Fringe Toast playlist for 03/04/2015

Ibeyi and Hannah Reid

Lyrical Venus playlist for 03/04/2015

Lots of new music from Folk Alliance connections and more!

Jessica Burks and Friends playlist for 03/02/2015

Jessica Burks And Friends:

Original Music, New Business Models & Artist Conversations.


"A breath of fresh air on the Sunset Strip"




Since relocating to Southern California 

Jessica Burks has transformed herself from 

a heartland singer/songwriter into an pop rock 

songstress of note, working with a variety of major and 

independent producers Headlining shows at clubs in Hollywood and L.A., 

including Life, The Rainbow Room, The Whiskey, The Hudson and The Cat 

Club in Hollywood, The Mint and Little Ethiopia 

Restaurant in LA, Blue Dog Café, The Prospector and Open 

Books in Long Beach and and some of the regions notable festivals. 

To all of these events she brings a fresh take on pop music.


Ambiente Latino playlist for 03/02/2015

Some Colombian tunes

Rainbow Rider #213

Roots Rock Roadhouse playlist for 02/27/2015

Blues Oasis playlist for 02/26/2015

Highway 69

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 02/26/2015

Happy Happy Joy Joy

The Feed Store playlist for 02/26/2015

Fringe Toast playlist for 02/25/2015

Drew Holcomb & Neighbors with Angel Snow

Lyrical Venus playlist for 02/25/2015

Interview with Mouths of Babes!

Ambiente Latino playlist for 02/23/2015

Some salsa, reggueaton and Colombian music

Rainbow Rider #212

Roots Rock Roadhouse playlist for 02/20/2015

A Reasonable Alternative playlist for 02/20/2015

Blues Oasis playlist for 02/19/2015

Going Ahead

Jessica Burks and Friends playlist for 02/19/2015

 Episode I, Ft, SHARP THREE (2/9,  2/12) - Leaves me    Speechless. These Berkeley Graduates + 1 Make It Real from L.A. to Japan!        Episode II, Ft, SHARP THREE (2/16,  2/19) - Inspires you to see the live  show!   Celebrating their current release "Zero Cool" & The Japanese Tour.  

 SHARP THREE "Zero Cool" - 'DVD/CD Live' - Studio Project -                            SHARP THREE is; GOH KUROSAWA - guitars,                                                  KAI KUROSAWA - basses, CHUCK VAN HAECKE - drums                         

SHARP THREE's 'Zero Cool' project is complete.  The recording session was filmed, and the project is available to watch on DVD in its entirely. In making "Zero Cool" (or 007), SHARP THREE has been able to achieve a brilliantly high level of globaly-influenced instrumental music. On this album, the listener will discover creative jazz, Brazilian samba, acoustic Japanese heavy metal, bluesy guitar riffs, prog-rock, ballads, Indian sitar/twang sounds, guitar pedal effects, Balkan rhythms, as well as exotic meters such as 15/16… it is recommended that the audience listen without categorizing the music! 

All songs written by Goh Kurosawa or Kai Kurosawa, (known world-wide for his extreme bass instruments/eye opening technical two hand independence on the 24‐string Beartrax “Big Mama Bear" which he designed.) Chuck van Haecke brings tastefulness to the band with his sharpness for groove/space on his drums and Black Swan percussion.    Each song was arranged by SHARP THREE. In addition to the nine tracks, the DVD offers three alternate takes. Playlists Here Including Song Credits, Click Dates :) 2/9,  2/12,  2/16,  2/19, Archives Here, Click Dates :) 2/9, 2/12, 2/16,  2/19, Click links to view more :) Thank you, JessicaBurksMusic  Note; Special thanks to Goh for extra help with audio engineering on the dialogue audio :)

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 02/19/2015

John Q. Public: Welcome!

The Feed Store playlist for 02/19/2015

Fringe Toast playlist for 02/18/2015

Centripetal Fringe Collaboration #1