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- 20101215 - Great Taste - Chef Gordon Rader

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Chef Gordon Rader and studentsBeing around Chef Gordon Rader, Program Director for Culinary Arts at Indian Hills Community College, is always a multi-faceted experience.  He is self-deprecating in a way that makes others feel at ease.  That's why he is a master at communication because once he has your attention, he holds it through a quiet sense of command that is backed by years of knowledge and experience.  During the past four years he has begun to change the culinary landscape of SE Iowa through his commitment to training top-level chefs in the college's French-technique based program.  But that is really only the smallest part of what he's accomplishing.  By opening the minds of young people to various cultures and culinary traditions, expanding the school's outreach through exchanges with Spanish educators, supporting local farmers, and various other initiatives, Chef Rader is one of the driving forces behind a regional culinary vision and culture that will provide support for the birth of numerous artisanal products, new restaurants, and specialty food sh

- 20101208 - Great Taste - Martha Rose Shulman

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Raw Kale SaladRecipes for HealthWe throw around a lot of the same jargon each Wednesday evening on Great Taste.  There's constant references to "kitchen empowerment"-as we urge the listeners to use their cooktops to fix fresh food.  We banter back and forth about CSA's, GMO's, organic, traceability, bio-dynamic, locavores, globavores, Slow Food, polyphenols, and a host of other food-savvy terms and topics.  What it comes down to is espousing a philosophy of healthy cooking and eating centered around using fresh, local foods. 

- 20101201 - Great Taste - Wine, Pizza and Latkes

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Steve Siegel making pizzaThe studio is going to be hopping on the next edition of GREAT TASTE.  We'll celebrate the first night of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah by cooking latkes.  Latkes are one of my favorite foods.  Actually, I've never met a potato in any form that didn't look like it was begging for me to taste it.  But, there are latkes and there are latkes.  Those folks who think they can be baked and still bring honor to the name are dead wrong.  We'll be frying them up.  Stop by if you are around the studio or make them at home along with us.  Here's what you need to have prepared ahead of time-grated potatoes, minced shallot or onion, peanut oil or extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and a frying pan.  We'll put everything together.  Click the link for an excellent article to read that gives you the real info on making the best potato latkes.

- Great Taste - 20101124 - Thanksgiving

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Turkey in the dock

The show this week features a look at the wide variety of dishes that can make up a modern  Thanksgiving table.  We have guests galore starting off the hour with Jeanne Sauvage, author of The Art of Gluten-Free Baking blog.  Jeanne has been baking gluten-free for over 10 years, and will help you make a gluten-free dressing for the turkey and simplify the art of preparing a pan gravy. 

How about a raw foods holiday banquet?  Joining us again from the already snowbound state of Minnesota is Susan Powers, creator of, and author of Rawmazing Desserts and Rawmazing Holidays 2010.  Susan's ever-evolving raw food philosophy might surprise you.

- 20101110 - Great Taste - Jessica Theroux

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- Great Taste - 20101027 - Heather Friedrichsen

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cake samples

wedding cakes







A quick look at any programming guide shows that cakes are a hot topic among the TV-watching public.  The airwaves are filled with a plethora of shows on several cable networks including Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, and Amazing Wedding Cakes.  There is even a popular blog called Cake Wrecks and the blog's creators have over one million twitter followers.

Limiting your chances of becoming the next feature on Cake Wrecks and delighting your wedding guests are better objectives when it comes to planning for the Big Day.  Finding the right baker and the most amazing cake are major tasks just behind the perfect dress in importance for many families as they plan a wedding.  It's not easy because there are bakers and there are BAKERS.

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velouté sauceIndian Hills culinary students take over the GREAT TASTE kitchen in the KRUU studio for a basic sauce session.  We'll learn how to make velouté-the standard version with chicken stock and a vegetarian alternative.  That's just the start as we explore many of the riffs you can create from velouté, one of the four "mother" sauces of French cuisine as classified by Antonin Carême in the first half of the 19th century.  We can also thank Carême for that icon of kitchen fashion, the modern toque or chef's hat.

