Radio Debut of "Autobiography of Clerk Typist GS-5" on Irving Toast, Poetry Ghost, Sunday 10:30am/Monday 1:30pm

Rock L'Orange



So, who says Rock L'Orange
can't write? Certainly not I, Irving Toast, your beloved disembodied
poet laureate! Rock L'Orange's short fictions are tres poetique and
come at you from all sorts of weird angles. I love 'em. He should be
more widely read. Let me repeat that. He should be more widely read.
Ah, but his writings shall hit the airwaves soon, and you shall give a
listen to his fictional Autobiography of Clerk Typist, GS-5.

Rock L'Orange's stories have appeared in The MacGuffin, Lime Green Bulldozers, The Contemporary Review, The North Warren Town and County News, Nasty, and The Iowa Source.
Born in Iowa in 1959, Rock L'Orange soon took to the literary life.
L'Orange's father was a television technician who collected restaurant
spoons from seaport towns. He wanted his son to become a minister, but
L'Orange rejected this and studied creative writing. L'Orange was
influenced by Gordon Weaver, Gladys Swan, and Jack Myers. It was Myers
who first introduced L'Orange to the ideas of Eek, Ack and Ook (the
deep interconnection between the artist, the work of art, and the
creative process) and the idea that people should not be punished for
enjoying peppermint schnapps.