A Reasonable AlternativeEclecticmattmulleneaux and Michael HalleyMonday 9-10am and Friday 8-9pm
About the MusicRock, Indie-rock, Indie-pop-rock, Indie-folk-pop, Indie-folk-rock, Pop-rock, Country-rock and Alternative-rockRobert ReederSunday 4-5pm and Thursday 11am-12pm
Ain't Nuthin' But A 'G' Thanga little this, a lotta thatGabe BishopThursday 4-5pm
Ambiente Latinolatin musicG. RodSunday 4-5am and Monday 8-9pm
Around TownTalk showMelinda ArndtWednesday 8:30-9am and Wednesday 6:30-7pm
Blues KRUUzBluesjoeldilleyFriday 2-4am and Saturday 8-10pm
Blues OasisBluesRoy TonnessenThursday 9-10pm and Saturday 4-5am
Centripetal SoundsMusicgarygarlesWednesday 2-4am and Thursday 2-4pm
Centripetal Sounds: The Rainbow RiderexpansivegarygarlesMonday 4-5am, Monday 5-6am and Saturday 2-4am
City & State BusinessInterviewJames MooreMonday 6:30-7am, Tuesday 12:30-1pm and Thursday 6:30-7pm
Classical ShowClassicalCarol NegroFriday 10am-12pm
deep tracksa deep look into music of all kinds, from all eras, through all ears.Brandon NelsonSunday 8-9am and Thursday 8-9pm
Duane Jones' Smooth JazzjazzDuane JonesMonday 2-4pm and Thursday 1-3am
Eclectic AudiophileEclectic that's for sureAndrew MichalkoThursday 12-1am and Saturday 12-1pm
Endorphin AcreecelcticEric GriswoldTuesday 11pm-Wednesday 12am
Filmosophers'Movie TalkBruce Miller and Chris BuschSunday 11:30am-12pm and Friday 12:30-1pm
Fringe ToastChill-out; electro-acoustic dream; blues; and singer-songwriters from late sixties to presentAndy BargerstockTuesday 12-2am and Wednesday 8-10pm
Generation whYTalk & moreAndrew TintTuesday 8-9am and Thursday 1-2pm
Great TasteTalk, foodSteve BossWednesday 7-8pm and Friday 7-8am
Happy HourMisc. Rockin County Reggae Blueskevinriley and stevemclainFriday 5-8pm
Icon Art RadioTalk Showallencobb, billteeple and donnacolbySunday 10-10:30am
Infinite BabesMusic, interviews & more.jasonSunday 12-1am and Monday 5-6pm
Infux BloomeclecticAngelia MahaneyTuesday 10-11pm
Inside Recess!Variety / TunesCameron M. Sales and patrickduffyThursday 5-6pm
Inside the Headlinesnews & commentaryJames Moore and JP SottileSunday 9-10am, Monday 1-2am and Friday 4-5pm
Intercranial Whizbang HourAlternativeAndy MacKenzieTuesday 8-10pm and Saturday 12-2am
InterzoneecelcticJoseph MayfieldTuesday 4-5pm
Irving Toast, Poetry GhostPoetryrustin larsonSunday 10:30-11am
Jessica Burks and FriendsOriginal Music, New Business Models & Artist Conversations.Jessica BurksMonday 4-5pm and Thursday 9-10am
Jukebox BoogalooVintage R&B, Soul, and Funk from the Palm at the End of the Mind.Jeff MartinekFriday 12-2am
KRUU Country Music Jamboreetraditional country, bluegrass, western swingCorey HickenbottomTuesday 10am-12pm
KRUU ProgrammingeclecticSunday 5-7am, Monday 7-8am, Monday 12:30-1pm, Monday 6:30-7pm, Tuesday 6:30-7am, Wednesday 6:30-7am, Wednesday 12:30-1pm, Thursday 5-6am, Thursday 6:30-7am, Thursday 7-8pm, Friday 6:30-7am, Saturday 8-9am and Saturday 9-10am
KRUU Theater of the AirRadio TheaterCorey Hickenbottom and Gregory GallagherSunday 7-8pm
KRUU's NewsNewsJames Moore and JP SottileMonday 6-6:30am, Monday 12-12:30pm, Monday 6-6:30pm, Tuesday 6-6:30am, Tuesday 12-12:30pm, Tuesday 6-6:30pm, Wednesday 6-6:30am, Wednesday 12-12:30pm, Wednesday 6-6:30pm, Thursday 6-6:30am, Thursday 12-12:30pm, Thursday 6-6:30pm, Friday 6-6:30am and Friday 12-12:30pm
La Hora LatinaSpanish TalksoniaveraMonday 7-8pm
Listening to the MoviesFilm MusicRich SimsWednesday 3-4pm
Local YokelsLocal, regional and visiting musical actsJames MooreSunday 2-3am and Saturday 11am-12pm
Lyrical VenusEclectic folk, folk-rock, pop, indie, country, acoustic music, all by women artistsheatherWednesday 9-10am and Saturday 6-7am
Magyar MixHungarian Musiclaszlopapp and Lilu PappSunday 3-4am and Sunday 1-2pm
Mental Health Matters with Dr. Scott TerryMental health issuesRob Hubler and Scott TerryTuesday 6:30-7pm and Thursday 12:30-1pm
Midweek SongstreakMusic and HumorEvan Davis and galenhawthorneWednesday 4-5pm and Saturday 7-8am
Mike Ragogna's 2.0Talk & MusicMike RagognaWednesday 1-2pm
Milestones In JazzjazzChris CambridgeFriday 5-6am and Saturday 4-5pm
Nicholas Nicholas NicholaseclecticNicholas NaiotiWednesday 10-11pm
No-Fi Field GuideRoad Show VarietyDain DallerThursday 4-5am, Saturday 10-10:30am and Saturday 10:30-11am
Obvious WorldCreative Commons Original Electronic Music ...and BeyondmattahearnSunday 8-10pm, Sunday 10-11pm and Tuesday 2-5am
Off the SubjectTalkDiana Flynn and Therese CummiskeyTuesday 7-8am and Thursday 7-8am
Open Source MusicOpen Source MusicJames MooreTuesday 5-6am and Saturday 5-6am
Outlaw Radio ShoweclecticAustin TwoHawkWednesday 11am-12pm and Friday 11pm-Saturday 12am
Planet ErstwildMusic & Talk All Over the MapJames MooreSunday 11pm-Monday 12am, Monday 12-1am and Friday 2-4pm