Charlie Schiller will guide us through the sauce making process.  We're happy to welcome him back after his recently completed internship at the Des Moines Embassy Club.  We'll see if he'll share any stories about what it was like to be "the intern" in a high-powered kitchen.

- Great Taste - 20101013 - Garlic Show

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Garlic on braidLong before Bram Stoker popularized the use of garlic in his classic 19th century novel, Dracula, Romanians had been using it for centuries to repel evil in a variety of forms. 

The actual origins of the cultivated plant have never been clearly established though it's probable descendent is from the species, Allium longicuspis, which can be found in Central and Southwestern Asia.

But what really interests us about garlic is EATING it.  Contrary to its popular use in Italian/American restaurants as a main ingredient in almost any dish (read that as "all you can taste is garlic."), garlic is amazing as a subtle flavor element though it can take a leading role as in the classic pasta dish, aglio (garlic), olio, e peperoncino.  That's what Kathy will prepare in the studio along with bruschetta w/roasted garlic.

- Great Taste - 20101013

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- Splitted by Mp3Splt v. 2.1 - 20101006 - Anna Thomas

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Rice PuddingThe Pot and How to Use ItVitaClay Rice CookerRoger Ebert's new book is an ode to the simple, but useful rice pot.  The book conveys his love and admiration for all the amazing dishes that can be easily prepared in this ancient cooking tool that's been adapted for the age of electricity.  But, the book is more than that.  It really can serve as a focal point for anyone who is looking to easily replace that "lost" feeling, when looking in the refrigerator, with the swagger of a confident home cook.  In a snappy style with a large dose of humor Ebert guides us quickly through the type of pot to purchase, breakfast foods, soups, and shortcuts (canned bouillion, instant soup, a can of stew) followed by comments and recipes from readers of his blog.  One of his main principles regarding the suggestions in the book is

- 20100929 - Great Taste - Stefano Bruno

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Burrrata with tomatoes and pesto

The salad on the left was an integral part of three dinners I had last week at Otto in the Venetian (formerly Enoteca San Marco and the same owners, Batali and Bastianich) on the Las Vegas strip. It was part of  my dining strategy to hold on tightly to any traces that still exist of summer foods. 

- 20100915 - Great Taste - Escoffier

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Auguste EscoffierAuguste Escoffier passed away in 1935, but his influence on food lives on.  His Le Guide Culinaire is still used as a textbook in many culinary schools where students learn the techniques and many of the recipes he popularized when he revamped French cooking in the early part of the 20th century.

Indian Hills' culinary program is based on learning French technique and two of the students, Ben Froah and Ben Millard, are going to pass on some of Escoffier's knowledge in our studio kitchen.  They'll walk us through cutting up a whole chicken (organic), and then teach us how to pan fry it, and make it look great, even though it is just fried chicken. 

The usual "come on by and taste for yourself," isn't flowing easily from the computer keys (believe it or not, I am a reluctant food sharer), but "COME ON BY."

- 20100908 - Great Taste - Chocolate Tasting

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chocolate chile mousse-Chilam Balamchocolate dryingNot much can be said right now about this week's GREAT TASTE because we're doing a blind chocolate taste test during the show.  Fifteen studio slots have all been filled with our "listener tasters" and they will have a chance to evaluate the five or six different chocolates  before we reveal the details of each special bean.  Guiding us through the process in the studio will be Leonard Pitt, founder of the Berkeley Chocolate Club.  Get some special chocolate ready at home and taste along with us because you'll have the opportunity to learn exactly how to experience the bean and evaluate different qualities and characteristics.  A big "Thank You" to the At Home Store and Rosie Witherspoon who is providing the amazing chocolate we'll taste on the show.

