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- Lyrical Venus - 20091020 - Sue Krehbiel

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Sue Krehbiel

Dusty Cleveland doesn't seem that long ago
to four boys in grade school running down that dusty road
to find the precious oriole.
~ Sue Krehbiel, Dusty Cleveland

Music has been of Colorado songwriter Sue Krehbiel's life for as long as she can remember, starting out harmonizing with her dad at neighborhood sing-alongs as a kid.  It has only been in the more recent times though that Sue has stepped forward to perform on her own, thanks to the coaxing and encouragement of her friends.  You wouldn't know it - from her assured presence and beautiful guitar work on stage and in her debut CD, Dusty Cleveland, Sue seems like a pro who has been performing for years.

- Lyrical Venus Podcasts - 20091006 - dejhacoulantouno

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Dejha ColantounoIn this interview we'll talk to New York rocker Dejha Colantuono about her first solo album, Tea and Vodka. No stranger to the music scene, Dejha has fronted a number of Seattle bands, including 3DS&M, the Pin-Ups, Rotten Apples, and Ragazza. Her solo album is informed by a variety of influences, but is all tied together with her amazing voice.

Click here to read more about Dejha on Lyrical Venus.

- Lyrical Venus - 20091013 - Kait Berreckman

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Singer-songwriter Kait BerreckmanWell I guess I stole his heart
Cause when I got into his car
he asked me how do you feel?
And I said, I'm a theif not a liar
I'd rather just keep my mouth shut
~ Kait Berreckman, Theif

I can't remember if it was first on the open stage or around one of the song circles that Kait Berreckman first wowed me out at Rocky Mountain Song School in Colorado, but boy did she ever! I loved the way she told her stories through songs - simple little jewels that cut through with flashes of sharp insight into human nature.

A native of Nebraska, Kait is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and playing at local venues like Club Passim where she recorded her newly released live EP called Without A Bullet.

- Lyrical Venus Podcasts - 20091006 - Boca Chica

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Boca Chica


Today we'll talk with Hallie Pritts, frontwoman of the indie-folk group Boca Chica from Pittsburgh. Their second full-length CD, Lace Up Your Workboots, finds the band expanding to add more lush layers of sound while maintaining that hip-yet-vintage flavor so unique to Boca Chica.

- Lyrical Venus - 20090908 - Iowa Women's Music Festival

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Iowa Women's Music Festival 2009 logoThis weekend the Iowa Women's Music Festival will be celebrating their 16th year of bringing great line-ups of women musicians to the outdoor stage in Iowa City.

This year's performers on the Saturday day-stage are Michelle Shocked, Carolyn Wonderland with Shelley King, Cosy Sheridan, Tracy Walker, and Lynne Rothrock and Friends, with high-energy emcee Kim-Char Meredith.

This week on Lyrical Venus I'll play songs by a few of the performers and interview Laurie Haag, one of the festival organizers.

- Lyrical Venus - 20090901 - Mary McAdams

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Mary McAdamsThe cities and towns are in trouble
as the factories run out of luck
but the kids keep blowing bubbles
and the bubbles keep floating up
~ Bubbles, Mary McAdams

Des Moines based singer-songwriter Mary McAdams has been supporting
area musicians of all sorts for years, from teaching music to students
in the schools to hosting the Open Mic at Ritual Cafe, so it's great to
see her out there with her own brand new album! 

- Lyrical Venus Podcasts - 20090804 - nathalienahai

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Nathalie NahaiYou've been playing a tired game
Spinning silver from your tongue
Baby you may have your wicked way
But who will have you when the day is done?
~ Nathalie Nahai, Sly Girl

London-born singer-songwriter Nathalie Nahai was classically trained on violin and self-taught on guitar. Blend that together with her French, Iranian, Scottish and Gibraltarian heritage and her fascination with tarot and out emerges a lovely collection of bluesy folk songs with occasional twinges of country. Her smooth voice flows over bittersweet lyrics like caramel into hot coffee for a delicious aural treat that perks up your ears!

- Lyrical Venus Podcasts - 20090728 - Seeing Blind

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Seeing Blind



Tune in to meet  Seeing Blind, the Indie Alt-Rock group from Seattle. Seeing Blind also incorporates classical instruments in their music in fresh and unexpected ways! Comparisons to Zappa, Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, and Ani DiFranco have been made in an attempt to describe Seeing Blind's unique style of music.

