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Geoff & Dick at KRUU-FM

Geoff Muldaur and Dick DeAngelis at KRUU-FM

Muldaur interview

Dick, that was one of the best interviews with a musician I've ever listened to! It not only made me want to pull out everything I used to have by him, and not only buy all the albums I never had by him, but it just made me want to listen to any music with the tremendous ears and enthusiasm that your interview made clear both of you have. I'm so jealous of the great job you did! Thanks again.

Geoff Muldaur Interview

Thanks, Joel. It was a lot of fun and Geoff made it easy. To be totally up front, I was nervous before the interview because the more research I did on Geoff, the more I realized how little I knew about certain blues influences, etc that were important to Geoff's development as an artist. So I told him what was up before the interview and he said "Relax. It'll be great." So I did and it turned out pretty good. I enjoyed mixing in the music later using GarageBand. I learned so much. Well, thanks for your comments. It's so great to have you as part of the KRUU team. You are a great asset.
- Dick "Grandpa" D.