- Planet Erstwild - 20090104 - Sharon Lock in Gaza - International Solidarity Movement

James Moore speaks with Sharon Lock of the International Solidarity Movement in Jabaliya, Gaza. On August 23, 2008, along with 44 activists who had gathered in Cyprus, she landed in Gaza in one of the first boats to make it through Israel's sea blockade in 41 years, she told James.

She spent the previous night riding in ambulances helping collect the wounded in and around Jabaliya, a city in the north of Gaza, where heavy fighting has been reported. We spoke with Sharon the day after Israel's Air Force launched its surprise air assault 10 days ago that has now killed over 500 Palestinians and wounded 2500. 5 Israelis have died, 3 civilians and 2 soldiers since Israel launched its offensive.

A post from Sharon's blog: http://talestotell.wordpress.com/

People have asked me if I am frightened. What I am frightened by is the enormity of these events, at how few international eyes there are here to witness them, and that it is hard to imagine how it will end.

We speak with her from a hospital in Jabaliya the day after Israel's Army has launched a ground offensive after a more than a week of air assaults, with tanks and infantrymen, as well as artillery support from the land, sea and air.

Sharon's work with ISM Gaza group includes documenting Israeli attacks on Palestinians, which involves visiting hospital patients, bereaved families, and sites of attacks, and making reports on these for the ISM website among others, as well as accompanying Palestinians as requested, when they are threatened or attacked by Israeli forces while going about their daily lives.

According to ISM, two consecutive shells landed in the busy car park 15 meters from the entrance to the emergency room of the Al Awda hospital. The entrance of the emergency room was damaged. At the time of the shelling ambulances were bringing in the wounded that keep pouring in.

Israel continues to deny international journalists entrance to Gaza in defiance of Israel's own Supreme Court ruling.