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The JugglerCheryl Fusco Johnson speaks with three Iowan children's books creators on this week's Writers' Voices.

First up conversations with the writer and illustrator of "The Juggler"(published by Ice Cube Press). "The Juggler" follows the wiry and tan young farmer, who desperately wants to be a great juggler. Through rhythm, rhymes, and vibrant colors, the book follows the young farmer's quest. Children's author and educator, Jeanette Hopkins provided the words, with artist Stormy Mochal providing the illustrations. Mochal also co-owns Outside the Lines Art Gallery in Dubuque.

- 20111111 - Writers' Voices - Jerry Yellin

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The Resilient WarriorJerry YellinCurrent Fairfield resident and World War II veteran, Jerry Yellin is our Writers' Voices guest this week. Jerry is the author of four books, including his most recent, "The Black Canteen". He has also written the book, "The Resilient Warrior: Healing the Hidden Wounds of War", which describes the pain of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome experienced by returning veterans and the ways Transcendental Meditation can be used to help them. Jerry is the co-director of Operation Warrior Wellness, a division of the David Lynch Foundation that helps returning veterans learn TM.

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Hope for Families of Children with CancerWriters' Voices welcomes two guests with books helping others deal with difficult life issues.

More than 12,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer each year, dramatically changing their lives and lives of their families. Lynda Young has written a useful and compassionate book to give support those families. "Hope for Families of Children with Cancer" presents encouraging short stories, helpful hints, inspiring scriptures and prayers, and resources designed to Dear God, Why Can't I Have A Babyhelp the overwhelmed and hurting parents dealing with new feelings and situations. Lynda Young is a writer, national speaker co-founder of Kindred Spirits International  and teaches You-niquely Made Personality Study designed to enhance communication.

Janet Thompson has written "Dear God, Why Can't I Have A Baby: A Companion Guide for Couples on the Infertility Journey". Her book takes the reader through the infertility process. Having dealt with it herself, Janet provides women and couples with tools, direction, guidance, hope, and encouragement. Janet Thompson is also founder of Woman to Woman Ministries and author of several other books.

- 20111031 - Writers' Voices - Frances Moore Lappé

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EcoMindFrances Moore LappeWe're very happy to present a special Writers' Voices interview with author and activist, Frances Moore Lappé. Her first book, "Diet For A Small Planet" , has sold millions of copies and has received praise from around the world. She has since authored many more books, including her newest "EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want". She is also the co-founder of Small Planet Institute and Food First. Gourmet Magazine named her one of 25 people (including Thomas Jefferson, Upton Sinclair, and Julia Child), who have changed the way America eats.

- 20111028 - Writers' Voices - Delia Ray

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Here Lies LincWriters' Voices gets into the Halloween mood with a conversation with Young Adult book author, Delia Ray. Her most recent book, "Here Lies Linc", a Junior Library Guild Selection, tells what happens when young Lincoln Crenshaw Jr. investigates a mysterious curse connected with an ominous statue in a nearby cemetary. Along the way, Linc discovers another haunting mystery lurking in his own family’s past.

- 20111017 - Writers' Voices - Susan Orlean

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Rin Tin TinOne of the most creative literary journalists of today, SusanSusan Orlean Orlean is a staff writer for The New Yorker and the author of the best-selling book, The Orchid Thief (made into the Oscar-winning movie, Adaptation). Her latest work, Rin Tin Tin, tells the story of the great dog actor’s journey from orphaned puppy to movie star and international icon. Almost ten years in the making, Orlean's first original book since The Orchid Thief, Rin Tin Tin is a tour de force of history, human interest, and masterful storytelling.

- Writers' Voices - 20111014 - Robert Sessions

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Becoming RealPhilosopher Robert Sessions is our guest this week. His recent book, "Becoming Real: Authenticity in an Age of Distractions", uses personal stories and philosophical musings to discuss the way everyday distractions keep us from being ourselves. Robert believes that our modern culture makes it very difficult for us to develop a coherent identity. With quotes and examples from ancient wisdom to modern politics, Robert gives suggestions and points to paths that lead to more genuine and happy lives.

Robert is Professor of Philosophy & Humanities at Kirkwood Community College.

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Dori ButlerThe Case of the Lost BoyCheryl Fusco Johnson takes the hosting duties this week. Welcoming onto the show children's author Dori Butler and her publicist Michelle Bayuk. Dori has written many children's books and stories. Her book "The Buddy Files: Case of the Lost Boy" won the 2011 Edgar Award. She has also "ghostwritten" ten Sweet Valley Twins and Boxcar Children books.

