Tonight @ 10:15 PM
Hear the heartpounding finale of The Falcon Saga!
Featuring even more excitment, adventure, and drama than ever before!
Chases. fights, betrayal, and the final showdown between Jonnie Kidd and Boss Falcon!
Starring John Cohen, Quin Shanahan, Collin Miller, Gregory Gallagher, Corey Hickenbottom, and Andy MacKenzie!
THE P5K Radio Workshop
Every Friday Night
10:15 PM
Join Jonnie Kidd and Friends Next FridaySpecial note from the producers of the P5K Radio Workshop:
Ladies and gentlemen, in recent weeks you may have heard a promotional advertisement broadcast on KRUU LP. However, due to conflicting schedules inside our tight-knit staff of professional actors, we unfortunately are unable to perform our previously scheduled live radio drama broadcast this evening on the P5K.
We sincerely regret any problems we may have caused you or your family in your evening plans. We can, however, promise you that this broadcast will take place at 10:15 pm next Friday, February 27th, 2009.