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- Writer's Voice - 20131206- Inkfingerz Writing Competition

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InkfingerzToday's the day that Writers' Voices announces the winners in the 2013 Inkfingerz Writing Competition!  Our six finalists all have a Fairfield connection, and are competing for a grand prize of a publishng contract with 1st World Publishing, with a runner up prize a of full manuscript critique.

Listen in to Writers' Voices today (Friday December 6) at 1 pm or Monday November 9 at 8 am, as contest sponsors Monica Hadley and Caroline Kilbourn (co-hosts of Writers' Voices) and Rodney Charles (of 1stWorld Publishing,) discuss the contest and the finalists' entries.  We will also play short excerpts of the writers reading their work.  You can listen to and/or read the full contest entries (which are 6 - 10 page excerpts of a completed book) at the Writers' Voices writing competition site. You can continue to vote on the Inkfingerz Facebook page for your favorite by hitting the "Like" button until 12:45 on Friday, while we are on the air. It is a close race. Let's show these authors some love for all their hard work!

The finalists are: "Shiny Apalaris" by Rudy Wilson, "Untold" by Amy Spitzfaden, "City of Three Rivers" by Grace Carter,  "Home Quest: Banished" by Tom Carlisle, (all novels,) "The Sprite" a short-story collection by John Michael Foster,and "On Writing By an Old Novice," poetry by Emily June Breffle.

- Writer's Voice - 20131201- Walt Martin and Magda Ott

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James Moore sits in for Monica & Caroline on Writers' Voices and talks with the creators of the acclaimed newly published book The Cosmic View of Albert Einstein: Writings on Art, Science and Peace, Walt Martin and Magda Ott. The beautifully illustrated book, published by a major New York house, is a celebration of Albert Einstein and humanity's desire to understand its place in the universe. It is available at Barnes and Noble and

A special presentation, sponsored by The Fairfield Public library, will be held Thursday, December 5 at 7:00 PM at the library. There will be big screen visuals from the book, as well as videotapes of Albert Einstein speaking on peace and Hubble's Ultra Deep Field in 3D, which is the deepest view into outer space humankind have ever achieved. There will be book signing, q & a, and free refreshments.

- Writer's Voice - 20131122- Paul Gandy

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Furious Cool This week, Writers' Voices welcomes guest host Paul Gandy, local attorney, to the air as he and Monica interview Joe Henry, coauthor with his brother David of the biography "Furious Cool: Richard Pryor and the World That Made Him."

Richard Pryor is a fascinating subject - born and raised in Peoria, Illinois into a rough world of brothels and drug-runners, he was truly a comedic trail-blazer and introduced an entire generation of white America to Black culture.

 How this book came to be is a story in itself. Over a decade ago, Joe Henry, a 4 time Grammy-winning producer, singer and songwriter, contacted Richard Pryor to get his permission to use his name in a song title ("Richard Pryor Addresses a Tearful Nation" on Joe Henry's "Scar" album.)  One thing led to another, and soon Pryor had recruited Henry and his screenwriter/producer brother David to write the script for a bio-pic.  Shortly before going into production the movie was derailed, and the Henry brothers decided to convert the wealth of material they had gathered on their (flawed) hero into this book. Tune in for a fascinating conversation!

- Writer's Voice - 20131115-Katy Butler

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Katy Butler This week on Writers' Voices we welcome Katy Butler, whose searingly honest memoir about her parents' deaths, "Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death," is serving to open a much-needed conversation on whether extending life through medical intervention is always the right choice. It examines the ways in which our medical system encourages choices that may lead to unintended  consequences, including an increasing number of deaths in hospital intensive care units, surrounded by machines and strangers, as opposed to dying at home with loved ones.

In her book and her interview, Katy also shares a very personal account of the ways in which the extension of the dying process affect the family caregivers, both positively and negatively.  Katy Butler was awarded the Science in Society Prize from the National Association of Science Writers. Her writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker, the NY Times, Best American Essays, and Best American Science Writing.

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Inkfingerz Today's the day - that Writers' Voices announces the finalists in the 2013 Inkfingerz Writing Competition!  Our six finalists all have a Fairfield connection, and are competing for a grand prize of a publishng contract with 1st World Publishing, with a runner up prize a of full manuscript critique.

Listen in to Writers' Voices today (Friday November 8) at 1 pm or Monday November 11 at 8 am, as the finalists read from their works, then go to to the Inkfingerz Facebook page to vote for your favorite by hitting the "Like" button. The show will be available online at and Text of manuscript excerpts is available at the Writers' Voices writing competition site.  Voting continues until December 6, 1:45 pm central, when we will announce the winner live on air!

