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Susan DavisJames Moore and Francis Thicke, Radiance Dairy farmer and organic food advocate, talk with Susan Davis and Walter Moora.

The two global nomads are currently touring towns intending to go green, sharing stories of how other towns are doing it. In particular, they’ll share the story of Vilcabamba, Ecuador. There, they started a “KINS Innovation Network” pro-bono using some contributed U.S. funds to help this Andean village become a model global village based on love, trust and generosity.

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Brent Willett


Fairfield Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Executive Director Brent Willett and FEDA administrator Sam Busch talk with KRUU general manager James Moore about economic trends and a new inititative called "Grow Our Own," an opportunity for qualifying small businesses to take advantage of $1500 in grants to improve their prospects.

- 20101210 - Planet Erstwild - Michael Londra

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Acclaimed Irish tenor Michael Londra converses with James Moore and guest cohost Tim Britton about the former Riverdance singer's Celtic Christmas performance at the Sondheim Center on Thursday, December 16th. It is a most heart-warming conversation all about music, the Emerald Isle, Chicago and the miles between. Michael also pays the highest compliments to Fairfield's own acclaimed Irish piper and former KRUU host Tim Britton.

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Robert BluestoneJames Moore talks with Robert Bluestone and Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy about The Great Places Iowa 2020 Initiative, creativity, and much more.

Creativity is the currency of the 21st century.

Art as an engine of creativity.

Arts must be part of the fabric of people’s everyday lives.

Art is the expression of the experience of life.
         --Robert Bluestone

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The Floating BedJohn Huff, inventor, musician, common sense thinker, foodie, and lover of Haight Ashbury, talks with James Moore about all delightful manner of things, whether you're asleep or awake. The two played in area bands together.

John has created, developed and marketed The Floating Bed and manufactures them right here in Fairfield. He spends much of his time on the West Coast.

- 20101203 - Planet Erstwild - Jonas Magram

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James Moore talks with KRUU show host, Jonas Magram about his upcoming 18th Annual Children's Holiday Benefit Concert:A Broadway Extravaganza!

- Planet Erstwild - ATBC pt 2 Mt Vernon

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ATBC pt 2 Mt Vernon

- Planet Erstwild - ATBC pt 1 Mt Vernon

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ATBC pt 1 Mt Vernon

- 20101117 - Planet Erstwild - Usama Alshaibi

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James Moore talks with Usama Alshaibi about his film NICE BOMBS, as well as the film he is currently working on with the working title, An American Arab.

Usama Alshaibi was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1969 and spent his formative years living between the United States and the Middle East. His work has been screened at numerous film festivals and venues across the globe. In early 2004 Usama and his wife returned to his birthplace in Iraq to shoot his first feature documentary titled Nice Bombs. The documentary had a theatrical release in 2007 and a broadcast premiere on the Sundance Channel in March 2008.

"...a surprisingly warm first-person video diary….the footage has been edited with grace and tact."  --Chicago Tribune

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James Moore talks to Yogita Nirmala Singh and Mama Lynn about their Thanksgiving eve dinner project at Asian Deli to provide a meal for families in need. Yogita, a high school homeschooler, also has a recycling program. Mama Lynn is founder of Many Shades of Sisterhood, a nonprofit focusing on social issues & the Everyday woman.

- 20101112 - Planet Erstwild - Emma Rainey

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Emma RaineyThe multifaceted Emma Rainey discusses her latest dance performance event called The Wayward Chapel of Song and Dance, which features Adrien Daller, live musicians, dancers and more in an intimate cabaret setting at Cafe Paradiso.

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Planet Erstwild host James Moore interviews Danish pianist Werner Elmker and Chamber Music Fairfield director Freddy Fonseca.

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Next up it's Way Off Broadway director Randy West with three members of the cast of the upcoming Sondheim Center musical-comedy "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee," which will run from November 12-21. Cast members include Scott Woodward, Andy Bosworth and Miranda Lawson.

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there's Burt Chojnowski, Lou Bolster & Dave Patterson, all of whom are connected with films that are showing this week at the Wild Rose Film Festival in Des Moines, considered to be one of Iowa's signature film festivals.

