- Planet Erstwild - 20071229 - Nina Hagan Interview

Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen


Nina Hagen, legendary East German chanteuse diva/activist, speaks with Planet Erstwild's James Moore about her colorful career, her take on world events, her opposition to the Iraq invasion, war in general, and her unabashed support of Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich.

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Nina Hagen and Dennis Kucinich and Depleted Uranium

Nina Hagen is real. She is the real deal. Her message cuts at the heart of why we need Dennis Kucinich for president and why we must vote our hearts. The world is in trouble and he has the ideas and the idealism mixed with the reality and experience of his life to get the job done and save this world from nuclear annihilation.

I heard Dennis Kucinich speak in April of 2003, shortly after he delivered his speech against invading Iraq in the "Prayer for America" and Ed Asner and Lila Garrett invited Progressives to hear him in Los Angeles at the Emmanuel Presbyterian Church on Wilshire and Berendo. The place was filled and the audience became instant Kucinich supporters, me included.

Dennis John Patrick Kucinich (Half Irish and Half Croatian) won me because he sounds like someone from Chicago with a Polish accent. He got me to devote my life to his candidacy because mentioned the Nuclear Posture Review, a Bush Administration and DICK Cheney pro-nuclear proliferation policy to blow up the world with nuclear weapons- with the following countries as targets to hit whether or not they can hit us first: Russia, China, Syria, Libya, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and one more- I forget- there were eight.

Right now, at this moment we are in a nuclear war in Iraq. We were in a nuclear war started by Bill (CAN DO A LOT OF WRONG) Clinton in Bosnia, where CLINTON USED NUCLEAR WASTE (DU) on bullets and tanks.

The reality is that nuclear waste is deadly. Nuclear Power produces nuclear waste. Only Kucinich is smart enough to say NO to nuclear power because there is no safe way to dispose of the waste.

Right now the government uses nuclear waste up by coating bullets and tanks with it. It's easier to do than to get Yucca Valley as a mortuary for it. Just put it on weapons and blow it up- let the Iraqis and soldiers and Bosnians breathe it in and pretend it's not your fault when the kids they can conceive come out with no arms or no brain or no thumb. Look at Poison Dust, the movie from the Internatinoal Action Center to see what I mean. Or see Dennis Kyne's websites.

Only Dennis Kucinich knows enough about these depleted uranium and nuclear power and nuclear weapons in space issues enough to stop the elimination of life on earth with the nuclear waste being used to coat the bullets in the war weapons that the Americans use in Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, and wherever. The children born where DU (Depleted Uranium) was used are seven times more likely to be born deformed if they are born at all. NuclearPOlicy.org is a website for Dr. Helen Caldicott, and her research has shown this to be the case.

A war with depleted uranium and nuclear waste going into the water, the air and the earth. This is what the Right Wing Christians support? A war that is causing death in the womb? Who is their god? Mars, the god of war?

The war in Iraq is causing nuclear annihilation. Stop it! Vote to get Dennis Kucinich in the White House if you want to save the world and save life on earth. I mean it with my heart. That's why I care so much. I want the world to continue.