Fairfield Film Festival

Melinda Arndt & Martin Strel


Wednesday, Jan. 27, on the Around Town show, 8:30-9 am, host Melinda Arndt interviews Martin Strel, whose epic Amazon River swim in 2007 is the focus of "Big River Man", screening Friday evening, February 5, at the Fairfield Film Festival.

Writers' Voices celebrates the Fairfield Film Festival by interviewing MUM Filmmakers Geoff Boothby and Cullen Thomas about their film, Wormtooth NationWormtooth Nation this Friday, Feb 6, at 1pm.

Originally conceived as a "steampunk Midsummer Night's Dream set in an underground city where no one ever dies", Wormtooth nation is a 9 part series available for viewing at http://theskyisfree.com or this weekend at the Film Festival.

Steampunk is a genre of retrospective science fiction in which fanciful technologies are suggested, even after we know better. Steam-powered space ships or coal-burning robots would be examples of "steampunk".

Much more than fanciful science fiction, Wormtooth Nation is laced with interesting philosophical questions. Would we fall in love with the same people if we had no memory? Would living forever REALLY be a good thing? Is a sense that there must be something more to life, evidence that there is?