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- Planet Erstwild - 20140115 - Michael Furchert

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Michael FurchertFormer East German Michael Furchert, Christian speaker and writer, speaks with James Moore. He is coming to the Sondheim Center in Fairfield to tell the story of his family living in East Berlin during the Nazi regime of Hitler Germany and throughout the turbulent years of European history of WWII and Communism. 

Michael’s story is an inspiring account of overcoming hardships, believing in the impossible, rising from trial to triumph.  But it is also a challenge to many in our western culture not to take our freedom for granted, not to let our faith grow superficial and light, not to give in to indifference and complacency. As America faces times of uncertainty today, he will challenge us to build our lives on a foundation that will last.

Michael will present “Deception and Discernment” at the Sondheim Center, Mon Jan 20 at 7pm.  Visit for more information.  The event is sponsored by Take a Stand, a grass-roots group of interested citizens from Jefferson and Van Buren counties cooperating with area churches.  It is free and open to the public.  A free will offering will be accepted.

- Planet Erstwild - 20140108-Scott Timm and Tivon Feely

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Join host James Moore as he talks to Scott Timm and Tivon Feely about their upcoming even, "Emerald Ash Borer Informational Meeting".

Learn about the disease that is killing of our trees and what you can do to help. Join Mr. Stimm and Mr. Feely for an informational meeting, Thursday, January 9th from 12-1 PM or 3:30 - 4:30 PM. 

- Planet Erstwild - 20140106- Dave Johnson

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James Moore talks with Mr. Southeast Iowa himself, Dave Johnson, about his upcoming show at the Orpheum Theater.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131206- Celio Mondjane

53:54 minutes (74.03 MB) Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Mozambique native Celio Mondjane reflections on Nelson Mandela's legacy and passing.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131206- Africa Engo

41:49 minutes (57.42 MB) Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

James talks with Cameroonian-American Africa Engo about what Nelson Mandela's legacy means to her.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131202- Celio Mondjane

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Celio Mondjane, originally from Mozambique, joins Planet Ertswild to talk about his country--past, present & future--and his work with former Mozambican President Chissano.

38:40 minutes (35.4 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

November 15th, 2013. House of Bricks.
David and Eric Hurlin + James Moore = Apocalypso Tantric Boys Choir.
Website, should you choose to break
is a WHISTLEBLOWER's delight.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131202- Michael Morgan

22:47 minutes (20.86 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

 Michael Morgan discusses his work as a craniosacral therapist.

His book and DVD are due out early 2014. Mike travels extensively including a recent trip to Moscow. In the 2nd hour, it's Celio Mondjane, originally from Mozambique, who talks about his country--past, present & future--and his work with former Mozambican President Chissano.


- Planet Erstwild - 20131122_ Scott Garbe

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Scott garbe & Michael Timmons

James talks with Ottumwa-born teacher Scott Garbe, who wrote all the songs on recently released 'The Kennedy Suite,' a concept CD seven years in the making by Canada's Cowboy Junkies.

The Junkies debut the music Nov 22 & 23 at Winter Garden in Toronto.


- Planet Erstwild - 20131115- Chris Ford

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Featured in Planet Erstwild is DMMC & Maximum Ames' Chris Ford of Christopher the Conquered fame, who talks about the 8th Annual Little BIG Fest in Des Moines.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131115- Francis Thicke

25:10 minutes (23.04 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


 Radiance Dairy Farm owner Francis Thicke talks about the challenge the nation's ethanol policy has come under from an Associated Press piece challenging the industry's assumptions and benefits.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131111- Ci'ella Kollander

57:24 minutes (78.84 MB) Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Join James Moore as he discusses the Whole Body Singing workshop with Ci'ella

Kollander. Mrs. Kollander is a certified instructor and a gold record recording artist. Mrs. Kollander also does whole body singing and coaching, as well as teaching public speaking, singing theater, dance and sales. Get in touch with her by calling 641-472-7464.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131113- Bill Kirchen

59:59 minutes (54.92 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

James Moore's interviews Twangsterdamus Bill Kirchen, the Titan of the Telecaster, Wed Nov 13th at 1pm on people-powered solar The man who went to high school with Iggy Pop and scorched the guitar on 'Hot Rod Lincoln' plays Cafe P Sat Nov 16th.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131105 - Peter Karp & Sue Foley

21:12 minutes (19.41 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Karp Foley Band

Karp Foley Band.

Peter Karp & Sue Foley talk about Sat Nov 9th's concert at the Fairfield Best Western presented by the Southeast Iowa Blues Society.

Blues at its finest by the area's top blues purveyors. Cosponsored by KRUU-FM.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131105 - Cliff Hines

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 New Orleans jazz artist Cliff Hines. Cliff & Sasha perform at Cafe Paradiso Saturday Nov 9th with special opening act Apocalypso Tantric Boys Choir.


- Planet Erstwild - 20131107- Jim Phillips

22:54 minutes (20.98 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Learn about the Secrets of the Adepts from author, speaker and Egyptian expert Jim Phillips. He will be giving a lecture Fri Nov 15th and an all day workshop Sat Nov 16th at Morning Star Studio. For registration details, click here.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131026- Molly Haviland

36:55 minutes (33.81 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Join James Moore as he talks with Molly Haviland, Jacob Isaac and Zach Wright about Cultivating the Soil Food Web.

Molly explains the keys to enhancing plant productivity through Cultivation, Identification and Documentation of Soil Microorgranisms.

58:01 minutes (79.68 MB) Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

We go "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal  JP Sottile. This week's tiers include tears for Gitmo; do you believe children are our future; and Journalism and Journalisn't. All links to this week's highlighted stories are listed below.