With 20 years experience in children's publishing, Michelle F. Bayuk has been Director of Marketing at Albert Whitman &  Company since February of 2009.  Previously Michelle was Marketing Director for the Children's Book Council.  She's worked at many publishing houses, including Millbrook Press and Scholastic.

- 20110930 - Writers' Voices - Diane Wilson

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Diane WilsonThis week's Writers' Voices guest is author and activist, Diane Wilson. Diane will speaking at the Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors, Inc. annual meeting giving a talk entitled “Corporate Accountability: One Woman’s Struggle and Triumph.” Wednesday, October 5 at 7:30 pm at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center

Diane is a fourth-generation shrimper who made a living along the Texas Gulf Coast. She was driven to activism when she discovered her area was number one in the nation for toxic waste disposal. Through hard work and determination, Diane finally convinced local plastic manufacturers to sign a zero-discharge agreement. Since then, she has become a strong and vocal determined activist who has taken on a number of other environmental and human rights causes. In 2002, she helped co-found, Code Pink, a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement.

- 20110923 - Writers' Voices - Zachary Michael Jack

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Native Soulmate

Seventh-generation Iowan, Zachary Michael Jack is the Writers' Voices guest this week. His book, "Native Soulmate: A Season in Search of a Love Homegrown", tells of his attempts to love fresh, love local. Travelling across the state of Iowa, giving lectures and signing books, Zachary tests his theory that the girl of his dreams may be closer than he imagines.

Zachary Jack currently lives in rural Iowa. He has authored "What Cheer: A Love Story", been a sports editor and has edited many anthologies, including "Letters to a Young Iowan", "Uncle Henry Wallace: Letters to Farm Families", "Iowa: The Definitive Collection", and many more.

- 20110916 - Writers' Voices - Kristen Moeller

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Waiting for JackKristen MoellerTune in for an exciting interview, as our Writers' Voices gues this week is an expert in “disrupting the ordinary” and helping others do the same. Author, speaker, personal coach, and radio show host, Kristen Moeller has recently written the book "Waiting for Jack: Confessions of a Self-Help Junkie". After struggling with addictions to alcohol, drugs, and food, Kristen realized her transerance of addiction to the self-help world. Through personal anecdotes, including her fatefull first meeting with Jack Canfield(the man behind Chicken Soup for the Soul) that changed the course of her life, Kristen explores the ways we often wait for life and look outside ourselves for answers.


- 20110902 - Writers' Voices - Wendy Henrichs

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I Am Tama, Lucky CatNew author Wendy Henrichs had two children’s Wendy Hendrichsbooks released in 2011.  With pictures by award-winning illustrator Yoshiko Jaeggi, "I Am Tama, Lucky Cat" (Peachtree) retells the 17th-century Japanese legend behind the beckoning cat figurines commonly displayed in Japanese shops and restaurants.  Illustrated by accomplished artist John Butler, "When Anju Loved Being an Elephant" (Sleeping Bear Press) reveals how a lonely elephant no longer young enough to work in a circus or reside in a zoo finds friendship at last.  Always an animal lover, Wendy lives in Iowa City with her husband, two sons, two cats, one dog, and whatever stray wildlife manages to slip into their 88-year-old home.

- 20110826 - Writers' Voices - Andrew Edlin

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Inaccessible: Dragon Retreat

This week's Writers' Voices features an interview with local Fairfield author, Andrew Edlin. Andrew has written the fantasy novel "Inaccessible: Dragon Retreat".

Taking place in 1961, when the few solitary dragons are threatened as their invisibility begins to fail, the Protectors, allies of the dragons, led by 15-year old Griff Owen and his family, go up against the forces that are working to destroy the dragons and their Protectors.

Andrew self-published this novel and it is being released through e-book applications.

Andrew Edlin was born in Brighton, U.K. and currently lives in Fairfield, Iowa.

- 20110819 - Writers' Voices - Monte Schulz

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The Big TownMonte Schulz, son of famed Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz, Monte Schulzis the guest on this week's Writers' Voices. Monte is the author of several books, including his upcoming novel, "The Big Town". Taking place in the summer before the stock market crash of 1929, his novel vividly recreates the Jazz Age, complete with speakeasies, sanitariums, and glittering Gatsby-like parties. The book follows the story of a failed businessman, whose future prosperity hinges on a secret proposition from a millionaire industrialist, and his relationship with a poor orphan girl chasing love. This is the third book in Schulz's trilogy of books delving into the American psyche during the Jazz Age.

