The Pulse playlist for 2007-2-18

Introducing the Superman Lovers..."Starlight" This one-hit-wonder blows the funk out of your feet, get grooving!!!

Metal Health playlist for 2007-2-17

This is the show for the ladies for Valentine's Day weekend so forgive for slowing down for one day.Trust me I was just as ashamed to play this as you are to read it.

GETTIN' the Kinks Out playlist for 2007-2-17

Don't Really Know What happened today, kind of in a wierd mood, but then again when am I not?

The Unspoken Thing playlist for 2007-2-17

Alternative Dance playlist for 2007-2-16

Alternative mix featuring alternative rock, metal, hip/hop and oldies

A Reasonable Alternative playlist for 2007-2-16

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 2007-2-15

Bent Blues

Afternoon Alternative playlist for 2007-2-15

The Roxy Blue Show playlist for 2007-2-15

Industrial, Goth, Eclectic

Metal Health playlist for 2007-2-14

shark vs. octopus playlist for 2007-2-14

love is in the air...happy valentines day from s vs. o

Folkabillyrockblues playlist for 2007-2-13

Little Seattle playlist for 2007-2-13

Intercranial Whizbang Hour playlist for 2007-2-12

Crucial Roots playlist for 2007-2-11

Praises of the most HIGH!! Idren, give love and blessings for life, love and livity.....celebrate breath and being....Jah love to all. Spread this itinually!
~Roots Dawtah

Magyar Mix playlist for 2007-2-11

Metal Health playlist for 2007-2-10

Today we did a show of cover songs.We did a variety of light stuff and some heavy stuff to play a little something for everyone.

Gettin' the Kinks Out playlist for 2007-2-10

Break out the Squeegie Jimmy

The Unspoken Thing playlist for 2007-2-10

A Reasonable Alternative playlist for 2007-2-9

Valentine's Day Theme- Love Songs