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An Original Radio Drama, Sunday, January 24th at 7 PM. Hey there boys and girls! It's that time at Williams City High School again. That's right, prom is right around the corner! All the boys and girls are excited, setting up dates, picking out dresses and tuxedos - it sure will be a swell time! Though... don't let anyone know I told you, but my sources from inside the prom committee have told me that this year the decorations have gone missing! Nobody knows what happened to them, but not to worry, I've heard Principal Felding has Danny McLipstick on the case. Remember how he solved that counterfeiting case with the help of the secret service? And how he recovered those valuable missing baseball cards? I'm sure with him on board, everything will be fine! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the KRUU Theater of the Air, bringing you original and grammified radio dramas dedicated to man's imagination, the theater of the mind. This Sunday night at 7 pm we ask you to gather your family around the radio, dim the lights, sit back, and enjoy the night's thrilling program: America's favorite mystery solving lifeguard, soda-jerk, and all-American Danny McLipstick in The Perplexing Case of the Perilous Prom.
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TONIGHT @ 10:15 pm

Join America's favorite mystery solving, adventure having, lifeguard, soda jerk, All-American, Danny McLipstick, as he and his pal, Mary Sue, along with her uncle, Jerry Helms of the Secret Service, solve The Mystery of the Mysterious Money.

 Action, excitement, and mystery!  Performed live and in-studio!


Presenting original and adaptated radio dramas live and commercial free

Every Friday Night @ 10:15 PM

A scene from tonight's exciting episode!









Join globetrotting cartographer and explorer Tom Archer and his riverboat captain ex-brother-in-law Walt Kirby as they find more than they ever expected in Hidden Gem of Kumbundu.

The P5K Radio Workshop presents an exhilarating half-hour of radio theater excitement at 10:15 PM tonight, Friday March 20th, 2009.

Tonight @ 10:15 PM
Hear the heartpounding finale of The Falcon Saga!
Featuring even more excitment, adventure, and drama than ever before!
Chases. fights, betrayal, and the final showdown between Jonnie Kidd and Boss Falcon!
Starring John Cohen, Quin Shanahan, Collin Miller, Gregory Gallagher, Corey Hickenbottom, and Andy MacKenzie!
THE P5K Radio Workshop
Every Friday Night
10:15 PM
Return to the thrilling days of yesteryear! The early days of low-power independent community radio! Hear two men harness the powerful medium of radio to bring truth and justice to a town that so desperately needs it! This is their story! TRUTH...OVER THE AIRWAVES!
Tune in tonight, at 10:15 PM, to hear more of this powerful saga of truth, justice and friendship. Offering greater excitement, thrills, and drama than ever before!
Hear it exclusively on THE P5K RADIO WORKSHOP






Ladies and gentlemen,

Tonight at 10:15 PM, we will be presenting the much anticipated premiere of The P5K Radio Workshop, an open space for YOU, the listener, to experience a wide range of adventure tales, mystery stories, bone-chilling thrillers, and much more. Airing Every Friday Night At 10:15 PM. It is sure to become a treasured entertainment institution that you and your family will return to week after week. We hope that you have already marked your calenders and have made a point to tune in tonight. However, if you have not, we would strongly encourage you to make the effort. This is a moment you will not want to miss. A moment of great cultural significance and truly, a memory that you will treasure and pass down to future generations!

Please Join Us, tonight and every Friday night for THE P5K RADIO WORKSHOP



Join Jonnie Kidd and Friends Next FridaySpecial note from the producers of the P5K Radio Workshop:
Ladies and gentlemen, in recent weeks you may have heard a promotional advertisement broadcast on KRUU LP. However, due to conflicting schedules inside our tight-knit staff of professional actors, we unfortunately are unable to perform our previously scheduled live radio drama broadcast this evening on the P5K.
We sincerely regret any problems we may have caused you or your family in your evening plans. We can, however, promise you that this broadcast will take place at 10:15 pm next Friday, February 27th, 2009.