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Jimmy Moore's world safari.

Past guests have included Valerie Plame Wilson, Thomas Frank, Nina Hagen, Gavin Newsome, Stephanie Miller, Grag Palast, Fred Branfman, Tom Paxton, Dr. Eyad Saraj, Amy Goodman, Prof. Marc Falkoff, Josh Rushing, Prof. Norman Finkelstein, Holocaust memoirist Dr. Vernon Katz, Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor Yoshiko Kajimoto, Karen Kwiatkowski, Leah Bolger, BBC filmmaker Stuart Tanner, human rights activist Anna Baltzer, among others.

Kwiatowski show

Hi James,

Thank you for sending me alerts about your shows. I've really appreciated listening to them, and whenever I can I tell people about KRUU-FM and your show. Keep up the good work.

For some reason I'm having problems with getting realplayer to open on my work computer today, so I hope you archive this segment because I'd really like to hear the Kwiatowski interview.

Also, if you ever do a show on the antiwar movement, there are several Iraq veterans who are members of IVAW who would be worth interviewing. You may have heard of Joshua Casteel already. He's written a play about his time in Iraq as well as had a book of his letters published recently. The other vet well worth your time would be Andrew Duffy, an Iowa City native who spent 2005-2006 at Abu Ghraib prison as a medic in the Iowa Army National Guard. Both testified at the 'Winter Soldier Iraq and Afghanistan' hearings in March of 2008, and both are intelligent and personable speakers. Andy is the current Iowa chapter president of IVAW. His phone number is 319-541-6004; e-mail: Josh's number is 319-360-6935; e-mail:

Anyway, thanks again and keep in touch--

Tim Gauger