- Writer's Voice - 20131101- Hollis Seamon

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SUTHYHollis Seamon"Somebody Up There Hates You" is a young adult debut novel by Hollis Seamon. The setting is a hospice, and the hero, 17-year old Richard Casey, and his crush, Sylvie, who lives across the hall, set out to prove that kids will be kids, even if they have a terminal illness.

Seaom spent years visiting a children's hospital while caring for her son, and this book is dedicated to the young heroes she met there.  Seamon received a fiction fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts and is a professor of English and creative writing.

Join us this week on Writers' Voices as we discuss writing humorously about a deadly serious subject.

- Writer's Voice - 20131026- Alice Hoffman

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Alice HoffmanAlice Hoffman is one of the best-loved North American novelists of our time.  From her first novel "Property Of", written at age 21 while a student of Creative Writing at Stanford, to the upcoming "The Museum of Extraordinary Things: A Novel" set in early 1900's New York City, her work covers a lot of ground, literally and figuratively. She has published numerous adult novels, two books of short fiction, and 8 books of fiction for children and young adults.  Among her best-known works are "Practical Magic" (which became a movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) and Oprah Book Club selection "Here on Earth," a modern version of themes drawn from Emily Brone's "Wuthering Heights."

Join us on Writers' Voices this week as we discuss Hoffman's most recent (and first non-fiction) book, "Survival Lessons," which reveals the essence of what she learned while fighting cancer.

- Writer's Voice - 20131018- Margaret Klaw

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Margaret KlawJoin Monica and Caroline this week on Writers' Voices for an inside look at the changing definition of family from a legal perspective.  Filled with interesting case histories and personal insight, "Keeping It Civil: The Case of the Pre-Nup and The Porsche & Other True Accounts from the Files of A Family Lawyer" describes the impact on real people from such soietal hot-button issues as divoce, custody, marriage equality and reproductive technology.

Family law is not a high-profile specialty, yet it is an area where attorneys can have real impact on the lives of their clients. In "Keeping It Civil,"  Klaw takes us inside the courtroom and discusses strategy, how attorneys work with opposing counsel, and how to determine the best approach for each case. Would-be attorneys can learn a lot about their future career from this book, but anyone with an interest in the law will find it fascinating.  "Keeping It Civil" is published by Algonquin Books.

- Writers' Voices - 20131004- Daniel Leyson

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Boy On the Wooden BoxFor decades, Leon Leyson kept his story of hardship during the Holocaust, and being one of the youngest on Schindler's List, mostly to himself.  Even his children weren't aware of the magnitude of the horrors that their father had experienced. But after the movie, "Schindler's List" came out, Leyson became more open about his history, speaking publicly on almost a weekly basis, at churches, synagogues, schools and community events.  Over and over he heard "you should write a book."  He decided to do just that, and the day after the manuscript was delivered to Atheneum, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, Leyson passed away at the age of 83.  

This week on Writers' Voices, Monica and Caroline speak with Leon's son Daniel Leyson, head coach of the UCLA water polo team and former Olympian, about his father's memoir.  Please join us.

- Writer's Voice - 20130920-Sara Farizan & Sally Gary

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Loves God Likes GirlsIf You Could Be MineThis week on Writers' Voices, Monica and Caroline speak with two writers on a sensitive subject but from perspectives on opposite sides of the world.  Sara Farizan is the author of the young adult novel "If You Could Be Mine" from Algonquin Young Readers.  The American-born daughter of Iranian immigrants, Farizan writes about forbidden love in Iran, where being gay is a crime, but transgender surgery is a state-sanctioned "cure."

Our second guest, Sally Gary, comes to us with an intimate and moving memoir, "Loves God,Likes Girls" from Leafwood Publishers, about growing up gay in a conservative Christian culture.  Gary is a life-long Christian who discusses with great candor the tension between her faith and her sexuality.  A former high school debate coach, trial lawyer and college professor, Gary founded the non-profit ministry, CenterPeace, to bring this issue to light and encourage conversation and reconciliation within families and churches. 

- Writers' Voices - 20130913-Rob Hogg

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Join Writer's Voice's Monica Hadley and Caroline Kilbourn as they talk with Senator Rob Hogg about his campign and his love of reading.

