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Corey Hickenbottom talks with Derik Wulfekuhle, Director of Fairfield's Parks & Receration Department, about their many current and upcoming activities.

- 20120131 - KRUU Programming - Phyllis Khare

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Internationally published social media author and expert, Phyllis Khare talks about social media and her upcoming talk for the Fairfield Golden Speakers Toastmasters Club bi-annual guest speaker event. The event will take place Tuesday, Feb. 7 at The First United Methodist Church in Fairfield.

- 20111201 - KRUU Programming - Lyal Strickland

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Lyal StricklandKRUU-FM welcomes rootsy American folk singer/songwriter Lyal Strickland to the studio to perform live and let us know what he's been up to. Hailing from the Missouri Ozarks and raising heritage grass fed beef when not performing, Lyal performs songs inspired by life lived in small towns, the Ozark hills, and on insterstate highways. His most recent album, So Many Incidents was produced by Larry Lee, founding member of the legendary Ozark Mountain Daredevils and was recorded on the banks of the Finley River in Southwest Missouri.

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Cambridge Investment Research IncA spotlight on local Fairfield business, Cambridge Investment Research Inc. Corey Hickenbottom speaks with their First Vice President of Advisor Services, Carol Fischer and Vice President of Technology, Gary Gagnon. They share about Cambridge being named one of the top ten workplaces in Iowa, as named by the Des Moines Register. They also talk about the recently added IT jobs and a little bit about the company's 30 year history.

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Corey Hickenbottom talks with Ed Murphy and Hilary Jordan all aboutthe 1st Annual 80s Day in Fairfield on Friday, September 30, which includes The Provocative 80s Dance Gala at The Sondheim Center and The Funkin' 80s Dance Party at The Red Rock Tavern. Co-Sponsored by KRUU-FM

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AudioBodyCorey Hickenbotttom speaks with Jason Tardy, of the physical comedy/music brother duo AudioBody, all about their act and their September 6 performance at The Stephen Sondheim Center for the Performing Arts. AudioBody is the kick off act for the 2011-2012 Sondheim Center Artist Series

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A conversation with authors David Aossey and Kevin Barrett. David is the author of the new novel, "Instruments of the State", and Kevin has written several non-fiction 9/11 Truth books, including "Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against The 9/11 Big Lie".

- KRUU Programming - 20110202 Karim - Cairo

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- In Depth with Erika Richards - Amir Elubadi

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James Moore interviews Amir Elubadi, an Arab-Israeli who grew up in Israel and was a member of the national soccer team. He discusses a wide range of topics including the inequities of life in Israel for a native Arab, the struggle in Palestine and more. His native town is located in the center of Israel five miles from the West Bank. 

- In Depth with Erika Richards - Discussion on CAFOs

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Yesterday on "In Depth With Erika Richards", we only skimmed the surface of a topic that is both emotional and complex.  In the studio today, we invited three guests to discuss the issue of CAFOs, or concentrated animal feeding operations, and their impact on both the environment and economy locally and statewide.  The four of us tiptoed around an issue that everyone seems to have an opinion about. No...not just an opinion...but a passionate opinion that defines quality of life on all levels.

My guests included:

   - Ron Sieren, a local small hog farmer and outside salesman for Reiff Grain and Feed;

   - Jim Flinspach, a grain farmer and president of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau; and

   - Jim Rubis, President of Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors, an organization founded to run interference on the proliferation of large corporate hog operations in the county and state.

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