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Tilapia-Spanish styleIf you missed out on our Spanish food night last month, here's another opportunity.  After two weeks in Spain, during June and July, several of the culinary students at Indian Hills will recreate dishes they learned to prepare, and regale us with their late-night adventures.  Fortunate are we who find a spot in the audience at Hy-Vee for a sampling of yogurt mousse, tortillas (not Mexican tortillas, a totally different food in Spain), pork-Spanish style, olive oil bonbons, and more.

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Raw Sauerkraut

Why Listen to Radio When You Can Taste It!!

GREAT TASTE with host Steve Boss is going to have a good old food bash and everyone is invited.  Succotash, grits two different ways, fresh-made, raw sauerkraut and kimchi, are all on the menu.  Now that lineup may sound a bit strange, but we're in the midst of corn and preserving season so we took the liberty of combining those elements into one grandiose show.

Local chef Avi Pogel along with sustainable food expert Dora Pollak will show you how to prepare a luscious succotash, a dish popular in New England, the South, and many other states.  Also, they will demonstrate how to make raw sauerkraut, and are bringing along some homemade kraut and kimchi (traditional Korean-style pickles) for everyone to taste.  Both foods are rich in digestive enzymes, Vitamin C, and friendly lactic-acid bacteria.  If you have never eaten raw sauerkraut, it's taste is not even a distant cousin to the canned or German-style variety.  Your mouth will wake up with a real flavor burst. Click "Read more" below to continue.

- 20120620 - Great Taste - Gisella Isadori At Hy-Vee

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Gisella IsidoriKRUU's Great Taste broadcasts live from Fairfield's Hy-Vee the Club Room/Food Laboratory.  Our special guest is Gisella Isidori, well-known Italian Food and Travel consultant, and general whirlwind. 

Join Gisella for the show where she'll discuss different Italian regional food traditions, current food trends in Italy, and share some of her favorite recipes.  She'll make several dishes including a Sicilian orange salad, the classic pasta dish spaghetti cacao e pepe, and more.  After the show stick around for another hour of cooking and a question and answer session.

Don't miss this great chance to learn how to prepare authentic Italian specialties. If you can't join us, tune into the stream at  Ciao.

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LasagnaThe All Things Italian Street Festival is set for Saturday, June 16 on the Fairfield square.  Italian-themed activities start at 9 am leading up to the festival kickoff at 5:00 pm.  Madonnnari street chalk artists, authentic Italian dance, bocce ball are all part of the authentic Italian experience provided by the festival organizers, SOFIA, the Society of Fairfield Italian Americans. 


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Fresh greens and berriesWednesdays and Saturdays are my two favorite parts of the week May-October because the outdoor Fairfield Farmer's Market is a fixture at Howard Park.  Going to the market is a multi-dimensional experience.  First, if you don't have a garden of your own, it gives you an intimate opportunity to harmonize with the changing products of the growing season.  Each table is laden with what nature is providing a particular grower at that specific moment.  Then, there is the chance to forge a link between what you eventually will serve to family and friends with the person responsible for growing it.  That human bond adds another dimension to the overall food experience.  Your food becomes traceable-how it is grown, where, by whom, all within the reach of a conversation.

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Cookbook CafeFacebook and its IPO have been the center of social media attention over the past few weeks, but if you are a food lover is the spot to chat and exchange recipes and information with people who hang out in the kitchen.  Babette Pepaj, the founder of BakeSpace joins us in the first half hour of the show.  Babette's latest venture is Cookbook Cafe, an app for the iPad featuring "the first DIY cookbook builder, marketplace & reader."  The app is built as a storefront where home cooks, non-profit organizations, food companies, and others can publish and market their cookbooks. Anyone who’s ever tried to get a cookbook published knows how difficult the process is. Big name chefs get most of the attention from publishers, so  Cookbook Café's mission is to democratize the food publishing industry. Many of the cookbooks available through the app are free, though some authors charge a minimal amount for the download.

Sherri Brooks VintonFarmer's friend, Sherri Brooks Vinton, will pay a return visit to Great Taste.  She has some food writing tips to pass along in our second half hour, along with her special passion for local foods, canning, fermenting, freezing, and drying.  She's finishing up two new books, Put ‘em Up! Fruit, and The Put ‘em Up! Answer Book, both arriving on store shelves next year.  