30:33 minutes (27.97 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Jessie Murphy - In The Woods
In this interview, Jessie Murphy - In The Woods calls in from New York City. The trio combines indie pop with dark humor and classical sensibilities. They have been described as "Vampire Weekend meets Neko Case meets The Carter Family at a salon hosted jointly by Stevie Nicks and Emily Dickinson."


- Lyrical Venus - 20090707 - Jennings

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Singer-Songwriter JenningsYou claim I'm dramatic
I'm not made of plastic
I just am femtastic

~ Jennings, Femtastic

While throwing around names like Sarah McLachan, Imogen Heap, Tori Amos and Moby will help you figure out what general category to put Jennings into, she definitely has her own unique sound. Her piano-driven electronica-pop would definitely fit nicely into a music library with those other greats, but you wouldn't mistake her for any of them. Jennings' music is sweet, lush, powerful and full of great hooks, and intelligent and meaningful to boot! I love it!

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Juli Crockett of The EvangenitalsHello my eyes, I must apologize
For all my fears
Though I was blind, you saw so clear
~ Hello, The Evangenitals

One of Fairfield's favorite drummers, David Hurlin, has been living in LA and playing with the alt-country, love drunk, hillybilly rock, freak-folk revolution band known as The Evangenitals for some time now. Band leader and main songwriter Juli Crockett is a fountain of inspiration, energy and creativity with multiple degrees and titles - a BFA in Theater, an MFA in directing, and she's working on a PhD in Philosophy. She's an ordained minister of the ULC and a retired, undefeated professional boxer! What kind of music would come from such varied life experience? One of my favorite descriptions on the band website is: "The jukebox at the Mad Hatter’s tea party."

The band's current project is a musical called Dawn of Quixote: Chapter the First. Written and directed by Juli, the philosophical and musical exploration of the first chapter of Don Quixote features a live original score performed by The Evangenitals. They have been invited to perform at the prestigious Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland this August!

- Lyrical Venus - 20090623 - Lisa Bianco

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Lisa BiancoWe communicate, we appreciate
That we are in contact some way
We forget that we are the living ones
Bound by chips and soldiered wires
~ Post Data/We Communicate, Lisa Bianco

I fell in love with Lisa Bianco's music right away for the rockin', catchy, crunchy wall of sound on the title track of her album Post Data. Then on a trip back from the airport I was listening to her CD in the car and I was able to catch more of the lyrics than on my previous listens and I started liking the songs even better! Fun and introspective? Loud and intimate? Yes, Lisa's music is all that and more.

Find out for yourself, listen to the podcast of the interview!

- Lyrical Venus - 20090526 - Ember Swift

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Ember Swift - Lentic

So what does moonlight represent when it disappears?
Even if I can't see it is the light still here?
~ Eclipse, Ember Swift

Independent Canadian artist Ember Swift has been touring internationally since 1996, and has released 9 albums plus a DVD project in that time. In 2007 she finally realized a goal of traveling to China and has been splitting her time between Canada and China ever since. Her new project, Lentic, is a musical expression of her experiences in merging East and West - everything from the lyrics to the packaging to the instrumentation is a beautiful merging of languages and cultures, allowing the two to learn from, inform and celebrate each other.

- Lyrical Venus - 20090519-lv-alliemoss-int.mp3

24:31 minutes (22.45 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Allie MossWhat if I knew your name?
What if we had the same home room?
What if the things that tie us are stronger than we knew?
~ Passerby, Allie Moss

I've been looking forward to this album for almost 2 years now and it was worth the wait! The lovely and talented Allie Moss does not disappoint with her new EP Passerby, featuring her beautiful voice, gorgeous melodies and relatable, relevant lyrics.