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Mary SwanderThe recently released anthology, "An Endless Skyway: Poetry from the States Poet Laureate", collects the poetry of thirty-eight State Walter BargenPoets Laureate from across the United States. The collection gives a glimpse into the heart of our nation. Writer's Voices this week has the honor of having two State Poets Laureate on the show this week, both of whom are featured in this anthology. Iowa's curent Poet Laureate, Mary Swander, and former State Poet Laureate of Missouri, Walter Bargen, talk with Cheryl Fusco Johnson about their work and this anthology. 

Tune in for a delightful discussion!

- 20110805 - Writers' Voices - Zoe Ghahremani

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Sky ofRed PoppiesThis week's episode features a discussion with author Zoe Ghahremani. Zoe's debut novel is entitled "Sky of Red Poppies". The book begins with an unusual friendship between two women coming of age in a politically divided 1960’s Iran under rule of the Shah. As the story continues, the history and culture of their homeland takes on a life of its own. The book is a glimpse into a part of the world that many people in western civilization are unaware. Her novel is a featured book in KPBS' One Book, One San Diego.

Tune in for an incredible interview!

- 20110729 - Writers' Voices - Michael R. Rossman

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Excellent Joy In a society that keeps telling us buy more and consume more, but where we don't seem to be getting any happier, there are few voices that speak of the joy found in the simple things. Michael R. Rossman PH.D., psychologist and small Iowa farmer, has written a book that expresses the happiness found in community-based activities. "Excellent Joy: Fishing, Farming, Hunting, and Psychology" is a collection of essays exploring the reasons why humans have engaged in these activities for generations. Stored in our basic genetic material is information that has survival value for the human species.

Don't miss this incredible conversation!

- 20110722 - Writers' Voices - John Rainey

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John Rainey Script writing is the topic for this week's Writers' Voices with guest John Rainey. John started out as a professional actor, but worked his way into becoming one of the industry's most sought after script consultants. Voted #1 script analyst in the country by Creative Screenwriting, John has professionally analyzed and consulted on thousands of scripts. He has worked as script consultant on such films as Invincible, Vacancy, Holes, and many more. He has several screenplays of his own currently in pre-production. John currently lives in Redondo Beach, CA.

Don't miss this insightful look into what it takes to create a successful screenplay!

- 20110715 - Writers' Voices - Rudy Wilson

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 Rudy Wilson

This week Writers' Voices features an interview with local author Rudy Wilson.

WIlson's books include "The Red Truck," "Sonja's Blue," and more. His work has appeared in The Paris Review.

- 20110708 - Writers' Voices - Marianne Dietzel

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Marianne DietzelThis week's Writers' Voices features a very touching conversation with Laughing in a WaterfallMarianne Dietzel. Marianne is the author of "Laughing in a Waterfall: A Mother's Memoir". The memoir recounts Marianne's emotional and spiritual journey following the death of her daughter, Nina. After the accident, with a teenager and young child still at home, and a dying mother 500 miles away, Marianne’s finds help from her spiritual and community resources. The book shows ways to create a new culture around the threshold of death and keep a living connection to those on the other side.

Since her daughter’s death in in 1996, Marianne has become a hospice bereavement coordinator. She plays music for healing on the lyre as a Certified Music Practitioner and educates families in caring for their own deceased.

- 20110701 - Writers' Voices - Phyllis Khare

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Facebook MarketingSocial media has quickly become one of the most popular tools for online marketing. Facebook has infiltrated itself into our lives in countless ways. To have an effective marketing campaign in our current culture, it is necessary to learn the tools of social media, especially Facebook. On this week's Writers' Voices, our guest will be PhyllisPhyllis Khare Khare, co-author of "Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies." Her book is a guide through Facebook basics, creating your business Facebook page, working with apps, monitoring and measuring your campaign, and much more. The book is full of examples illustrating the techniques and how to use them. 

Phyllis Khare is an author and speaker specializing in social media marketing and helping others become more socially congruent.

- 20110624 - Writers' Voices - Dr. Norman Rosenthal

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Writers' Voices welcomes world-renowned psychiatrist and author, Dr. Norman Dr. Norman RosenthalRosenthal, to the show this week. Dr. Rosenthal's most recent book is "Transendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation". His wide-ranging book uses stories, research, and his own clinical experience to show the benefits and value of TM. The book also features interviews with such celebrity practitioners as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Martin Scorsese, Russell Brand, and Laura Dern.

Dr. Rosenthal has written a number of books and has been a leader in describing "Seasonal Affective Disorder" and pioneering the use of light therapy to treat it. He has maintained a private practice in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area for over thirty years.