- Writer's Voices - 20130906-Allen Ross

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Allen RossFairfield author and counselor Allen Ross joins Monica and Caroline on Writers' Voices this week to talk about his new book "Couples Who Argue:  A Guide to Fire Prevention."  Although geared towards couples, this book is really applicable to anyone who wants to eliminate anger and build self-esteem.  Drawing on his 34 years of experience working with anger-related issues, Allen provides clear insight into the sources of internal criticism, the many ways criticism manifests, and how it leads to anger and argument. Then, in short and easy to understand chapters, he provides techniques for eliminating arguments and resolving issues. 

- Writer's Voices - 20130830-Steven Verney

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Best of All Possible WorldsMonica and Caroline are delighted to welcome first-time novelist and former MIU student B. Steven Verney to KRUU and Writers' Voices, as he returns to Fairfield from his home in Massachusetts to join in the festivities of the MUM Literature Reunion being held this weekend, August 30 - September 2.

In "The Best of All Possible Worlds," just published this month, Verney combines story-telling, philosophy, and the history of the TM movement into a unique and engaging novel.  Anyone who attended TM teacher training courses in Switzerland or learned to meditate at Amherst in the early 70's may just recognize pieces of their own personal history in this novel, while younger meditators, and even non-meditators with with no connection to those events, will get a much deeper perspective of what all the fuss was about.

- Writer's Voices - 20130823- Norman Rosenthal

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The Gift of AdversityJoin Monica and Caroline this week as we welcome Dr. Norman Rosenthal back to Writers' Voices.  Throughout his storied career as a research psychiatrist, Dr. Rosenthal has searched outside the box for ways to help people struggling with depression and other mood disorders.  This search led him to diagnose and name seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and develop light therapy as a wonderfully effective treatment while at the National Institute of Mental Health.  He went on to write several books that brought alternative, non-pharmaceutical treatments straight into public awareness, including "Winter Blues," "St. John's Wort:The Herbal Way to Feeling Good," and, most recently, the New York Times bestseller, "Transcendence," which explores the power of Transcendental Meditation in healing and transformation.

In his new book, "The Gift of Adversity: The Unexpected Benefits of Life's Difficulties, Setbacks and Imperfections," Dr. Rosenthal shares personal stories of adversity, as well as case studies and lessons he has learned from his heroes. Less scientific than his previous books, "The Gift of Adversity" is part memoir, part inspiration, and thoroughly enjoyable to read.

- Writer's Voices - 20130816 - John Kremer

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John KremerBook Marketing expert John Kremer returns to Fairfield, at least in spirit, this week on Writers' Voices.  Monica took a workshop from him more than 20 years ago, and still has the 1990 version (third edition) of his book, "1001 Ways to Market Your Books," which is now in its sixth Edition.  

Monica and Caroline will be speaking with John about how book marketing has changed over that time span, how he became a book marketing expert, the pros and cons of self-publishing versus finding a traditional publisher, the role of agents in today's publishing world, and what impact the internet has had on the business of selling books.

Writers' Voices has also had a request from a listener to find out what Writers' Groups are operating in Fairfield and if any are open to new members, or to put people together to form a new group.  We will do a show on writers' groups in the near future - in the meantime, we'd love to hear from you if you are a member of a group - please email Monica at

- Writer's Voices - 20130802

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Monica Hadley interviews author Rudy Wilson on his book The Red Truck.

- Writers' Voices - 20130726 - Suzanne Young

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Suzanne YoungIt took high school teacher Suzanne Young five contributions to "the novel graveyard" before she wrote the first novel that sold. On Writers' Voices this week, Young describes what kept her writing and how she fianlly broke through to publishing success. Since 2010, she has had six young adult and crossover books published by three different major publishers, with three more on the way.

Her most recent novel, "The Program," from Simon Pulse, deals with the sobering reality of teen The Programsuicide.  Motivated by memories of her own troubled adolescence, Young originally set out to write a true-to-life novel on the subject, but soon realized that the story could reach a broader audience and have more impact with a futuristic, slightly distyopian setting, where teen suicide has reached epidemic proportions.   

 "The Program" is the government's attempt to prevent suicide by closely monitoring teenagers' behavior.  At the first sign of depression, the targeted teens are instituionalized and "cured" - but with unforunate side effects. The ultimate theme of the book is hope, and Young recounts the effect the story has already had on readers, and her hopes that the novel will help bring the subject out into the open.

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Dr. David Orme-Johnson

This week on Writers' Voices, Monica continues the conversation on "A Symphony of Silence: An Enlightened Vision" by George A Ellis with two of the contributors, founding faculty members of Maharishi University of Management (or MIU as it was known at the time), Drs. David and Rhoda Orme-Johnson.   

