Fracking, sex trafficking & genetic engineering are among the thorny contemporary issues DR. KELLY OLIVER explores in riveting murder mysteries.

Curiosity about the world we live in inspired Dr. Oliver's 20 scholarly books (Example: CARCERAL HUMANITARIANISM: LOGICS OF REFUGEE DETENTION) and also generated her mysteries, WOLF, COYOTE, and F.O.X.

All three feature JESSICA JAMES, a young philosophical cowgirl detective. To learn how Dr. Oliver garnered the courage to tackle challenging topics via noir millennial mysteries, tune in to The Studio with Cheryl and Kelly Oliver 1 PM Monday & 7AM Wednesday on KRUU.

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On Happiness with Frederic Lenoir

HappinessToday on Writers' Voices we delve into two of my favorite subjects- happiness and philosophy, with a delightful author who has spent a lot of time thinking about both.  FRÉDÉRIC LENOIR is a philosopher, sociologist, and religious historian, and the author of numerous essays, books, and novels, including historical thrillers such as "Oracle of the Moon" and the transformative fable "The Soul of the World." He is a professor at L’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, one of France’s elite universities, and is the editor of the bimonthly Le Monde des religions. Lenoir is host and producer of a weekly program about religion and philosophy on France Culture radio. Frederic Lenoir

"Happiness: A Philosopher's Guide" was a bestseller in Europe and has now been translated into English. In this book, Lenoir examines how history’s greatest philosophers and religious figures have answered life’s most fundamental question:What is happiness and how do I achieve it?

At the end of today's show, we will announce details of the Inkfingerz 2015 Creative Prose Contest, co-sponsored by 1st World Publishing. Grand prize is a publishing contract!  Tune in for details, or go to for details.

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Barry Spector discusses "The Myth Of American Innocence"

Madness at the Gates Of The City

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Barry Spector, a Harvard grauduate who writes about American history and politics from the perspectives of myth and archetypal psychology, is the author of Madness At The Gates Of The City: The Myth Of American Innocence (2011, Regent Press).

The book dissects America's belief in innocence and how that has allowed us to re-enact old patterns that cause us to subvert our goals and miss the deeper meaning in events.

Through his book, Mr. Spector uses Greek mythology, indigenous wisdom and archetypal psychology to discover new ways of looking at our present situation and finding healing solutions.

The Sharp Knife of Forced Simplicity; the Numinous Rebellion is the intriging title that we will discuss this week on Writers' Voices. Sharp Knife
What does it mean to truly be an American? How much freedom does a person have in the world? What is "forced simplicity" and why is it a sharp knife? When do problems really start to become a problem? What is real power and how can we use it in life? Is idealism the dream of the immature, or a path to fulfillment? What does "numinous" mean anyway?
These are some of the questions that local author and philosopher Ron Khare tackles in surpsising ways in this collection of essays.
"The writing is clean and clear, and the insights are informed with the passion and excitement of original discovery." -- Angela Mailander, Ph.D.