- 20110617 - Writers' Voices - Jeni Reeves

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Jeni ReevesOn this Writers' Voices, Cheryl Fusco Johnson talks with History Speakschildren's book illustrator, Jeni Reeves. Since 1998, Jeni has been illustrating children’s picture books, range from American biography and history to world culture and folklore, for the Lerner Publishing Group. She recently began illustrating for a new series for them, ‘History Speaks’ which dramatizes important events in U. S. history. Jeni has worked in the fields of photography, film-making, television, graphic design and illustration both in the States and in England. 

Tune in to hear a fascinating conversation!

- 20110610 - Writers' Voices - Suzanne Taylor

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The crop circles phenomenon has fascinated and baffled many people for years. On this Writers' Voices, host Monica Hadley, What On Earth?along with "Filmosopher" Bruce Miller, delve deeper into this topic through a discussion with filmmaker Suzanne Taylor. Suzanne never intended to become a filmmaker, but through witnessing crop circles and finding they filled her with wonder and joy, she was overcome with a desire to share the experience with everyone. Her film, "What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery", speaks with a wide range of crop circle researchers and aficionados, from visionary artists, philosophers, scientists, educators and farmers, who discuss their thoughts and theories about this phenomena. With no theory presented as "correct", the film allows the viewer to decide for themselves what they think. The film has recieved several awards and positive reviewers from The New York Times and Rosie O'Donell.

- 20110603 - Writers' Voices -

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Murderous IntellectualsWriters Voices welcomes Georgia-based writer, Jonathan Maxwell, to this show. Jonathan is the author of "Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS". The book explores the reasons why so many well-educated professionals, from doctors, scientists, lawyers, etc, willingly joined the Nazi SS, the notorious group that spearheaded the Holocaust. The book has recieved several awards and rave reviews. Make sure to tune in for a fascinating conversation.

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In 2002, a railcar rolled into the farming community of Denison, Iowa, where the bodies of eleven undocumented immigrants were found. These eleven Central Americans and Mexicans had been locked inside a baking railcar by smugglers and left to die a horrific death. On the next Writers' Voices, journalist Colleen Bradford Krantz discusses her new book "Train To Nowhere:Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation", being released this summer. Her book dives into this tragedy to discover the full story and larger issues that surround this event. 

Colleen has worked as a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and The Des Moines Register. She is now a freelance journalist living in central Iowa with her husband and three kids.


- Writers' Voices - 20110513 - Jan Blazanin

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Cheryl Fusco Johnson once again takes the hosting reigns for another Writers' Voices. Cheryl will be speaking with author Jan Blazanin of Des Moines. Jan's newest book "A & L Do Summer" was just released this week. The book follows the adventures of two teenage girls in rural Iowa during the summer before their senior year.Jan, a former middle school teacher, currently lives on eleven acres, presents writers workshops, teaches writing to all ages, and spends her free time "planting wildflowers, moving large rocks, and pulling acres of weeds".

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Bonnie MichaelsThe first guest on this week's Writers' Voices will be Bonnie Micheals. Bonnie, along with Allison Blankenship, has written the book "Upside: How To Zig, When Life Zags". During a time when many people are Upsideexperiencing sudden changes, from the economy to personal matters, "Upside" helps show ways to create an inspiring, sustainable lifestyle no matter what life may bring. The book presents 29 tips for making smart choices about your career, money, and lifestyle that will hopefully lead you to happiness and fulfillment. Bonnie Michaels is an internationally recognized speaker and the president of Managing Work & Family, Inc, a work-life consulting and training firm dedicated to helping organizations and workers solve work-and personal life conflicts.

- 20110429 - Writers' Voices - Sophy Burnham

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Book of AngelsNew York Times bestselling author, Sophy Burnham, makes a visit to this week's Writers' Voices. Sophy's most famous book, "A Book of Angels", has recently been re-released. The book is an exploration of angels through a vast collection of stories, history, and literature related to human encounters with angels.

Sophy's most recent book is "The Art of Intuition". This book explores many facets of intuition; what it is, why it's important, and how to have more of it.

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This week's features a very special Writers' Voices. Local artists Betsy Dockhorn, ToniBOOKS D'Orr, and John Stimson will all be guests to discuss the Book as Art Form.

Betsy Dockhorn will discuss her ongoing writing-based performance art project involving letters. Toni D'Orr, who creates meticulous tiny handmade books, will discuss her art. Both Betsy and Toni are involved with The Center for the Book, located in Iowa City. They will discuss what the Center for the Book is, what it does, and more. Also joining the conversation will be local artist John Stimson.

Don't miss this delightful conversation exploring the past, present, and future of the book!

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