- Planet Erstwild - 20081228 - Sharon Lock, International Solidarity Movement in Gaza

Sharon Lock talks about her arrival in Gaza on a boat from Frankfurt, Germany with 44 activists in the first such landing through the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip in 41 years. She reports on the the massive suprise assault by the Israel Air Force which killed over 200 Palestinians and was launched at 11am local time when children we're getting out of school.

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who is running for the office of prime minister in next month's Israeli national election along with Defense Minister Ehud Barack, said Israel had "no choice" but to mount the assault in response to rocket fire from Hamas into southern Israel, though no Israelis had been killed in the previous six months.

From 2000, when the first rocket was fired from Gaza, to 2008, rocket and mortar fire from Gaza have killed 20 Israelis. [Statistics from the Israel Project (TIP) website, an international non-profit organization, providing journalists and leaders accurate information about the Middle East.]

Of the nearly 4000 rockets fired from January 2007 to June 2008, when a ceasefire went into effect, 4 Israeli fatalties were reported. These figures are not stated to condone in any way such criminal activity but to place them in a context.

Americans on Gaza

This is an amazing interview. I am a British student who was disgusted by America's stance on the situation as a whole. Sharon has revealed a lot of information about what is really happening in Palestine, which Americans and some American politicians need to know. Whilst the American government continue to support the Israelis there can be no real resolution; America's influence is just too powerful. The rest of the world have been protesting in large numbers against the actions Israel and for America to disagree with putting an end to the violence immediately is like a big kick in the teeth to us all! It is not doing your country any favours with helping your relationship with the rest of the world and is only going to encourage Islamic extremist behaviour if they are not careful. We believe many Americans are misinformed, so I am thankful that your station has addressed the issue so openly. Please spread this interview as far as it can go!