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- Obvious World - 20120325 - Harmonic Resonance ♥

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Through us all flows a common energy, a subtle bond that organically unites our essence into a wondrous woven tapestry of love and light ♥

Obvious World
Sunday Nights


- Obvious World - 20120318 - The Tao of Peace

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Obvious World
Sunday Nights



♥ "Together we can do so much." ~ Helen Keller

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Obvious World
Sunday Nights

- Obvious World - 20081207

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Sunday Night 11/10c
In Honor of My Friend
Dorian Dowell

- Obvious World - 20081130

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a 3 hour journey about guardian angels, relaxation techniques and dinner parties..

set to a mellow groove with a fractal series of simple sine waves...

follow your BLISS

Sunday night @ 11/10c

rock ON

- Obvious World - 20080831

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Sunday Night August 31st @ 11/10c
~Something is Stirring in the Ocean of Consciousness~
New Obvious World audio archives are now available for free download here on ...

- Obvious World - 20080824

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Sunday Night August 24th @ 11/10c
~more nature than nature intended~

- Obvious World - 20080817

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Sunday Night August 17th @ 11/10c
~3 live hours of mixing transcendental grooves~

Charles_-_Tone - Umgeistert_ Blattgold
alta_infidelidad - hielo
El_Farouki - Interacion

- Obvious World - 20080810

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Sunday Night August 10th @ 11/10c
3 hours of fresh new live mixing & original poetry
~catch the wave and get into the logarithmic spiral smile~

Inti Cornelius - Smurf
l.o.d. - sol marko_fuerstenberg_rmx
misc - Robot Holidays

- Obvious World - 20080511

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as the machine's gears grind to a halt
the good people who see
give thanks as the divine shines through...

obvious world - 20080210 - Tribute to Maharishi

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On February 5th, my Great Teacher passed on into Mahasamadhi. His presence, his effort, his attention, his love, his devotion and his teachings have forever impacted the face of planet Earth. Personally, I have been enmeshed in Transcendental Meditation [TM] since just about the time I was born.
I attended courses with my Mom and I began meditating with a walking mantra and later moved on into the more advanced techniques. As a high school student @ Maharishi Upper School in Fairfield I spent my time rebelling against the dogma of the TM Movement, and then at the University of Iowa I began to explore consciousness via music, light and art...Raving and electronic music became power tools which needed juice and Transcendental Meditation was the obvious choice for me.

Obvious World - 20080203 - Tleilaxu Christian Bloch Miskate

179:58 minutes (205.97 MB) Stereo 44kHz 160Kbps (CBR)

This show is NOT for the faint of heart. It is a truly deep journey into the most abstract and profound realms of electronic music. It is a jaunt into a space and time that reflects the direction music is taking as we fly into the ultra_future. 2012 may very well need a soundtrack, and these artists and their music could be the candidates for that task.
Others who enjoy the sublime abstraction of the concepts of stress-release or impending earth changes could possibly discover the music's ties to physiologically empowering rhythms that exist in indigenous cultures and traditions; modalities which are meant to LIFT YOU UP and BRING YOU THROUGH blocks in creativity and consciousness in order to reveal a higher state of awareness.

- Obvious World - 20071216 - Thinner

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This Sunday night, December 16th, 2007, beginning at 11pm eastern/10pm central, I will be featuring music from the THINNER netlabel. The trax come from selected Various Artist Compilations and represent everything from chill-out, dub and experimental, to house, tech and minimal. It is with great pleasure that I present to you, THINNER.
"Thinner" n. A liquid, such as turpentine, mixed with paint or varnish to reduce its viscosity and make it easier to apply.
Thinner is releasing electronic music in digital file formats under creative commons license. The netlabel exists since 1998 and enjoys worldwide critical acclaim for its music. It was founded by Thomas Jaldemark and is today operated by Sebastian Redenz and Ole Schulte as leading parts of an international team. The headquarters are based in Frankfurt, Germany. As of today, Thinner Productions had accumulated over two million mp3 downloads.

- Obvious World - 20071209 - Marko Fürstenberg

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marko fürstenberg was born in 1976 in thuringia, germany. influenced by the 80s music such as depeche mode, a-ha and new order he was attracted to electronic music from its beginning. very early marko made his first steps in recording his own tapes as “dolby”. in the beginning of 1995 he started dj-ing at several parties in thuringia and already then showing a techno-orientation originated from labels like x-trax, force inc., klang and later basic channel.