Dr. David Orme-Johnson is perhaps best known for his ground-breaking scientific research on the effects of meditation, which has been published in over 100, mostly peer-reviewed journals.  In "A Symphony of Silence" he talks about how he became interested in meditation and tells the very moving story of how his initDr. Rhoda Orme-Johnsonial experiences changed his life, as well as discussing how his background in behavioral psychology influenced his research.

Dr. Rhoda Orme-Johnson served as chair of the Department of Literature and Languages at MIU and was an extremely popular professor.  Her contribution to "A Symphony of Silence" was an interview that Ellis transcribed into essay form, resulting in a very personal description of Dr. Orme-Johnson's inner and outer lives.

- Writer's Voices - 20130712 - George A. Ellis

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Symphony of SilenceTune in to Writers' Voices this week for the first of two programs on "A Symphony of Silence: An Enlightened Vision," an intimate portrait of some of the pioneers of the Transcendenal Meditation movement.  Today's guests are George A. Ellis, the author of "A Symphony of Silence" who introduced TM into Folsom Prison and other correctional institutions around the world, and his wife, Dominique Ellis, whose influence on this book is obvious in the attention devoted to the feminine and to world cultures.  

Yes, "A Symphony of Silence" is about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, but even more it is the stories of individual lives, and the impact that practicing TM had on the people that Ellis interviewed, from hardened convicts to loving families, from government officials to elderly nuns.  These stories cover almost every facet of human experience, from the mundane to the sublime.  

- Writer's Voices - 20130628 - Elizabeth Benedict

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What my mother gave me Elizabeth Benedict, this week's guest on Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline, lives in a writers' world.  She is a celebrated novelist, sought-after teacher and writing coach, and the editor of New York Times' bestselling anthologies. She published a classic book on writing, and her essays and articles have appeared in publications ranging from Esquire to Huffington Post, to the New York Times.

"What My Mother Gave Me" from Algonquin Press, is an insightful, moving collection of essays about the gifts women writers received from their mothers.  Learn what inspired this collection and how an anthology like this comes together.

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Camp GhoulogThis week on Writers' Voices, Caroline and Monica talk to three different authors for whom writing (and publishing) is a a family activity. First, Aman Charles, author of 3 children's books before the age of 10, joins us in the studio. His most recent book is "Camp Ghoulog," published by 1st World Publishing,


Next up is Patricia Caffee, author of the "Issy Books" for emerging readers, which are adorably illustrated by her five year old granddaughter, Isybilla Gee.Issy Books

Middle schooler Alex Watson and his father, author, professor and recent Writers' Voices guest Dr. Robert P. Watson, wrote and published "Tsunami", a young adult action adventure novel, and launched a website to encourage other families to do the same. Check out the web site for their upcoming writing contest.

- Writer's Voices - 20130614-David Bedrick

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David Bedrick Mainstream medicine tends to focus on treating symptoms of illness, often quite  successfully, but many people have turned to alternative medicine to address the root causes of disease.  Similarly, mainstream psychology tends to treat unwanted behaviors, feelings and beliefs as symptoms of an illness, and success in treatment is measured by the ability to alleviate the symptoms. Talking Back

Instead, what if we ask:  what is your psyche trying to tell you?  David Bedrick, author of “Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology” proposes that a love-based approach that looks beneath the symptoms can yield some surprising answers.  Join Monica and Caroline with the author this week on Writers’ Voices on KRUU 100.1 FM at 1 pm Friday, June 14 and 8 am on Monday June 17 to learn more.

- Writer's Voices - 20130607 - Katie Ganshert

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Katie GanshertA couple of months ago, a good friend whom I rarely get to talk to posted this on Facebook: "JUST GOT MY COPY OF HER SECOND BOOK..I'M READY TO READ! anybody else???"  Of course I had to check out "Wishing on Willows" by Katie Ganshert, and when I saw that she is an Iowa author who sets her books in a small Iowa town, I knew we had to get her on Writers' Voices.  

So Cherlyn - this one's for you!  Hope you can listen in this Friday!

- Writer's Voices - 20130531- Dr. Robert Watson

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Dr. Robert Watson

If you are a history buff or political junkie, this show is for you. Our guest this week on Writers' Voices, Dr. Robert Watson, has been a professor for 22 years and written over 30 books, two encyclopedia sets and more than 150 book chapters, articles and essays on politics and American History. He has offered political analysis on all the major cable news networks and even appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Dr. Watson is also a newspaper columnist and blogs on Huffington Post.

