengthening whole villages they are enabling people to return to their homes - conflict resolution in practice.

Rashi Glazer is Professor at the Walter A. Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley and Co-Director of the School's Management of Technology Program. He has also served as the Director of the Haas School’s Center for Executive Education and the Director of the Center for Marketing and Technology. He has an MBA in 1979 and a Ph.D. in 1982 from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and from 1982-1989 was on the faculty at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business.

Mahen BonettiMr. Seymour Fliegel is the author of the book, Miracle in East Harlem. It is the story of how Mr. Fliegel took the lowest performing school in New York City's public school system and turned it into a model school. He currently heads the Center for Educational Innovation. Mr. Fliegel has twice been invited to the White House to be honored for his work in public education.

Ms. Mahen Bonetti is the Founder and Executive Director of the African Film Festival, Inc (AFF), New York. Born in Sierra Leone in 1956 and sent into exile in 1970, Mahen received her Graduate degree in communication from New York University. In 1993, concerned by the lack of understanding and appreciation of African culture, Ms. Bonetti, founded the AFF. The main goal of the festival is to use African cinema to promote and increase knowledge and understanding of African arts, literature, and culture. In addition, to develop a non-African audience for African Films and to expand the opportunities for the distribution of African films in the U.S. In recent years, the Festival has been hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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Join globetrotting cartographer and explorer Tom Archer and his riverboat captain ex-brother-in-law Walt Kirby as they find more than they ever expected in Hidden Gem of Kumbundu.

The P5K Radio Workshop presents an exhilarating half-hour of radio theater excitement at 10:15 PM tonight, Friday March 20th, 2009.