- Great Taste - Ayuerveda - 20100901

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Vegetable dahl with paneerFor over 30 years, Dominick Mason has been learning, teaching and cooking food utilizing the Ayurvedic system that comes from India and has its roots in an oral tradition stretching back thousands of years.
Ayurvedic cooking takes into account the physiological state of those at the table, the seasonal influences, a balance of six different tastes, and many other factors.  Sounds complicated, but Dominick has plenty of practical ideas for the home cook to assist in easily putting these principles to work in daily food preparation.  His objective is to simply help you cook in a more healthy manner.
In the studio we'll prepare a dahl (soup) plus cook some fresh spiced (not hot) cheese, and a cooling drink to help beat the heat.
Join Dominick, Kathy, and me in the KRUU studio or catch us in cyberspace at  If you miss Wednesday's show, the rebroadcast is Friday morning at 7:00 CDT.

- Great Taste - 20100825 - Beth Howard Live Pie Baking

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Beth Howard, fresh from her stint as judge of 22 pie contests at the State Fair will be in town this Wednesday. We are very excited to have her as our "live" in-studio guest. She promised to come teach us how to make great piecrust and that's just what she is going to do. Founder of The World Needs More Pie, she's toting in all her pie-making equipment plus her special crust-rolling tablecloth. Kathy's got the flour, sugar and fruit. I'm bringing the butter and the toaster oven. We'll be making two pies--one apple and the other yet to be decided. This is definitely going to be a GREAT TASTE standout food moment. Tune In and learn how to make a terrific piecrust from the "pie baker to the stars." It's Beth, Kathy, and Steve Boss in the KRUU studio at 7:00 PM CDT or catch us in cyberspace at

- Great Taste - 20100811 - Beth Howard

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Beth HowardKathy's Peach PieTo write that Beth Howard loves pie is not telling the true story.  As we see it, she is a pie fanatic and that's good because Beth views pie as a means to making the world a more peaceful place.  She says, "Pie represents comfort, purity and simplicity, it's the perfect antidote to today's highly stressed-out world."

Beth is an Iowa native coming back to the state to judge 22 categories of pie-making beginning August 13 at the Iowa State Fair.  Whether it's apple pie, French silk, savory or oh-my it's peach pie, Beth will eat her way through hundreds of entries during the Fair's 10-day run.

Born in Ottumwa, Beth got her start baking pies in a most unlikely fashion.  Also, her pie fixation has helped her through some trying times.  Join us on this week's episode of Great Taste to hear about Beth's pie journey and how it's lead her back to the state of her birth.

- Great Taste - 20100804 - National Farmer's Market Week

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Farmers Market haulJoin us to celebrate National Farmers Market Week with several of our local growers and market administrators. 

Kathy will cook up a FM summer risotto during the show.

We're KRUU's GREAT TASTE, your weekly intimate hour with great food and fascinating food people. 

- Great Taste - Indian Hills

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Indian Hills Culinary StudentsA new chapter gets underway this week in the weekly culinary adventures on GREAT TASTE.  We're going to highlight Ottumwa's best kept secret, the students attending Indian Hills Community College's Culinary program.  Starting this week and continuing the third Wednesday of each month students in the program will cook "live" in the studio and share their culinary knowledge and passion with us.

Every time I hang out with these kids I come away from the experience elated and energized.  Their enthusiasm fills the air plus I always learn many things listening to their discussions.  Oh yes, the food they make is really delicious.

- Great Tatse - 20100714 - Dr. Christoph Streicher

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Dr. Christoph StreicherCilia HairsWhen we think of our fondest food memories what triggers the satisfaction?  Is it the memory of taste or smell?  It's probably a combination of both sensations plus texture and sight, but when we walk into a kitchen though, the smell of our favorite food cooking definitely hits us first.  Jacques Pepin, one of the most famous modern chefs said, "It's much more powerful when the memory of an event comes through the senses, particularly smell."

 Scientists who study these senses have concluded that when we eat 70%-90% of our "taste" experience is really an "aroma" experience.  Though the mouth has over a million cells designated to analyze tastes and send the information to our brains we really perceive only five distinct tastes-sour, salty, bitter, sweet, and umami.   The sense of smell is more primal and seemingly more complicated.

- Great Taste - 20100630 - Elif Batuman

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Elif BatumanMusa Dagdeviren/TurkeyGREAT TASTE will journey all over the world on our next show. 

