Fringe Toast playlist for 07/09/2014

Angus/Julia Stone & Younger Brother

Lyrical Venus playlist for 07/09/2014

Summertime songs

Ultra Lounge playlist for 07/09/2014

Listening to the Movies playlist for 07/09/2014

Roots Rock Roadhouse playlist for 07/08/2014

That Righteous Jive playlist for 07/08/2014

Some of my favorite alternative and experimental brass from the last few years.

Rainbow Rider #179

A Reasonable Alternative playlist for 07/04/2014

Blues Oasis playlist for 07/03/2014

Under Your Spell

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 07/03/2014


Fringe Toast playlist for 07/02/2014

Extended Poolside Mix Session

Lyrical Venus playlist for 07/02/2014

America, 4th of July, Red, White & Blue!

Roots Rock Roadhouse playlist for 07/01/2014

That Righteous Jive playlist for 07/01/2014

Half-hour of some of my favorite math-rock and post-rock of 2014 featuring Totorro, and then a half-hour of some of my favorite funk fusion of 2014 featuring Swift Technique.

La Nueva Hora Latina playlist for 06/30/2014

Celebrating Brazil and the 2014 World Cup

Rainbow Rider #178

The After Hours playlist for 06/28/2014

Math rock featuring Totorro's new album Home Alone. Also some jazz and funk fusion of 2014 at the end.

Cleft's new LP BOSH! is available for free stream/dowload at their bandcamp page:

Blues Oasis playlist for 06/26/2014

Pray On

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 06/26/2014

Smell The Incense Burning

Fringe Toast playlist for 06/25/2014

Wax Poetic