- Lyrical Venus - 20090428 - Lovell Sisters

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The Lovell Sisters

Don't look at me that way,
I gotta head on down this road
Take your broken heart back home
I don't know where I'm gonna go,
but that don't mean I should stay
I keep these boots a walkin' till I reach my grave
I gotta take it slow
This heart just needs some time to grow

~ Time to Grow, The Lovell Sisters

- Lyrical Venus - 20090324 - Wendy Wall

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Wendy WallThere's a quiet and a still
It's nothing like you've ever seen
The way they lights cast on the hill
The light I'm seeing in a dream

~ Road to Paradise, Wendy Wall

The first thing that hits you on listening to Wendy Wall's music is her voice - rich and textured like a tapestry. But if you keep listening you realize that the words are as beautifully woven as the vocal elements. Wendy's new album Road to Paradise charts a course full of "heartbreak, inner demons, deferred dreams and the sometimes seemingly unforgiving terms of life as an artist" in a way that pulls out the the lessons learned and emphasizes the transformations, in a way that everyone can relate.

- Lyrical Venus - 20090331 - Jessie Frye

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Jessie FryeMaybe you'll go to Chicago and get a little peace of mind
and maybe you'll find
memories pieced together, people come undone
your heart is heavy with time
you sit and watch the world walk by
~ Birthmark(Chicago), Jessie Frye

Singer-songwriter Jessie Frye hails from Texas, but don't expect a lot of twang from her. There are touches of it here and there, but much of the music is lush, piano driven pop, infused with soul and a bit of blues. One description of her music says it sounds like "if Oscar Wilde crawled inside of a piano and then drank a lot of espresso." Nice.

- Lyrical Venus - 20090317 - Lori Diamond

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Singer-Songwriter Lori Diamond
New England singer-songwriter Lori Diamond has just released her second album. The songs on lush, piano-based Mystery speak of love, loss, gratitude and other facets of the human experience. Her crystal clear voice and sparkling piano work also live up to her name!

- Lyrical Venus - 20090303 - Kathleen Taylor

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Kathleen Taylor Smelling a Tomato

Treefrogs are singing, hoping that it rains
I'm sitting on my couch and I'm wishing for the same
but it's dry, dry, dry
in Gainesville today

~ Gainseville Today, Kathleen Taylor

Her bio says to "Think an Art Noveau princess with a pair of brass knuckles." I think that fits Kathleen Taylor's music pretty well. The Austin based singer-songwriter recently released her album Defy The World. To listen to it is to take a whimsical little adventure through Kathleen's various inspirations, as well as encountering a variety of creatures in the wild, or at least the wilderness of suburbia!

- Lyrical Venus - 20090210 - Sharon Bousquet

22:24 minutes (20.51 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Beaucoup Shakti Duo


Pre-Valentine's Day Show!

Lyrical Venus Valentine's special.

Treats for your ears include a visit with one of our favorite special guests Sharon Bousquet of Beaucoup Shakti and some lovely love poems!

- Lyrical Venus - 20090217 - Lauren Zettler

30:14 minutes (27.68 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Lauren Zettler
Someone wrap themselves around me
Wear my edges down won't you please?

~ Shapes, Lauren Zettler

Lauren Zettler is a savvy DIY type of gal. The bio on her website talks about her journey to musicianhood, from the childhood dream, to the detours due bouts of practicalness, to the lightning-bolt epiphany that the “jealous tears”
at every musical performance she attended were probably not necessary
and that she should follow her heart.

- Lyrical Venus - 20090127 - Amie Penwell

33:48 minutes (30.95 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Amie Penwell


Show me to the river, somewhere to wash away this feeling,
these days of disbelieving.

~ Show Me to the River, Amie Penwell

Marin County singer-songwriter Amie Penwell just released her debut full-length album King in a Temple this past November. The first thing that hits you on hearing the album is the voice. A voice for Gospel, or like the voice of an angel lowered an octave as it says on her website. It's an apt description. Amie's voice not just soulful, you really do feel like it's a healing balm to sooth away the pain of life she sings about in her songs, and turn it into something beautiful.

- Lyrical Venus - 20081124 - Ellis & Terri

34:36 minutes (31.68 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Ellis and Terri
After a fabulous concert this past February, many Fairfielders are looking forward to the return of Ellis for a concert this weekend. What many may not know is she is also bringing booking agent/artist Terri Mazurek, and the two of them will be presenting a workshop on Sunday entitled "Making a Living Making Music in the 21st Century." Topics include: how to set direction for your music career, how to find an audience for your music, promotion and marketing ideas, and how to plan/book your own tours. All levels of performing musicians are welcome, from those just starting out to touring musicians.

I met Ellis and Terri in person at the Rocky Mountain Song School and they are both the kind of vibrant, funny, sweet and down-to-earth people you just want to hang out with!