- 20120516 - Great Taste - Grilling with Imagination

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BBQ flameThe simplistic way to look at grilling is its no more than throwing a slab of meat on a grill that's powered by propane with a little help from heat-radiating artificial briquettes.  That's not the way we cook on Great Taste, though.  Of course, you know that. 

It's the week when Indian Hills Culinary culinary students corral Great Taste, and we are looking forward to a crasBBQ mealh course on outdoor grilling from Mr. Curtis "Q" Goudy.  If you are cruising by the KRUU studio Wednesday before our 7 pm CDT show, give him a shout out.  Curt will have a real grill fired up and smoking right on the driveway.  Beer can chicken and a little asparagus are going to provide the sustenance for an hour filled with suggestions and techniques to enhance your Memorial Day picnic and carry you right through the summer.  

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Molly Aronica reports in from New York where she is the restaurant editor for the popular blog, The Molly AronicaDaily Meal.  I'm determined to find out during our discussion what it takes to put together a comprehensive blog post on a daily basis.  Also, Molly was kind enough to put together a list of her favorite casual New York dining spots recently for some friends of mine.  She'll share those recommendations, in case you're planning a trip to the Big Apple.

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Heli (right) and classmatesWarning:  Eat before you tune in!

It is with the utmost concern that I begin this blog post with the above admonition.  Over the years, I have issued this same counsel many times, and always with a valid reason.  After all, every Great Taste listener is important to me. 

For over four months in San Francisco, our own Heli Claire Witherspoon has been learning the ancient art of turning flour into delicacies that captivate the eyes and taste bCakesuds.  We'll explore with Heli and her friend, Alden Hockett, the rigors of the baker's craft, what critical pieces of information they've picked up, and get some tips on baking at home.

In the second half of the show, Molly Aronica reports in from New York where she is the restaurant editor for the popular blog, The Molly AronicaDaily Meal.  I'm determined to find out during our discussion what it takes to put together a comprehensive blog post on a daily basis.  Also, Molly was kind enough to put together a list of her favorite casual New York dining spots recently for some friends of mine.  She'll share those recommendations, in case you're planning a trip to the Big Apple.

As always, food in the studio for those lucky folks who stop by.  Streamers, you can listen here to the most delicious 60 minutes on the radio.

- 20120425 - Great Taste - Spreading Amour

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Amour Jams and MarmaladesDon't you just love serendipitous moments?  I'm sitting at the counter facing the kitchen at Pago in Salt Lake City, and getting ready to enjoy a meal fixed by Phelix Gardner, one of my favorite chefs.  A couple walks in and is seated next to me.  Since I'm such a shy guy, I start talking to them immediately.  If they have in mind a romantic night out, my take is they should have asked to sit at a table for two.  Anyway, we make some small talk.  Phelix comes over with my first plate-two pieces of grilled bread, two cheeses, one jam and one marmalade.  "The jam and marmalade were made by the couple sitting next to you," he says with a grin.

Now, our conversation really begins in earnest, and it gains traction after I taste their creations.  John and Casee Francis are artists.  Interestingly, not just in the kitchen, but as landscape gardeners, and John is a four-time National Old-Time Fiddle Contest Champion. 

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www.thedailymeal.comI wish we had more than an hour because there is a lot going on during this week's most delicious 60 minutes on the radio.  So tune in and hang on as we explore the culinary world.  After all, what are we really other than prisoners of taste?

Molly AronicaMolly Aronica, the restaurant editor for The Daily Meal, is recovered from her bout with food poisoning (all in the line of duty).  She's got the inside dish on "GREEN" restaurants in time for the upcoming Earth Day celebration on April 22.

- 20120411 - Great Taste - Funny Food and Risotto

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Funny FoodWe're going to take a light-hearted approach to food on this week's show, but there is a somewhat hidden agenda.  Authors Bill and Claire Wurtzel know breakfast foods can be tasty and healthy.  No need for junk.  For 50 years, Bill has created breakfasts for his wife to enjoy out of almost anything you can put on a plate-eggs, oatmeal, carrots, toast, fruits and more.  Playing with your food takes on a new meaning browsing through Funny Food.  It's a whimsical ode to creativity on a plate, and is a guide to making fun meals that a kid of any age can enjoy.

In the second half of the show, Molly Aronica of The Daily Meal, joins us for her monthly look at the food scene.  We'll explore how the massive amount of information on The Daily Meal site is coMolly Aronicampiled because it's quite an undertaking.  Also, she'll give us an inside look at the greenest restaurants in America so we are culinarily aware in anticipation of the annual Earth Day celebration set for April 22.

