Blues Oasis playlist for 04/23/2014

Never Say Never

50 Years of Music, A to Z playlist for 04/24/2014

the new americana

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 04/24/2014


Fringe Toast playlist for 04/23/2014

James Claitor and Laura Marling

Lyrical Venus playlist for 04/23/2014

Interview with Daisy about her new EP Do Be Do!

Ultra Lounge playlist for 04/23/2014

Roots Rock Roadhouse playlist for 04/22/2014

La Nueva Hora Latina playlist for 04/21/2014

DJ G.Rod's favorite tunes from all times.

Rainbow Rider #168

A Reasonable Alternative playlist for 04/18/2014

Blues Oasis playlist for 04/17/2014

It's All True

50 Years of Music, A to Z playlist for 04/17/2014

1974: procol harum and robin trower

Centripetal Sounds playlist for 04/17/2014

Goodbye- For Now

The Feed Store playlist for 04/17/2014

Fringe Toast playlist for 04/16/2014

The Knife & Hindi Zahra

Lyrical Venus playlist for 04/16/2014

Song Debuts from Jenny Hunter and Heather Mae! Plus impromptu interview with Heather Mae

Roots Rock Roadhouse playlist for 04/15/2014

That Righteous Jive playlist for 04/15/2014

Jazz and funk of 2014 featuring Stanton Moore and Ikebe Shakedown, both of whom released new albums today (04/15).

Tone Sandwich playlist for 04/14/2014

Djcub filling in for Dirk.

Today's show features the album: Computer Music, Compositions by Larry Austin, John Celona, Charles Dodge, Stanley Haynes, Bruce Pennycook. Folkways Records FTS 37475

Also on today's show is an excerpt of Luiano Berio's Visage from the 1967 Turnabout Compilation : Electronic Music John Cage, Luciano Berio, Ilhan Mimaroglu

La Nueva Hora Latina playlist for 04/14/2014