Fringe Toast playlist for 2007-1-31

shark vs. octopus playlist for 2007-1-31

special tonight...special nathan guest... tracks selected by nathan are marked with [N] before the artist's name. and nina hagen is amazing.

Little Seattle playlist for 2007-1-30

Folkabillyrockblues playlist for 2007-1-30

intercranial whizbang hour playlist for 2007-1-29

Intercranial Whizbang Hour playlist for 2007-1-29

Magyar Mix playlist for 2007-1-28

Metal Health playlist for 2007-1-27

This week(and probably next week) we are doing artists who have either left a former group to go solo or else bands who have had side projects while still in their previous band.The point being to show the original group and then the contrast of sound when the artist has a chance to express himself as an individual with his own sounds

The Unspoken Thing playlist for 2007-1-27

The Roxy Blue Show playlist for 2007-1-25

Goth and Rock mix

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 2007-1-25

Long Songs 1/25/07

Metal Health playlist for 2007-1-24

This will be the last week of our artist spotlight of Iron maiden.We will be covering material from the last three studio album Brave New World,Dance Of Death and A Matter Of Life And Death

Fringe Toast playlist for 2007-1-24

shark vs. octopus playlist for 2007-1-24

tomorrow i'll get started on posting our previous playlists on here. in the mean time you can check them out at (also still a work in progress). also, if you missd the show this week, check out our rebroadcast friday nights at midnight. saturday morning at midnight. thanks.


Folkabillyrockblues playlist for 2007-1-23

Magyar Mix playlist for 2007-1-21

Metal Health playlist for 2007-1-20

Gettin' the Kinks Out playlist for 2007-1-20

The Unspoken Thing playlist for 2007-1-20

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 2007-1-18

Over and Over 1/18/07