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- Writers' Voices - 20070525 - David Hawthorne

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Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline welcomes Jennie Rothenberg-Gritz home to Fairfield and to KRUU-FM this Friday at 1 p.m.

Jennie Rothenberg-Gritz

Jennie Rothenberg-Gritz moved to Fairfield at the age of six and is an alumna of both Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment and Maharishi University of Management. She earned her masters degree in journalism from UC Berkeley in 2002 and went on to internships at Time Out London and The Atlantic Monthly. She spent two years as senior editor at Moment, a national magazine founded by Elie Wiesel, before joining the Atlantic Monthly staff full time. She is currently one of two editors responsible for all web content at The Atlantic online.

- Writers' Voices - 20070427 - Janet Atwood

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Janet Atwood, coauthor of "The Passion Test" shares her passion for writing.

- Writers' Voices - 20070323 - Jeffrey Smith

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Jeffrey Smith is the author of "Seeds of Deception," the explosive expose of the health dangers of genetically modified (GM) foods, and the forthcoming "Genetic Roulette." He will share his experiences as an investigative reporter, author and world-wide speaker; including his research methods, writing process, and how he integrates his writing and speaking careers.

- Writers' Voices - 20070126- Sharon Bousquet

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Sharon Bousqet

- Writers' Voices - 20070112 - Doug Gorney

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San Francisco-based writer Doug Gorney tells all about ghost-writing sports hero autobiographies.

- Writers' Voices - 20070105 - Tony Ellis

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Tony Ellis reads from his latest poetry collection and discusses ghostwriting projects including "On the Wings of a White Horse", Oni Vitandham's story of her escape from the killing fields of Cambodia.

- Writer's Voices - 20061215 - Linda Egenes

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- Writer's Voices - 20061013 - Debut Show

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The first Writers' Voices show to air on KRUU.


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