39:35 minutes (36.24 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Film director Gregory "Freddy" Camalier talks  about his well-received documentary telling the story of the storied recording studio known as "Muscle Shoals" in Alabama. The movie opens this Friday in Fairfield at 6:20pm in the newly refurbished Orpheum Theatre and plays through next Thursday. A must see for anyone who loves music.


- Planet Erstwild - 20131024 - Cowboy Junkies

41:07 minutes (56.47 MB) Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)



It's Michael Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies [who perform Nov 1st in Iowa City at the First United Methodist Church, presented by the EnglertTheatre]. James says it's one of his favorite interviews he's ever done.


- Planet Erstwild - 20131023 - IA St Sen Rob Hogg

16:48 minutes (15.39 MB) Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

James Moore interview Wed 6:15pm | Iowa State Sen. Rob Hogg from Cedar Rapids is the author of a new book called "America's Climate Century: What Climate Change means for Americans in the 21st Century." Senator Hogg has been on a book tour in New England and on campuses across Iowa.

He will be speaking at 2 different locations on Thursday, October 24th. First event is a Potluck and Talk about Climate Change and what we can do about it, at the Green Building Supply, 118 W. Burlington St. (corner of Burlington and 2nd streets in Fairfield) from 5:45 until 7:15 pm.  

Then at 7:45 the same night, the main lecture will be given at MUM in Dalby Hall in the Argiro Building. (Large Bldg on Rt. 1 Main campus gates). The title of the lecture is "Remember Hurricane Sandy- Unite for Climate Action."

Events are sponsored by The Sierra Club Leopold Group and the Sustainable Living Dept on the MUM campus.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131019

60:13 minutes (82.69 MB) Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

At 4pm, we go "Inside the Headlines" for our regular weekly segment with Newsvandal JP Sottile. This week's three tiers include: open for business, economy of the suckfest--part zillion, and up with people. As always, links to all articles listed below.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131017-Werner Elmker

13:47 minutes (12.63 MB) Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)



James Moore talks with organizer/pianist Werner Elmker and dancer Michael Sternfeld about the inspired improvisational dance performance event, Serenity, to be held Friday October 18th at 7:30 PM at the Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts

- Planet Erstwild - 20131015-Jeremy Seifert

35:26 minutes (32.44 MB) Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Join James as he talks with director Jeremy Seifert about his new documentary, GMO OMG.

The award-winning documentary, GMO OMG, is now playing at the Orpheum Theater in Fairfield, IA. This is the film that the food industry does NOT want you to see! The reviews have called it "Alarming"...."Constantly provocative"... "A revelation."

Director "Jeremy Seifert accomplishes something remarkable when he turns his camera on his family. "How does genetically modified food affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice?  Visit for more information and screenings.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131017-Soren Hermansen

42:36 minutes (39 MB) Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Mr. Hermansen is the director of a successful project to make the town of Samso, Denmark one of the first to be 100% powered by renewable energy. He is a Time Magazine Hero of the Planet and has received many other awards. Samso is a great case study of the economic and other benefits of implementing community scale renewable energy. The Danish Foreign Embassy is sending Mr Hermansen to the US to spread the word about Samso and to promote community engagement in a future powered by renewable energy. The Sustainable Living Department at MUM organized his visit and is hosting him in Fairfield.

Soren will discuss how he organized the community of Samso to support and participate in the project and give an update on project. Samso is a rural, conservative farming community of around 5000 that is located on an island in Denmark. The Samso project combines wind power, solar power, district heating powered by biomass (large square bales of straw), electric vehicles, locally produced biodiesel, biogas and many other technologies that could be part of Fairfield's energy mix in the future. Samso is 100% powered by these renewable sources of energy and produces a surplus energy that is sold to other communities.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131011- JP Sottile

62:51 minutes (57.55 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

"Inside the Headlines" with JP Sottile, the NewsvandalNewsvandal JP Sottile, one of the country's premiere news analysts. This week our three tiers include oedipus wrecks; Congress doesn't suck--it just sucks for you; and shhhh, be vewy, vewy quiet.


All headlines reviewed are listed with links below.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131011- Lynn Henning

23:34 minutes (21.57 MB) Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

CAFO activist Lynn Henning with Bill Mahr

LYNN HENNING | 3pm Host James Moore speaks with Goldman Environmental Prize recipient Lynn Henning about her incredible fight against the perils of factory farming. The 5th generation Michigan farmer will keynote this year's JFAN annual meeting. The interview and upcoming event Wed Oct 16th at the Sondheim Center, which KRUU is proudly cosponsoring, is not to be missed.

24:38 minutes (22.55 MB) Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Pamela GregoryPAMELA GREGORY & CARLOS GARCIA, M.D. | Dr. Carlos Garcia2:30pm Enjoy a mind- and heart-opening conversation about transformative healing dis-ease of the soul with two leading experts in the field traveling to Fairfield as part of their "Love & Forgiveness Tour." They present tools for unlocking the intrinsic healing power of nature. Free introductory meeting at Phoenix Rising Hall Friday Oct 18th at 7:45pm. Cosponsored by KRUU-FM. Workshop Saturday.

- Planet Erstwild - 201310100-Josh Johnson

14:44 minutes (13.5 MB) Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Josh JohnsonJOSH JOHNSON | 2pm Film director Josh Johnson discusses the statwide exclusive release of his movie REWIND THIS that opens tonight at The Orpheum Theatre and plays through next Thursday. Now Brooklyn-based, the filmmaker talks about his first feature, interesting career trajectory, and next project titled CANUCKSPLOITATION.

- Planet Erstwild - 20131008- Diana Garles

14:22 minutes (13.16 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)




Diana Garles talks about her band Host Country's Morning Star Studio performance and more.

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