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- Lyrical Venus - 20080930 Driftwood Fire

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Driftwood FireHold me close while sun drips like sap through our veins
Slowly coursing despite the pressure of planetary strains
The earth spins the clocks tick the ceiling fan ignores
~Blown Asunder, Driftwood Fire

Mixing singer-songwriter, jazz and Appalachian flavors into their sound, Driftwood Fire (Lynn Scharf, Charlotte Formichella and Jennifer "JJ" Jones) has been compared to artists like Vienna Teng, Cowboy Junkies, The Ditty Bops and Gillian Welch. But their name alone evokes the feeling of their music - a late and quiet night on the beach with friends, a slight chill on your back off the waves, and barefoot toes toasty in the sand around a fire where everyone takes turns passing a guitar and sharing their stories

- Lyrical Venus - 20081007 - sarah sample

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Sarah SampleYou were on the run from your parents and the law
I didn't see it then but I was your get-away car
I didn't have a bottle yet you drank down all my love
But to you the edge was never close enough
~ Never Close Enough, Sarah Sample

Just a few minutes listening to Sarah Sample's latest album Never Close Enough and it's easy to see why she was the winner of the 2007 Rocky Mountain Folks Showcase. Intelligent writing, memorable melodies and a super sweet voice come together for something worth listening to over and over again.

- Lyrical Venus - 20080909 - Amy Kuney

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Amy KuneyIt’s a beautiful morning
Beautiful morning
Dressed up in summer and tied with a bow
Let’s be courageous and face tiny dangers
Let’s climb those fences
With signs that say “don’t”
~ Simple Things, Amy Kuney

This week I'll be interviewing singer-songwriter Amy Kuney. She's currently based out of Los Angeles and her album Bird's Eye View just came out last month. Amy has come a long way from the cinder-block home in Honduras she grew up in as a teen with her missionary parents - the quiet and simple life she lived there provided a fertile ground for her musical creativity. Amy's talents are the kind that catch the eye of established performers and inspire them to take her on tour with them. (She recently got back from a tour in Iceland with Damien Rice.) I personally love how her quirky/clever lyrics always catch me by surprise.

- Lyrical Venus - 20080722 - Kyler England of The Rescues

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The Rescues
The Rescues have been described as an Indie Supergroup - three talented singer-songwriters and friends with solo careers, brought together to perform at another friend's wedding only to discover that the whole was more than the sum of the parts. And when you've got good parts to begin with, well - get ready to have your socks rocked! I'm betting you'll love the soaring harmonies, driving beats and heart-swelling ballads these three pump out time and again on their album Crazy Ever After as much as I do! Kyler England, 1/3 of The Rescues joins Lyrical Venus for an interview about songwriting and working with the band.

- Lyrical Venus - 20080715 - Lauren Davis

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Lauren E. Davis




Lauren Davis, singer-songwriter from Ohio, summer intern at the FACC and Narrator of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, stops by to talk about her songwriting and acting experiences.

- Lyrical Venus - 20080708 - Claire Wellin

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Claire Wellin




Claire Wellin, half of jazzy folk duo Rainy Day Lasagna, summer intern at the FACC and Narrator of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, stops by to talk about her songwriting and acting experiences.

- Lyrical Venus - 20080610 - Carrie Rowan

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Carrie RowanShe's getting there
Past the point of just surviving
She's getting there
Beginning to feel alive again
She's getting there

- Carrie Rowan, She's Getting There

Singer-songwriter Carrie Rowan spent a good ten years climbing the corporate ladder before she decided to leap off. Lucky for her, (and for us!) she landed on her piano bench, and soon picked up the guitar as well. Carrie's debut album, Almost Home is set to release June 28th and we were fortunate to get an advance copy AND an interview!

- Lyrical Venus - 20080603 - Bocachica

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Hallie Pritts of Boca Chica
Some girls cry for wedding bells
and some for diamond rings
What I want for right now
is a quiet place to think
~ Boca Chica, Beasts

This week on Lyrical Venus I'll be interviewing Hallie Pritts of the indie alt-folk band Boca Chica. Their quiet, lush and sometimes quirky sound has drawn comparisons to Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine and Bright Eyes with flavors of Old Crow Medicine Show and Gillian Welch. Boca Chica means "little mouth", and just like the small fruit they sing about in their song Blackberries, Hallie and company provide sweet-tart morsels of sound that leave a stain of faded purple behind and satisfied smile on your lips. Voted one of the city's best bands by the 2006 Pittsburgh City Paper poll and featured on NPR's Open Mic podcast, Boca Chica has been charming audiences across the country since 2004.

- Lyrical Venus - 20080429 - Rayna Royer

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Rayna RoyerHooray for hometown talent!!

Tuesday on the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour I'll be interviewing Fairfield's Rayna Royer. The 22 year old singer-songwriter is graduating from Indian Hills this spring. She learned guitar chords from her friend Nik Sorak of Nik Sorak and the Dead Wait, and Troy Morgan of she swings, she sways backed her up on bass for those tracks you can hear on her MySpace page. (and both of those guys are in awesome SE Iowa bands, check 'em out.)

Rayna just joined MySpace as a musician a little over a month ago, but she's already got Irish singer-songwriter Amy McGarrigle commenting that Rayna's music reminds her of a cross between the main song from Juno and Laura Veirs. Rayna is even going to bring her guitar in because she has new stuff to play for us!

- Lyrical Venus - 20080422 - Amy Raasch

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Amy Raasch
"She's got her own inner groove; nothing tentative about it. A force to be reckoned with."

- Don Was

You know why I love the internet? Because I can find new music, meet the cool independent musicians from all over the world who make that music, and interview them on my radio show! Take Amy Raasch for example - she's all the way out on the West coast, winning songwriting contests and coming up with projects to push her songwriting to a whole new level. Join me on Tuesday to meet Amy and find out how she's doing on her "52 Songs" quest to write one song per week for a year, and post it on YouTube for the world to see!

- Lyrical Venus - 20080205 - Ellis Interview

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Ellis"How would it be if you really created your life?
Stories you told, the good and bad, that they come alive?"
Ellis, How Would It Be

Minnesota based singer-songwriter Ellis is coming to Cafe Paradiso Saturday, February 9th as part of her CD release tour for her 6th album - Break the Spell.

Join us on the Lyrical Venus Radio hour for an interview with this inspiring and engaging artist and to hear tracks from the new CD!

“With a voice as strong as thunder and a message as powerful as a surge of lightning, Ellis pours out her heart and soul into every single word.” — Independent Songwriter Magazine- National

- Lyrical Venus - 20080122 -Sharon Bousquet

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Sharon Bousquet

This week on Lyrical Venus, singer-songwriter Sharon Bousquet will stop by to talk about her recent trip to California for the premiere of the film Cosmic Radio. Three of Sharon's songs plus instrumental background music can be heard in the film!

"Whether she's playing the smoldering blues, soulful rock or country-tinged folk, Sharon Bousquet does everything with sultry grace. She's a woman with so much music inside her, it's as if she can't help but let it bubble out all steamy-like across a wide range of genres.... She has
considerable prowess on the acoustic guitar, yet she puts her instrument down occasionally to belt out an a cappella tune like the gospel-tinged "Temple".... Bousquet has the substance to rise to the top." - The Metro (Santa Cruz) - RP

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