Watson's latest book, "Affairs of State" divulges secrets and scandals from 1789 to 1900 in the White House. Compared to more recent Presidential scandals - well, as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

We will also be discussing "Lincoln's Enduring Legacy", edited by Watson and two colleagues in 2011. 


- Writer's Voices - 20130524 - Rodney Charles

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Rodney Charles Many industries are being impacted by the rapid pace of technological change, but perhaps none more than the publishing industry.  Tune in to Writers' Voices this week to learn how these changes impact authors and readers, from Rodney Charles, founder of 1st World Publishing here in Fairfield.

1stWorld Publishing bridges the gap between the old and new publishing paradigms, allowing authors to maintain creative control over their books while gaining access to mainstream distribution channels and one of the highest royalties in the industry.

Listen in and learn about the breadth of publishing options now available to authors, how 1st World chooses books for publication, what is expected from the author, how the books are marketed and sold, how the book business works in 2013; and what changes are on the horizon.

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The Baby Companion

"The Baby Companion: A Faith-Filled Guide for Your Journey through Baby's First Year." Co-author Jessica Wolstenholm will be our guest. "The Baby Companion" is Jessica's follow-up to her 2011 book "The Pregnancy Companion: A Faith Filled Guide for Your Journey to Motherhood." This book takes us month by month through baby's first year, with information about infant development, baby care, and mommy care too! Jessica's two coauthors are Dr. Andrea Johnston, pediatrician, and Dr. Heather Rupe, OB/GYN.

- Writer's Voices - 20130510-Marcy Luikart

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Marcy LuikartNot too long after she met her husband Ralph, author Marcy Luikart (formerly Woolf) helped him fulfill a lifelong dream of building a raft and floating down the Mississippi River.

Inspired by that journey, the former Fairfielder, now living in Santa Barbara, wrote "River Braids," the story of a former midwesterner who returns to his roots along the Mississippi River and discovers the real history behind the family story of his grandfather Joe on the 1904 Olympic rowing team.  The tale weaves back and forth between the modern day and the St. Louis Worlds' Fair and Olympics of 1904.

This is Marcy's second appearance on Writers' Voices. As one of our first guests, in 2006 Marcy discussed her success with getting stories published in literary magazines. "River Braids" is her first published novel.

- Writer's Voices - 20130426-Kevin Smokler

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Kevin Smokler


Join Monica and Caroline on Writers' Voices this week for an English teacher's dream as we welcome Kevin Smokler, author of "Practical Classics: 50 Reasons to Reread 50 Books You Haven't Touched Since High School."  Just released from Prometheus books, "Practical Classics" covers a lot of ground, from Shakespeare to "Huckleberry Finn,"  with stops along the way for "The Bell Jar," "To Kill a Mockingbird" and oh so much more.

And yes, Caroline was a high school Engilsh teacher (here at FHS).

Kevin Smokler has been called "a publishing visionary" by the Huffington Post.  His writing on the arts has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, and he was a recent guest on NPR's "Talk of the Nation."

- Writer's Voices - 20130419- Nancy Kennedy

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Miracles and Moments of Grace - Moms



Caroline and Monica welcome Nancy Kennedy, editor of the "Miracles and Moments of Grace" series back to Writers' Voices this week for an inspiring hour of stories from Moms.

Nancy's previous books include two others in the Miracles and Moments of Grace series - "Inspiring stories from Military Chaplains" and Caroline's favorite, "Inspiring Stories from Doctors" as well as a book of weight loss success stories "How We Did It."

If you are a Mom, have a Mom, or know a Mom - you will surely enjoy this interview.

- Writer's Voices - 20130412-Pamela Peeke

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Dr. PeekeIf you're intrigued by new ideas; excited by in-depth conversation on consciousness; or inspired by visionary speakers who are thinking and doing outside the box -sometimes far outside - then the upcoming  (April 20) conference hosted by MUM, "Our Conscious Future" has probably caught your interest.

This Friday on Writers's Voices, join Monica and Caroline as they invite conference speaker, best-selling author, Discovery Health TV medical host and NIH medical researcher Dr. Pamela Peeke to discuss the neuruological basis of food addiction.  Dr. Peeke's most recent book, "The Hunger Fix" provides a three stage detox and recovery plan for overeating and food addiction.

Dr. Peeke has also written columns and editorials for O, Prevention, Fitness and More magazines and is a regular health news commentator for national and cable networks.

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