GREAT TASTE is live in the studio, Wednesday, April 11.  Come on by or catch the stream at [Click on "Read more" below to continue.]

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Beth M. Howard"If only there was a prosthetic for grief."

Beth Howard serves up some pieces of her life in the KRUU studio Wednesday night.   She'll read from and discuss her new book, Making Piece-A Memoir of Love, Loss and Pie.

Beth's writing style is very direct, sometimes raw, and emotionally grabbing.  It's a riveting read of her intimate journey springing from a short, life-changing, telephone call. The call was from a medical examiner who told her, "Your husband is deceased."  This stark sentence  delivered in a "serious, official, no emotion, detached" manner leads her on a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery.

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Indian Hills Culinary StudentsThe third Wednesday of every month is when the Great Taste spotlight shines on the culinary students from Indian Hills.  The passion for their craft radiated by these young people literally explodes off of them.  Want to be inspired?  Tune in.  I always leave the studio full of energy and excitement after hanging around with them for an hour.  It will make you a better cook once you catch some of what they bring to the kitchen.

(Now, for what's cooking.  That's going to be a surprise.  All I will say is that what Curt Goudey said on the last Indian Hills show that he was going to fix, well, that's what he's making.  Will I taste it?  I can't tell you at this point.  Better listen to find out.  Nick Adams is going to bring something a bit more tame.  Whew!) Click Read more below to continue...

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American Meat DVD coverGREAT TASTE's 60 minutes of delicious radio is action-packed this week.  In the first half-hour, Graham Meriwether, producer, cinematographer, and director of the documentary, American Meat, joins us in the studio along with Jan Swinton, Local Food Coordinator for Hometown Harvest of SE Iowa.  We'll discuss the positive changes in our animal husbandry system as seen through the farmer's depicted in the movie, and the evolving local landscape. 

Also, Nick Wallace of Wallace Farms, will join us by phone.  Nick and his family have been raising animals sustainably for decades.  Since 2004 he has run the operation, which includes working with other like-minded producers to supply organic meats through a "Farm Club" delivery system.

Nick Wallace/Wallace Farms

Molly AronicaThe Daily Meal's Molly Aronica joins us in the second part of the show.  This week on that site she posted 101 Best Restaurants in America for 2012.  We'll get an inside look on how that list was compiled, plus learn what it takes to put together a daily blog on "all things food & drink."

And, our resident chef, Liz Peralta, will join us.  I really don't know what plans she has for our "live" food segment this week.  She's keeping that information to herself.  I'm ok with that; she's the studio kitchen boss. [To continue, click on "Read more' below.]

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HRH Prince Charles"It is, I feel, our apparent reluctance to recognize the interrelated nature of the problems and therefore the solutions, that lies at the heart of our predicament and certainly on our ability to determine the future of food."
HRH Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales

The highlight address at "The Future of Food" conference on May 4, 2011 at Georgetown University was given by HRH the Prince of Wales.  Among food activists Prince Charles is a well-known organic farmer who has advocated sustainable practices for many years.  His address, which challenged the belief that industrial agriculture and large agribusiness are necessary to feed the world's ever-growing population, was published last week by Rodale Press.  On the Future of FoodThe Prince's Speech:  On the Future of Food is a rallying call to not only advocates of sustainability, but also presents a vision that recognizes "the wider and important social and economic parameters-how we can feed a global population approaching 9 billion people and still safeguard public health, keep jobs, and protect our environment."

Bob MartinOur guest, Robert P. Martin, Senior Policy Advisor-Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, was one of the "Future of Food" event organizers.  He has been a key player in getting The Prince's Speech published so its ideas can be shared with the general public.  Please join us on Great Taste for a discussion of the critical food issues that effect every single one of us now and future generations.  You can view some excerpts from the Georgetown conference here.