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Tonight's show features LA based Ryan Egner (Dj Rin), Liquid Earp from Germany and Obvious World from the next dimension.
Enjoy the ride~
-Obvious World

- Obvious World - 20071118 - the next level is upon us

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tonite's show highlights music from the netlabels and artists: transient, foem and deep in dub.

- Obvious World - 20071111

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Tonight's show will take you on a trip through some beautiful and fun soundscapes created by individuals from all across the world.

I'll be featuring new music from the,, and netlabels; so tune in and enjoy after Theo Bowen's "Short List"...

-Obvious World
100.1 KRUU FM LP
Sunday Nights
11pm eastern (10pm central)

click here for the Obvious World show archive.

- Obvious World - 20071104

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Tonite's show will feature Creative Commons music from across the such as BROQUE.DE, MIKROTONIK and more..

There will be soothing pieces of chill-out, a touch of tekno, a very thick drum n' bass mix from the Sonic Walker folks, and then wind down the evening with a special niche blend of downtempo.

-Obvious World

- Obvious World - 20071028 - Fox Techno & Obvious World

180:37 minutes (330.71 MB) Stereo 44kHz 256Kbps (CBR)

TONITE: new music by james burkhart and then some wild trax i wrote ten years ago, and finally a launch into the stratosphere with original music written by my good mate fox techno.
-Obvious World

180:35 minutes (413.32 MB) Stereo 44kHz 320Kbps (CBR)

This Sunday night beginning at 11pm (eastern) there will be a barrage of beautiful music from some inspiring friends of mine. C. Threw throwing down a brand new mad series of rhymes we worked on together, Shaunbak will be sharing some of his seriously secret brand new tekno compositions mixed live for 50 minutes and then Yacob (aka: Yakob, Yakob Crin Cran, Rafael, RAW-FI. L, and Jacob Shier) will be showcasing exclusively for us, a massive 70 minutes of his original compositions ranging from funky disco to sweet ambient drum and bass to cool tekno. All in the true spirit of CREATIVE COMMONS.

Please tune in and enjoy the evening with us!
Maximum Love, Light and Blessings

Obvious World

179:55 minutes (164.72 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Tonite's show continues on with the original compositions of Obvious World's SoundRETROSPEKTIVE... there's tek-hop, drum n' bass, house, experimental and ambient compositions, along with a 30 minute mix --- all designed specifically for you.

The pieces grew from a deep desire to meld together the forms of hip hop with other genres, and then to just explode with odes to great new age psychedelic tribal gatherings organized by little elves in the thick mysterious forest.

Glad to have you travelling along on this adventure!
Love, Light and Blessings!

-Obvious World

179:09 minutes (164.02 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

After a year of playing my own original, fresh and interesting music for the listeners of KRUU FM 100.1 and KRUUFM.COM, I have never once been a disc-jockey who introduced each piece and discussed where or how the music was inspired and created. I would simply weave together 3 hours of totally original journey music and put it out there for you to enjoy, daring you to take from it what you could...

Until now.

Tonite I will be selecting and discussing music I composed between May and October of 2006. During the broadcast I will be playing various selections and discussing (sometimes at length) such details as: the historical significance of each piece, the other artists involved in collaborative efforts, and the move of my old record label freakie people records [now put to rest] towards becoming a net-label focused on creative commons compositions.

[the new net-label as of january 1, 2008 is called BEAUTIFUL ETERNAL]

If you're a fan of the music I've composed and have ever wanted to know more about the music or the artist, this is your chance.

- Obvious World - 20070930 - Obvious World

180:16 minutes (165.04 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Matt Ahearn of Obvious WorldTonight’s show is presented fully in the spirit of creative commons and open source programming...finally. It’s been a year since KRUU opened its doors and raised its tower-of-power (happy 1 year anniversary
everybody!) and I began broadcasting on a radio station again (thank you, FCC).

As a musician who writes and plays his own tracks, the concept of having my music available for free just didn’t make sense. Open Source? Creative Commons? Hmmm..Sounded like Latin to me. No comprende amigo.

But the awesomeness has finally taken hold. Things have clicked. The pieces have come together. Now I get it.

It is a pleasure to finally have come around to understanding that we might be at a point in the evolution of humankind where giving does in fact equate to getting when all is said and done. Tonight’s show will therefore be music sourced from a creative commons/open source/listen-like-it-buy-it-sometime-if-you-can kinda thing… which means that for three hours you’ll be listening to the sounds and energy of two net-labels, indigo*magenta and the Broque label.

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