12 - Open Views - Richard Poynder

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Richard Poynder is a feelance journalist, with contributions in the Financial Times, Information Today, Information World Review, and a regular blogger on his Open and Shut blog. In 2003 Richard Poynder had the idea to write a book about the open source and free culture movements - focusing on the people behind the movements.

The interviews that Richard has compiled thus far include Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, Eric Raymond, founder of the Open Source Institute, Lawrence Lessig, creator of the Creative Commons license and the person who created the "free culture" monicker, Richard Jefferson, creator of the Biological Open Source License, and others.

The full text of his interviews and biographies can be found from his Open and Shut blog.

Richard agreed to speak with me about the free culture world and what he found to be interesting about the open source movements.

11 - Open Views - Mark Shuttleworth

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