Folkabillyrockblues playlist for 2007-3-20

Chris Poole was with me this week. We welcomed Spring by playing some stuff he brought and some stuff I have. He'll be back again in a few months.

Gravel Road Radio playlist for 2007-3-20

Interview with Romi Mayes

Little Seattle playlist for 2007-3-20

Tool expose Part 2 of 2 (belayed due to technical difficulties)

Blues Cruise playlist for 2007-3-18

St. Patty's Day Blues

Saturday Night Live playlist for 2007-3-18

Ian Moore and Catfish Keith

The Unspoken Thing playlist for 2007-3-18

Jimmy's Tag Team Redux

Magyar Mix playlist for 2007-3-18

The Pulse playlist for 2007-3-18

Metal Health playlist for 2007-3-17

Danzig week2

Gettin' the Kinks Out playlist for 2007-3-17

Something Is Very Wrong wioth this Picture

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 2007-3-15

The Ides of March!

Afternoon Alternative playlist for 2007-3-15

The Roxy Blue Show playlist for 2007-3-15

Dreampop, Rock, Goth

The Asian & the Caucasian playlist for 2007-3-14

sorry no more asian:(

A random box of fun was given away.

Fringe Toast playlist for 2007-3-14

Folkabillyrockblues playlist for 2007-3-13

Lots and lots of thanks to Tim and Erin Duffy for the wonderful music they performed live in the studio. Tim played the guitar and they both sang. Erin is Tim's daughter, so they've been singing together for a long time. They were wonderful and they want to do it again!

Jed Miller had planned on being on the show too, but it didn't work out. He did give me some music that I played on the show. So lots of thanks to Jed for the music. Jed will also be on the show in the future at some point. Stay tuned!!

Gravel Road Radio playlist for 2007-3-13

Focus on favorite and important albums.

Magyar Mix playlist for 2007-3-11

Check out our performers' websites !

Intercranial Whizbang Hour playlist for 2007-3-11

Metal Health playlist for 2007-3-10

The Lucifuge show.Nothing but Danzig