shark vs. octopus playlist for 2007-2-28

the shark is back from (unwanted) hiatus and becks your forgiveness of her absence

Folkabillyrockblues playlist for 2007-2-27

Erin Duffy was on the show with me. Folkabillyrockblues may not have happened if it wasn't for her. We had originally planned on doing this show together, but it unfortunately didn't work out that way. She is on the show today and will be on again in future shows.

Little Seattle playlist for 2007-2-27

Grunge and Alternative: Issues II

Binghimon Revival playlist for 2007-2-26

This week features
Kanda Bongo Man Billi" Soukous- Zaire
Denroy Morgan " The More We Are Together" Niahbinghi
Buju banton/ Grandpa/ Morgan Heritage Psalm 23
Bob Marley Live " No More Trouble BBC '73" reggae Jamaica
Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation Niahbinghi
4 Etoiles "Doly" Soukous Zaire
Bunny Wailer "Dreamland" Reggae
Bob Marley "Jammin Dub" Reggae
Oliver Mtukudzi Tuku Music
Soul Brothers South Africa Mbaqanga
Reading from the book of Psalms 95 & 100
This weeks meditation:
" God created us, not we ourselves "
in other words "For what purpose did God intend when He created us?"

Intercranial Whizbang Hour playlist for 2007-2-26

Crucial Roots playlist for 2007-2-25

Check it reggae children! Tribute to Bob Marley today.....a belated birthday show to mistah Marley himself.....
Roots Dawtah

*Thanks to all the support and blessed listeners. Nuff Raspect for passin' me new riddumz. yes I!! who's got my Bob Marley '75 Sausilito, Cali show???!!

Magyar Mix playlist for 2007-2-25

The best of the last 21 shows

Now with links to our performers ..

Metal Health playlist for 2007-2-24

The Unspoken Thing playlist for 2007-2-24

Alternative Dance playlist for 2007-2-23

Electronic, Hip/Hop, R & B, and Latin Dance music

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 2007-2-22


Afternoon Alternative playlist for 2007-2-22

The Roxy Blue Show playlist for 2007-2-22

Dreampop, Goth, Rock

Metal Health playlist for 2007-2-21

This is what was left of our Valentine's Day special except for the openning song which I played because I saw the Ghostrider movie last night.This is not the normal sound for our show but due to it being February and Valentine's Day my girl talked me into it

The Asian & the Caucasian playlist for 2007-2-21

Muse's "Origin of Symmetry" CD was given away this week.

Folkabillyrockblues playlist for 2007-2-20

Little Seattle playlist for 2007-2-20

Intercranial Whizbang Hour playlist for 2007-2-19

Crucial Roots playlist for 2007-2-18

Blessings reggae idren! thanks for taking interest in the irations of Jah sounds and this upful music.....check out the playlist and give mi yuh feedback.
all love and light*

Magyar Mix playlist for 2007-2-18