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Metal Health playlist for 2007-1-13

For those of you who caught last week's show you may remember that I did songs on war and politics.It turns out that I had too many songs for my alotted time slot and my list was cut short.I am going to be continuing this show this saturday with the song I finished with last week and a whole new lineup of songs along the same theme so enjoy the show and rock on to the following tracks in this weekend's edition of Metal Health

Metal Health playlist for 2007-1-10

Metal Health playlist for 2007-1-6

Today we are doing songs about war.This show was inspired by the execution of saddam Hussein.I am not trying to convince you to sit on one side of this issue or the other,I just wanting to play something relative to current events and I have a lot of material about this matter.One thing though,you will never hear me play American Idiot by Green Day.I don't play this because I am a Republican or that I am for war,I just won't play this song because I think it's a retarded song.

Metal Health playlist for 2007-1-3

As many of you know we have been following the career of Iron Maiden(one of the greatest metal bands ever) throughout the months of December and January. Tonight we will be coverring the two albums they released after their Live After Death Album.Those albums are SomeWhere In Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

Next week we will be coverring the albums No Prayer For The Dying and Fear Of The Dark

Metal Health playlist for 2006-12-20

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