- Planet Erstwild - 20101022 - Mari Culver

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Mari Culver

At 1pm, cohosts James Moore and Dennis Raimondi speak with Iowa's First Lady Mari Culver about her work around the state and reflections from the campaign trail.

Among other things, she has been an advocate for public preschool, one of the hallmarks of her husband Governor Chet Culver's administration. [Read more about that here.]

She also discusses her husband's positions on embryonic stem cell research, keeping nonprofits out of partisan politics and the inordinate amount of money, unlimited and undisclosed, corporations have funneled through organizations like the US Chamber of Commerce (90% of chamber dollars going to Republican causes and candidates, according to the NY Times) since the Supreme Court decision opened the floodgates earlier this year (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission).

- Planet Erstwild - 20101022 - Is Schuster

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Planet Erstwild host James Moore interviews artist Is Schuster.

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Arianna Huffington & Ari Berman

A free bus will head up to Iowa City for Ari's appearance and book-signing at Prairie Lights in Iowa City Thursday, October 21 at 7pm. Call Elaine at 641 472-4887 to RSVP. RSVP required.

Writers' Voices host Monica Hadley, along with special guest host Cheryl Fusco-Johnson, interview Ari Berman.

- Planet Erstwild - 20101006 - Loebsack, Milner

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- Planet Erstwild - 20100910 - Scott Timm

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- 20100910 - Planet Erstwild - David Berkeley

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David BerkeleySinger/songwriter David Berkeley speaks with James Moore and Mike Ragogna, as well as performs live in the studio. The Harvard grad's influences include Paul Simon, Nick Drake, Neil Young, The Band, Elliott Smith and Jerry Garcia. He insists, though, that most of his inspiration derives from poetry, passages of prose, people (his parents and his wife and son especially), the outdoors, art and most forms of visual images. He has been compared to James Taylor, David Gray, Jackson Browne and Cat Stevens.

- Planet Erstwild - 20100903 - Talia Winningham

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- Planet Erstwild - 20100903 - Teeple Hansen Gallery

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- Planet Erstwild - 20100903 - Anne Carlisle & Ladycop

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Planet Erstwild host James Moore interviews Anne Carlisle and Cliff Rawson of Ladycop just before they embark on their 2010 European tour.

- Planet Erstwild - 20100827 - Peter Sterling

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Peter SterlingJames Moore interviews award-winning magic harpist Peter Sterling about his angelic journey into worldwide musical success from surfer to ski instructor to the silence of the Sedona mountains to Stonehenge and beyond.

Sterling will be performing in Fairfield at a rooftop concert under the stars across from AJ's Bicycle Shop Friday, September 3rd sponsored by the Dharma Foundation, Circle Crop Restaurant ans KRUU-FM. He'll lead a workshop on Sunday. Thymely Solutions has more ticket information.

- Planet Erstwild - 20100824 - Roy Eaton

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- Planet Erstwild - 20100820 - Eric Merola

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James speaks with Eric Merola, director of Burzynski: The Film, a documentary that tells the story of one doctor's fight to cure cancer without the use of chemotherapy and other invasive approaches. His struggle and victory over the FDA is documented. It is part of a 5-film, 5-month series brought to you by the Fairfield FIlm Festival challenging viewers to think global.

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James Moore speaks with Anya Petrova about the upcoming Fairfield Film Festival, a 5-month film series that asks Fairfield  to think global.

- 20100810 - Planet Erstwild - Tommy Castro

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4-times BMA award winner blues musician Tommy Castro talks with James Moore from the road about his nascent career, recent European jog through Norway, his brand of songwriting, grooving band and much more.

His latest release Hard Believer, produced by John Porter, who has worked with B.B. King, Elvis Costello, Buddy Guy, Keb Mo, The Smiths, Otis Rush, Billy Bragg, and Roxy Music, has garnered rave reviews. The band plays 150-200 gigs a year all across the US and Europe.

- Planet Erstwild - 20100806 - Walter Day

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Planet Erstwild host James Moore interviews Walter Day.

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