Great Taste-20140625-Dr. Dinesh Gyawali and Vegan Treats

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Dr. Dinesh GyawaliDr. Dinesh Gyawali is an ayurvedic physician trained at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal.  He earned a post graduate degree at the same university specializing in medical anthropology.  Currently he is working on his PhD in Human Physiology at MUM studying the effects of ayurvedic herbs on coronary heart disorders. He's kindly agreed to keep the discussion simpler on this week's GREAT TASTE, talking about common procedures that can be used at home for minor ailments.  Also, he'll share the many ways herbs and spices can be used in our daily meals to enhance health. We'll explore cumin, turmeric, tulsi and other culinary botanic delights.

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- The Studio - 20131016 - Alex Cequea

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Alex CequeaAlex Cequea is Editor-in-Chief of iPhone Life Magazine and a Managing Partner at Mango Life Media. An MBA holder, he's knowledgeable about personal branding, business, and mobile technology. At the 2013 CTIA iZone Innovation Stage meeting, Alex served as the main host, moderated panels, presented talks, and conducted on-stage interviews. He placed in the top 200 speakers worldwide out of 25,000 people in the 2011 Toastmasters International Inspirational Speech Contest.

In June of 2013 he broke (unofficially so far) the Guinness World Record for Longest Speech Marathon by giving a series of back-to-back presentations for almost 37 hours straight. His work and projects have been featured on TIME.com, Discovery Tech, NBC, ABC, Univision, and CBS. A former Division I college tennis player, Alex travels between Boulder, Colorado, Houston, Texas, and Fairfield, Iowa. He's the featured speaker 7:30PM, Tuesday, Oct. 22nd at Fairfield, Iowa's Golden Speaker Toastmasters Club meeting. 

- A Reasonable Alternative - 20130830

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CowboyJimmie Rodgers

"So I drank myself my whiskey and dreamed I was cowboy and rode down to the border". Maybe it's the end of summer, the heat and the sunbaked grass turning brown, but I've been having cowboy dreams. So for this week's show I'll be heading for the border, just like in the Lyle Lovett song, and exploring some different musical genres. I'll celebrate the birth of the Jimmie Rodgers, who some call "The Father of Country Music", by playing some country, but also some blue grass and even a little blues. Hope you tag along and tune in, Friday at 8 PM on KRUU.

- Great Taste - Great Taste

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Gisella Isidori

- Planet Erstwild - 20130731 - Julie Fisher

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James Moore talks with Julie Fisher about her book "Importing Democracy" in which she travelled to Tajikistan, South Africa and Argentina looking at the role of NGOs.

She worked in the field for years and at the Kettering Foundation as well.

- Writers' Voices - 20110513 - Jan Blazanin

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Cheryl Fusco Johnson once again takes the hosting reigns for another Writers' Voices. Cheryl will be speaking with author Jan Blazanin of Des Moines. Jan's newest book "A & L Do Summer" was just released this week. The book follows the adventures of two teenage girls in rural Iowa during the summer before their senior year.Jan, a former middle school teacher, currently lives on eleven acres, presents writers workshops, teaches writing to all ages, and spends her free time "planting wildflowers, moving large rocks, and pulling acres of weeds".

- Great Taste - 20110511 - Creme Brule

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Crème brûlée is one dessert I can never pass up when it appears on a menu at a great spot.  The velvety feel of the custard provides a sensual treat for my mouth while the crunch of a perfectly caramelized sugar top adds that fun extra textural dimension.  I think a simple infused vanilla bean flavor is my favorite.  That's, of course, if all the elements come together properly.  There's a lot that can turn the dish into something not quite special, which is why it's always fun to continue the search for the perfect rendition.  Little did I think that journey might add a new chapter in the GREAT TASTE kitchen in our KRUU studio.

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James talks with education director Megan Buckingham of Seed Savers Exchange, an amazing organization, offering a free gathering tonight at 7pm at the Jefferson County County Ag Grounds Extension office, as part of the 2011 Backyard Conservation Series.

- Speaking Freely - Tom Newmark

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Tom Newmark is the author of books on herbal and natural medicine, and is the co-founder of the Sacred Seeds Sanctuary in Costa Rica . His company, New Chapter, is working with the Missouri Botanical Garden and leading botanists, to create a network of living medicinal plant gardens around the world. There are now Sacred Seeds Sanctuaries in Costa Rica, the United States, Peru, Madagascar, and Vietnam, and it is Tom’s goal to have thousands of Sacred Seed gardens in life zones from the tundra to tropics.

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Ben Stallings Car Free Life

This week's show features hosts Kelley Custer and Brian Robbins with guest Ben Stallings.  Ben spent a year riding 7000 miles on a recumbent bike, visiting ecovillages and other green projects on the way.   After his journey, he settled in Fairfield, where he continues to live a car-free life.  Ben discusses  his trip and the benefits and challenges of life without a car.