Ravi Batra returns to Writers' Voices, Friday January 2, 1pm

GreenspanRenowned economist and New York Times best selling author, Dr. Ravi Batra returns to Writers' Voices to talk about the economy and what we have to look foreward to. We will be focusing on his book, Greenspan's Fraud, a hard-hitting and comprehensive look at Alan Greenspan's career.

Greenomics, Batra argues, has extracted trillions of dollars in excess taxes from the American middle class, lowered wages for working families, and hurled millions into poverty. Batra demonstrates how Greenspan unwittingly brought about a global crash; how he helped spread the virus of regressive taxation, which is the main culprit behind stagnating wages around the world.

Attorney Paul Gandy
, whose practice specializes in issues related to consumer debt, will guest co-host with Monica Hadley.

Tune in to KRUU 100.1 FM this Friday, January 2, at 1pm and help us welcome Dr. Batra back to the show.