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Chef Gordon Rader with studentsValentine's Day is over folks.  Sorry if you missed it, but we cannot look back.  Next up, St. Patrick's Day.  I know it's not for a month, but we have to take advantage of opportunities when they are presented, so when the Indian Hills culinary gang said they were preparing Irish specialties this week it sounded like a great show idea.  The crew, lead by their inspiring chef, Gordon Rader (pictured), will teach us how to make Irish soda bread, corned beef and cabbage soup, and a Baileys Irish Cream cake.  The crew's coordinator, Curt Goudey, promises a bit of Irish food history, too.  (See recipe ingredients below)

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Cooking for Gracie (cover)Enthusiastic and adventurous cook and eater, Keith Dixon, had to make some changes in his kitchen habits after the birth of daughter, Gracie.  Keith's culinary and parenting odyssey is chronicled in Cooking for Gracie:  The Making of a Parent from Scratch.  There are plenty of trying and triumphant moments in this memoir of the evolution of a couple from when Gracie makes her first appearance five weeks premature to the end of her first year, plus scattered throughout Keith shares recipes, including the one found at the end of this blog post. We'll talk with Keith, a New York Times writer and novelist, about some of the memories that he chronicles in the book.  Also, we'll find out how life (and cooking) have changed since the addition of another child.

Molly Aronica, Restaurant Editor for The Daily Meal joins us in the second half of the show.  Molly and the staff of the popular internet site have their pulse on the food world.  I'm very excited to announce that she has agreed to do a regular monthly stint on Great Taste, and bring our listeners the top culinary news and trends from around the globe.  Check out the following links for some of the stories we're going to feature on the show:

Gracie, Keith, and riceResident chef Liz Peralta will add her kitchen sense to all the conversations.  Also, Curt Goudy, one of the Indian Hills culinary students, will introduce a new KRUU program called Quick Bites.  Whew, I think that's about it.  Drop on by or drop into the show via the web on our live stream beginning at 7:00 pm central time. 

You can catch all the excitement from previous Great Taste shows by checking out  the KRUU archives.  Each show is available to listen to or download.  Be sure to share them with your friends, and have some fun kitchen adventures.

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Chef Julian ArranzAfter a two-week road adventure, the Great Taste crew is back in the studio with a live show this week.  This Wednesday it's the monthly Indian Hills Culinary student invasion, plus the director of the IHCC program, Chef Gordon Rader, is bringing a very special guest.   Get ready for dessert whipped up in the studio by Chef Julian Arranz of award-winning father and son pastry team extraordinaire Raul and Julian Arranz from Valladolid, Spain.  Julian is at Indian Hills for a month working with the students as part of a culinary educational exchnange.  In addition, he has been meeting with area high school students, and conduJulian Arranz's creationscting classes at the Des Moines Area Community College (DMAC). You can take a look at Chef Julian’s work on his website using the following link.

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"Kombucha flavored soda alternatives pose threat to Coca-Cola and Pepsi."  Well, I think this story is only in an early phase of development, but if you sometimes have a craving for a bubbly beverage that goes well with popcorn, look no further than Shaktea Kombucha.  For the most part, I have my soda (or pop depending on where you grew up) attachment licked, but I have to admit that last year I went on a Mexican Coke binge for several weeks.  A number of pounds later (that exact number will remain confidential), and well-caffeinated, I broke off the relationship. Now, with Shaktea in my life I have no need to rekindle it.

Shaktea Kombucha

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Danielle NierenbergThe last Great Taste show of the year provides a look back at 2011 from two very different perspectives.  First, we'll speak with Danielle Nierenberg, director of the Nourishing the Planet project.  Nierenberg is a well-known expert on sustainability and livestock.  The project she oversees, "...assesses the state of agricultural innovations—from cropping methods to irrigation technology to agricultural policy—with an emphasis on sustainability, diversity, and ecosystem health, as well as productivity. The project aims to both inform global efforts to eradicate hunger and raise the profile of these efforts.

- 20111221 - Great Taste - Holiday Celebration

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Mexican Hot ChocolateWe are cooking LIVE in the studio TONIGHT!Latkes and Sides

Terrific show on tap with the Indian Hills Culinary students.  We're making latkes, Mexican hot chocolate, and there will be some cookies and more. 

Happy Holidays to All!

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PlumOpening a restaurant at any time is an expensive proposition.  When money is in tight supply as in today's marketplace, it becomes even more of a challenge.  In a November 8 article, "To Raise Cash, Restaurants Turn to the Crowd," New York Times writer, Glenn Collins , reported on a number of creative ways restaurateurs are finding funds while avoiding the common path of taking on big investors.  The popular web funding platform, Kickstarter, is one avenue, relatives might respond to a plea to make a dream happen, and other community-based approaches that include loans and memberships have been tried or are in the works. 