- Lyrical Venus - 20090120 - Kate Graves

30:00 minutes (27.47 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Kate Graves


The lovely Kate Graves is busy getting her new album "Love Songs For The Neurotic" ready for release but she's taking some time out for an interview on Lyrical Venus this Tuesday. I've gotten to preview some of the songs and they are delightful little gems I've had on repeat all day! I love this quote about her voice:

"Kate's voice is the Long Island Ice Tea of voices. It's One part
Lucinda, two part Emmylou, with a twist of Norah Jones." ~Paul
Godbout, lead singer of Secret Sobriety

Come have a listen yourself and see what Paul means.

- Lyrical Venus - 20081209 - Moira Smiley

29:26 minutes (40.42 MB) Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

Moira Smiley and VOCOWhen we are born under the sky
We wonder what makes it oh so blue
Every day I blink with wonder
That's why the stars are blinking too
~Deep Blue, Moira Smiley & VOCO

You might not notice them a first glance, but check out the boots on the ladies of VOCO. More than just a fashion statement, the boots are actually an important part of their act! The wide variety of music they perform, from original folk to traditional ballads, make VOCO a little hard to categorize. One thing that makes them stand out above and beyond their gorgeous harmonies is their body percussion sets. And that's where the boots come in - slapping their ankles is a lot louder (and probably less painful) with boots!

- Lyrical Venus - 20081202 - Truckstop Souvenir

23:02 minutes (21.09 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Truckstop SouvenirI cannot say my daddy farmed these fields
and I cannot say my mama roamed these hills
I've been high in the mountains, in the desert and by the sea
and now this rolling land is calling me.
~ Song For Iowa, Lauryn Shapter

I've been eagerly awaiting the new CD by husband and wife Americana duo Truckstop Souvenir for a while now, and the release party is this weekend! Under A Big Blue Sky was recorded in Lauryn and Dennis' home studio here in Fairfield, which is no easy trick with all the frequent trains passing by.

And you just may hear a train whistle during their interview on Lyrical Venus this Tuesday, what with the station being right by the tracks! Luckily it's a nostalgic sound that fits with their themes - dusty roads, wide rivers, tiny mining towns, old time rodeos and lonely motels.

- Lyrical Venus - 20080527 - Bonnie McKee

25:23 minutes (11.62 MB) Stereo 44kHz 64Kbps (CBR)

Bonnie McKee Bonnie McKee surprised the Cafe Paradiso open mic one Wednesday with an impromptu performance and stopped by the station the next day to talk about her experience in the movie August Rush, her songwriting process and what she's learned since her first album Trouble.

- Lyrical Venus - 20080527 - Kristi Martel

17:18 minutes (15.84 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Kristi Martel





Redheaded piano-playing alt-pop diva with an A-mazing voice, Kristi Martel is a Fairfield favorite, having performed here several times! Kristi took some time out of her busy touring schedule to tell us about her latest album Ravengirl, how she got started singing and what she's been up to since her last visit.

- Lyrical Venus - 20080902 - Beaucoup Shakti

30:12 minutes (27.65 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Beaucoup ShaktiBeaucoup Shakti (Boo-Coo/ Shock-Tee) is Fairfield's newest musical ensemble and we'll get to hear from them live in the studio on Lyrical Venus this Tuesday! Beaucoup Shakti means "lots of creative energy/life force" and they are aptly named. With singer-songwriter Sharon Bousquet, multi-instrumentalist Eric Hurlin and vocalist Heather Love as the core members, this group sure packs a punch! (Vocalist Gemma Cohen often adds her beautiful harmonies to the mix.)

- Lyrical Venus - 20081014 - Jana Pochop

44:29 minutes (40.73 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Jana PochopTook an offer for a ride to Amarillo
It was 23 miles by a drunken crow
Be careful who you talk to when you roll down your window
And you can't call home
~ Paper Rock Scissors, Jana Pochop

My fellow musician, blogger and internet buddy Jana Pochop (that'd be with a silent “h”) has just released her new EP The Early Year. The Austin based history major turned singer-songwriter has had a jam packed year, from going to Folk Music Grad school to putting out the EP (which includes playing all the instruments you hear on the album!) to touring as a Merch girl with the Grammy winning Susan Gibson and more.

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