- Life & Debt - 20081026

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- In Depth with Erika Richards - Discussion on CAFOs

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Yesterday on "In Depth With Erika Richards", we only skimmed the surface of a topic that is both emotional and complex.  In the studio today, we invited three guests to discuss the issue of CAFOs, or concentrated animal feeding operations, and their impact on both the environment and economy locally and statewide.  The four of us tiptoed around an issue that everyone seems to have an opinion about. No...not just an opinion...but a passionate opinion that defines quality of life on all levels.

My guests included:

   - Ron Sieren, a local small hog farmer and outside salesman for Reiff Grain and Feed;

   - Jim Flinspach, a grain farmer and president of the Jefferson County Farm Bureau; and

   - Jim Rubis, President of Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors, an organization founded to run interference on the proliferation of large corporate hog operations in the county and state.