- Great Taste - 20100623 - Avi Pogel

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Avi Pogel started cooking in commercial kitchens when he was 12 years old.  He's never stopped pursuing great tastes, flavors and the art of turning simple elements into delicious dishes. Today, he focuses on combining what's local and fresh with the best artisanal products available. 

Potato Frittata/Amis

In our KRUU cooking studio Avi iAvi  Pogel/Mulberry Trees bringing fresh herbs from his garden and combining them with local eggs and potatoes (not local yet) to create his version of the classic Italian frittata or Spanish tortilla.  Also, he was busy picking mulberries last week so we'll try some of his jam.  Finally,  he's going to give us an on-air lesson in the three ways to create preserved foods-salting, canning, and live culture fermentation along with tastes of his labors. 

- Great Taste - 20100616 - David Gelin

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Hard Eight smokersBBQ Joints



There's no better time than summertime for either making your own BBQ or enjoying someone else's.  David Gelin has written BBQ Joints, to tell us the stories of the people behind the Q.  It's a down-home tribute to folks maintaining traditions of BBQ diversity throughout 13 states.  So tune in for a show filled with David's favorite people and places as we explore a food topic that inspires a never-ending spate of opinions about methods of smoking and saucing.

David's book features recipes from many of the joints he's visited, and we're going to do our own little tasting of sauces and sides in the studio plus share some personal BBQ experiences.  Come along for the fun by joining the stream at  It's going to be a tasty experience!


- Great Taste - 20100609- Lawrence Norton

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Strawberry shortcakeStuffed shells








We're kicking off the NEW Great Taste weekly with two classics.  First, what can be better than a quintessential Italian-American dish of stuffed shells-local, organic ricotta, fresh basil, fresh oregano, dried thyme, salt, pepper, and a lot of love.  That love flows into the next showcase Spring dessert-strawberry short cake.  Another amazingly simple dish consisting of a biscuit, macerated strawberries, and Radiance whipped cream.

- Great Taste - 20100602

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Kim Hendrickson

Savory Bites







Get ready for exceptional tasty tidbits on this week's GREAT TASTE.  Author Kim Hendrickson has created a series of three books that are all about bite-sized morsels.  Whether it's savory or sweet, dessert, appetizer or main course, Kim has it all covered.  Small is not only about party food, it's about having a fun and creative kitchen experience that turns out delicious morsels full of flavor.  We'll have some of Kim's creations in the studio care of co-host Kathy Dubois. 

Kim has a unique perspective as she not only is a cookbook author, but has worked in the publishing field for many years for both a large and small firm.  She's witnessed many changes in that industry and will share some insights on that topic as well. 

You can check Kim's books out here.

- Great Taste - 20100519 - All Things Italian

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Pasta with Basilpreparing pasta sauceFriday, June 4 is the annual "All Things Italian" Art Walk.  It's always one of the major events of the year in the Fairfield Town Square.  Dick DeAngelis, il capo, will fill us in on all the terrific events set to take place that evening, and we'll focus on the FOOD.

- Great Taste - 20100421A - Great Taste

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Ani's Raw Food Desserts

- Great Taste - 20100421B - Great Taste

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- Great Taste - 20100407 - Great Taste

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Linda Watson


- Great Taste - 20100324 - Great Taste

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We're recreating the hip scene of the "beat generation" as GREAT TASTE  presents poetry, java and simple food with every element served up in the KRUU coffee house.  Drop into a couch to listen if you are close by or pour yourself a steaming cup in the confines of your own cozy quarters. 

Susie Niedermeyer will join us in the studio.  For many years Susie lived in rural Jefferson County on land sporting a large organic garden, a herd of Alpine dairy goats and a flock of egg-laying chickens.  Naturally, she developed recipes to use seasonal produce as well as her ample supply of goat’s milk and eggs.   Also, she developed an interest in growing beautiful flowers…roses, in particular.  Her signature recipe using these roses is that of an all organic rose petal conserve.  As an everything-from-scratch cook other standouts from her kitchen include sesame crackers, herbed panir spread and poetry. 
Susie in Flowers

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