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Paolo Di CroceOur show this week deserves a critical listen by anyone concerned with the future of the food we grow and consume

We'll talk with the Executive Director of Slow Food International, Paolo Di Croce, who is also the President of the Committee for Terra Madre.  Terra Madre is the arm of the international Slow Food organization comprised of an "...extensive network of people working towards the creation of a good, clean and fair model of food production and consumption. Joined together in food communities, the network brings together sustainable farmers, fishers and food producers with cooks, teachers involved with school garden and canteen projects, academics, researchers and experts, students and other youth." 

- 20111116 - Great Taste - Thanksgiving

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Baking MessThanksgiving comes once a year.  Too bad there is always such a mess that's created during the furious preparation for that quintessential "eating" holiday.  All that cooking and baking takes plenty of measuring cups, bowls, the Cuisinart and other items. The good news is all the deliciousness that comes out of that mess.  

Truth is cooking always means cleaning. Good cooks clean as much as possible as they move from one step of preparing a meal to the next.  The results are the cooking area is less cluttered, prep goes quicker, and the final cleanup is less grueling.  Or if you are lucky to live in a multi-person household, perhaps "kitchen rules" work in your favor?  If you cook, you don't have to clean.  I love that one.  Unfortunately, it doesn't always hold up.

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I'm always thinking about food which is why this little excerpt from author A. A. Milne is one of my favorite quotes:  "'When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,' said Piglet at last, 'what's the first thing you say to yourself?'
"'What's for breakfast?' said Pooh.  'What do you say, Piglet?'
"'I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?' said Piglet.
Pooh nodded thoughtfully.  "It's the same thing," he said.

-A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh (1926)

Matt BardinOur guest on this week's show, Matt Bardin, is the co-president of HighFiveLabs. His company creates "apps" those fascinating bits of software that help perform daily miracles on your smart phone and tablet.  HighFive has done Honeydo, the searchable To Do list, Smart:Vocab, a tool for expanding vocabulary and performing well on standardized tests, and Mario Batali CooksMario Cooks, one of the best cooking apps available.  The app contains over 60 recipes and five hours of video so you feel like Mario is your personal culinary instructor.  (I feel better about having the app Mario instruct me, rather than the Mario portrayed in Bill Buford's book, Heat.)  Mario Cooks is very easy to use and provides many extras including a guide to Italian wines and cheeses. I'm very much looking forward to learning from Matt how the development of the app took place.

We've got some Mexican treats planned for the tasty part of the show.  I suppose it should have been Italian.  Oh well.  Come by if you are in the neighborhood and can forgive us our trespasses.

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Des Moines Junior High Students with FoodsCorps Volunteer

Inspiring is the essence of our show this week.  We'll talk to two Cecily Upton, Co-Founder, FoodCorpspeople committed to making our country a better place through educating and introducing practical programs involving healthy food and food nutrition into public and private school systems.  Please tune in to find out about this tremendous organization that evolved from the international organization, Slow Food.

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Fresh Salad

Carolyn Waksman

60:01 minutes (54.95 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

The ability to prepare a quick meal is not only a measure of kitchen skill and comfort, but many times comes down to what ingredients do you have in the fridge and pantry.  If you want to make a quick soup or coax flavors from veggies sautéing on top of the stove, then a court bouillon can help make that happen. Hearty winter soup"Court bouillon" or "briefly boiled liquid," is a mixture of water, salt, wine or vinegar, and vegetable aromatics, cooked together for 30-60 minutes...," according to Harold McGee, the author of On Food and Cooking.  One English reference from 1685 mentions a "courbolion" and this same type of liquid with basically identical ingredients has been used in French cooking for several centuries. 

Most of us are familiar with bouillon cubes, but court bouillon is much different.  It's simple to prepare and the culinary crew from Indian Hills will provide the instructions plus fix  some broccoli amandine using the liquid.

58:28 minutes (53.53 MB) Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

How about this for a gig?  Travel arOff the Menuound the USA interviewing chefs about their favorite foods, tools, music, etc. and sharing staff meals with the owners, chefs, and the rest of the restaurant's crew in preparation for writing a book that includes recipes for those dishes.  That's what Marissa Guggiana did and her latest cookbook, Off the Menu-Staff Meals from America's Top Restaurants, is the result.

The book showcases her visits to 51 restaurants through more than 80 recipes.  Each restaurant is profiled along with its owners and chefs.  One of the most interesting sections in each profile is the Escoffier Questionnaire.  "The Escoffier Questionnaire," Marissa wrote, "was inspired by my conversations with chefs from across the United States... Like the more famous–currently–Proust Questionnaire, the questions are designed to elicit short responses that are long on meaning."

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