Sleepy Time with Grandpa D.

Bedtime Stories, easy listening

Grandpa D closeupHosted by Dick DeAngelis (with occasional visits from his son Mickey), “Sleepytime” is designed to put all young listeners to sleep and help the young at heart chill and relax. Already a favorite with our listeners, Sleepytime features Grandpa D. reading classic children’s bedtime stories in his naturally soothing style. Guest writers visit either live in the studio or by phone and share their books and its message with Sleepytime listeners. The show finishes with a half hour of sweet, sweet music selected from many musical genres. The Sleepytime family continues to grow as local and visiting musicians stop in from time to time to play a tune or sing a lullaby or two. SleepyTime with Grandpa D.-- a KRUU classic!

Great Idea

Great Idea! I love Sleepy Time with Grandpa D! Keep it up guys.


This is very generous of both of you'll Dick & Mickey, to do something like this. No one has ever even thought of having a show with sleepy sweet music that gets the kids to sleep & the adults relaxed.

Thank You!

Thank you SleepyTime Family for the wonderful birthday wishes, stories, and songs. What a great way to turn 30! Much love to you all!
- Sarah


I've never heard of a show that intentionally plays music that makes the younger ones fall asleep. Does this station play online?

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