- A Taste of Fairfield - 20080831 - David Hawthorne

David Hawthorne


David Hawthorne is interviewed by Elsa Backstrom on "A Taste of Fairfield" talking about how to interpret jyotish charts and their signficance in understanding your life and life karma.

David Hawthorne earned his Master's
degree and his Professorship, along with the title: "Jyotish Bhanu" (one who radiates the light of Vedic Astrology), through the Systems' Institute of Vedic Astrology, Gurgaon, India. David Hawthorne along with his 20 years of experience has written a book called Astrology for Life in which he emphasises the importance of people becaoming acquainted with their own jyotish Charts.

This is the last show of "A Taste of Fairfield" but promises to be one of the most memorable.

elsa, i'm really enjoying

elsa, i'm really enjoying this broadcast of your's...

thanks for taking the time to do this interview!